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Fashion • MARTIN GRANT Fall Fashion 2019 with an edgy twist - photographed by Daniel Roche c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

16.04.2019 • Fashion photographer and cheerful soul Daniel Roché c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT radiates with creative ideas on set but also a very special charm. The photographer once again entered into a creative symbiosis with fashion designer MARTIN GRANT from Paris and presented the fall looks in a fresh visual language: 'Daniel Roche returns to Martin Grant to create beautiful and fresh imagery – with his usual edgy twist.'

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Fashion • 'Ready for Action - New Generation of Adidas' Special for The Forumist by fashion photographer Alexander Neumann c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

16.04.2019 • Athleisure just got turned up a few notches in collaboration with the streetwear devoted Caliroots... Alexander Neumann c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographed new looks for THE FORUMIST (styling by Allyson Shiffman and Samantha McCurdy, hair & make-up by Silvia Cincotta, models: Dustin Shirley c/o Ford, Margarita Gambles c/o Freedom, Casting Director: Dennis Schubert).

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Fashion • Grazia editorial with model Vika Reza photographed and filmed by Kapturing c/o STÖVER ARTISTS

15.04.2019 • Photo & film duo Kapturing c/o STÖVER ARTISTS photographed for Grazia magazine with model Vika Reza. Fashion Director Nino Cerone was styled with assistant Anneke and hair & make-up taken care of by Francesca Vigliarolo. At the same time, Kapturing shot a video for which they also took care of editing, grading and putting together the music.

Florian and Sebastian are passionate about investigating the aesthetic potential of various media. Their skills and characters perfectly match for this challenge: with his Colombian roots, Sebastian is a very outgoing person who easily opens other people’s hearts and creates an easy-going atmosphere. Florian describes himself as 'deutsch' – besides his creative potential, he is the one who plans and organizes the shoots down to the last detail.

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Fashion • Iga Drobisz photographs the Anna Galaganenko S/S 2019 Lookbook - hair & make-up by Gabrielle THEURER c/o BASICS.BERLIN

14.04.2019 • The label named after founder Anna Galaganenko debuted in 2019 at the Paris Fashion Week. In the new lookbook, her trademark is evident: revamped and destroyed shirts. In this collection, the designer introduced numerous denim items, including bomber jackets, jeans and ensembles, all made in Italy.

Gabrielle THEURER c/o BASICS.BERLIN was responsible for hair & make-up at the lookbook shoot. The slick look and reduced make-up put the 80s/90s vibes front and center. "Gabrielle is particularly good at developing a sense of when hair and make-up can be used and in which form." BASICS on its star visagist. For more of her works, it's this way: GoSee – and

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