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Fashion • SACHA TASSILO HöCHSTETTER photographs women’s Spring/Summer 2020 fashion for fashion houses BRATFISCH and GRÄNICHER

30.03.2020 • Plus, he photographed women’s Spring/Summer 2020 fashion for BRATFISCH MODEN as well as for GRÄNICHER. In front of his camera stood models Leonie Bentzinger and Veroni Leijnse. This particular shoot was a fashion production for two renowned fashion houses and was commissioned by UCM publishing in Salzburg.

FASHION HOUSE BRATFISCH is a traditional, owner-managed company based in Gießen – and has been a family business since 1911. And Lucerne-based fashion house GRÄNICHER, founded in 1891, can look back on nearly 130 years of competence in the area of fashion. GoSee: &

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Fashion • Unity – directed by Emil LEVY c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS

23.03.2020 • “Unity: the state of being united or joined as a whole.” – goes the widely applicable definition. Director Emil LEVY c/o BIRGIT STOEVER ARTISTS on his 2-min. Spot: “This video explores what unity means to a group of young men by following them in different situations. It depicts their contrasting image and personalities as individuals, from expressing wild and chaotic behavior within nature, to a reflected, introverted attitude in the studio. Each of them are unique in their own way, but together they amount to a gregarious, youthful group – full of emotions, harmony and joy.” GoSee!

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Fashion • NEW at GoSee : PHILIPP RATHMER, photographer, Hamburg; ‘Wear Originals, Not Copies’ - PHILIPP RATHMER photographs for ‘145 Years Schiesser’ anniversary buttoned jersey by Schiesser Revival

17.03.2020 • “The FooFighters are celebrating their 25 year anniversary, and I am, too. 25 years ago, I photographed the FooFighters at their concert in Hamburg, one of my first jobs... I’ve been photographing people ever since. From portrait or fashion, beauty or transportation. My focus is on the human being.”

We are delighted to welcome renowned Hamburg-based photographer PHILIPP RATHMER at GoSee and present you his anniversary buttoned jersey for the Schiesser Revival campaign on the occasion of ‘145 Years Schiesser’.

SCHIESSER: “The iconic SCHIESSER classic – original fine and double rib – thrill customers all over the world and enjoy cult status, and thanks to their originality, continue to fascinate through authenticity backed by history. A market value which in 2020 is still as up-to-the-minute as it always has been.” GoSee: & the anniversary contest under

About – Philipp Rathmer was born 1968 in Düsseldorf where he also got his photographic training. From 1993 to 1995, he lived in New York where he assisted Hannes Schmid, among...

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Fashion • Simone SCHNEIDER c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographs lingerie for LIKE IT PANTS! BY NINA v.C.

16.03.2020 • Lingerie brand LIKE IT PANTS! is a subsidiary of the company Conzelmann, based in Albstadt/Baden-Württemberg, which designs hip panties and bras that are just as much fun to slip into as they are to wear... Since 1920, Karl Conzelmann GmbH + Co. KG has designed and produced finest undergarments and lingerie at the edge of the Swabian Alb and is now in the third generation with 120 employees and production companies in Portugal und Rumania. Even in light of constant changes and innovations, the company still sees itself as a family business to this day.

The photos for LIKE IT PANTS! BY NINA v.C. come from Simone SCHNEIDER c/o ANDREA HEBERGER. GoSee:

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