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Events • Afraid of the UPLOAD filter? You prefer a colorful world? Then come to UPDATE-19-BERLIN on 15 November 2019 – because we will show you everything we’ve got !

24.04.2019 • Film, animation, illustration, paper art, photography, hair, make-up, styling, food, set design, models, production, transportation... are several of the topics awaiting you – like every year – at UPDATE in Berlin. As a visitor, you’ll meet exhibitors from all over the world who look forward to networking or to cultivating contacts face to face that have grown dear. #notimeforselfies

Nominees on the eight short lists of the GoSeeAWARDS will also be attending along with the established photographers of international photo agencies. Several events are taking place side by side at UPDATE – including great live illustrations, high-end speed dating, happy hours... – not to mention the legendary Charity Bar that is part of the action again in 2019.

Want to be there as an exhibitor? You are a creative and are thinking about coming to the event (free of charge for CDs,ADs,ABs)? Find further details on our beautiful event on the website under or from time to time in our GoSee NEWS. You can’t wait? Write to us:


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Events • Trunk Archive is delighted to be a partner of The International ANDY Awards, presented on 18 April, 2019

18.04.2019 • The ANDY AWARDS on the ANDY AWARDS: "The International ANDY Awards are the first show of the awards season and often regarded as a predictor for what work will go on to sweep other shows..." In 2017, the ANDYs announced the elimination of categories and offered a transparent look into the judging process. The International ANDY Awards are produced by the parent organization, The ADVERTISING Club of New York. The AD Club of New York is a non-profit organization for corporate and individual members in the advertising, media, marketing and ad-tech industries. TRUNK ARCHIVE is delighted to be a partner of The International ANDY Awards, presented on 18 April, 2019.

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Events • Creative Cloud is the oasis for creatives : So let your creativity grow and secure a 40% Easter rebate for a short time only on your ADOBE Creative Cloud – with the offer now extended thru 19 April, 2019

17.04.2019 • According to ADOBE, creativity is something like an oasis – and with its Creative Cloud, it offers you all the tools, apps and features to turn your ideas into unique designs. Try it out and increase your productivity: through 19 April, 2019, the Creative Cloud is available for only 35.69 € (incl. VAT) instead of 59.49 € per month.

You're probably wondering: What does an oasis for designers look like? Artist Nadine Kolodziey is one of this year's Creative Residents at ADOBE. In her artwork from the garden of creativity, she shows you the magic behind the Creative Cloud in a video. Nadine calls it her "magic powers". She says, "I can use it to create trees and create clouds; I can transcend time and space and work on a file together with friends from all over the world at the same time. "That's literally how creativity can grow.

Nadine sees herself as an intersection between analogue and digital design. For her garden of creativity, she cuts shapes out of foil and melts them in the next step, photographs them and refines them in Illustrator CC with the new freehand gradient....

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Advertising • NIKE Air Max 720, BRITANNIA HOTEL & SAMSUNG QLED 8K - a triple dose of artwork by the animation artists from SIX & FIVE c/o ANALOG/DIGITAL for you on GoSee

17.04.2019 • Six N. Five for Nike - Six N. Five dishing up a storm of great work recently. Here’s their first and surely not last collaboration with NIKE Sportswear for the recently launched Air Max 720. Animation: SIX & FIVE.

See the exquisite production with Six N. Five for the grand re-opening of the BRITANNIA HOTEL in Trondheim, Norway. Featuring four short animations developed for use on social platforms. Artist: SIX & FIVE, Advertising Agency: ANTI Trondheim.

SIX N FIVE c/o ANALOG/DIGITAL (Art Direction & Development) for SAMSUNG QLED 8K - Perfect Reality. Artist: SIX & FIVE, Advertising Agency: R/GA, Animation: Lalo Landa & Sound Design: CypherAudio.

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