06.07.2011  •  Fashion NEWS


LAUREL LOOKS WINTER 2011 •  Go & See ∙ FEEL ∙ LOVE LAURÈL - Koray Birand photographs the Winter 2011 collection, campaign on GoSee

‘GET A SPLASH OF PURPLE LOVE!’ such is the credo of LAURÈL’s winter collection 2011-07-13

Katrin THORMANN casts a tough and sensual gaze into the lens of photographer Koray BIRAND.

We are still looking forward to the summer – but the bitter truth is one that is unavoidable: we are already half way through; midsummer is over and what woman does not think ahead in times like these? Even more so when it’s about the looks of the upcoming season.

This winter, LAURÈL is all about luxurious glamour, coupled with efficient coolness, distinguished by unique colours and texture. Eye-catching images that we won’t be forgetting all too soon.

Power looks, unusual single pieces, accessories . . . it is still too warm outside but there is no harm in looking is there?