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WHALE WATCHING  •  RCA Graduate Interviews: Daniel Pollitt, Menswear MA, the anatomy of whales and a heavy metal music video

Daniel Pollitt from Old Trafford, Manchester has had an interest and talent in illustration from an early age. Art was his best subject at school and his design sketches remain an integral part of his work to this day. GoSee wanted to find out more about the influences that inspired the striking bold lines that featured in his graduate collection.

Can you tell us a bit about your graduate collection?
My final collection was a continuation of a previous project where i became fascinated with Whale anatomy and how their bodies have adapted throughout time. Transformation became key as i began to imagine what our own bodies might look like today had we not started covering our bodies or wearing clothes, would we have all died out or might our skins have adapted like the whales. My prints and colour palette were greatly inspired by the music video "beauty through order" by the band Slayer. Within this video a naked woman is covered in black treacle which is so seductive against her bare pale flesh. As the video builds the woman trashes her body causing the treacle to drip. As this proceeds light behind her pierces through creating these intense oranges, reds, yellows and ambers. I could not resist the effect it had on me and therefore decided to incorporate it in my collection.

Why did you decide to study at the RCA?
The Royal College of Art had always appealed to me throughout my BA degree in Fashion Design in Manchester and i just always knew i wanted to complete a masters  degree. It was most probably the open day i attended and how that friends who were studying there at the time described the workload and how the tutors really pushed you to to explore your freedom on creativity. The Royal College of Art has seven floors which offer so many different kinds of facilities and equipment which is available to all students, for a young aspiring designer this is like access to the world.

What is your most memorable experience at the RCA?

My most memorable experience of the Royal College was the first time that i ever met illustrator and Artist Julie Verhoeven who helped tutor us much throughout our first year. Of all the visting lectures/ designers that i met during my masters degree she was by far the one that had the greatest impact on me. Without embarrassing her too much
she really got who i was as a designer and pushed me to peruse my ideas and believe in myself which i learnt is very important.

How did you celebrate finishing the degree?

I celebrated finishing my degree with at least two days of solid sleep and then my boyfriend took me out for dinner which was really nice considering that i had not seen him for about three months.

How do you feel now that you have completed the degree?
it feels fantastic now i have completed my degree and i am really happy with the outcome of my collection. Adjusting to normal life again is quite surreal, the second year of my degree was 7 days a week and you really do get used to that as your collection becomes your life, its quite emotional. Studying at the Royal College of Art taught me so much
about myself, my strengths my weaknesses and above all confirmed that fashion design is what i want to do with my life.

And now for that dreaded question… what are your hopes and plans for the future?

My greatest ambition is create my own label but i still have much to learn. For me knowledge is power, therefor gaining as much experience within established fashion design houses and studios is key. After completing various internships in London i want to move abroad, ideally Paris or Milan to see first hand how these houses work.

What is your favourite place in London? Anywhere you find particularly inspiring?

The V&A is a great source of inspiration which i visited lots during my degree as it is just beside the Royal College. There is so much history, architecture, fashion, knowledge and beauty to be explored. Its one of those places where you can stick your headphones on and just get lost for hours.


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