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Production • 'Together we thrive!' MANA MEDIA GROUP produces the worldwide HSBC's Global Airports & Brand Relaunch Campaign in cooperation with Saatchi & Saatchi London

14.08.2018 • MANA presents on GoSee the visually stunning campaign for the HSBC Global Airports & Brand Relaunch for Saatchi & Saatchi: 'MANA were excited to partner again with our friends at Saatchi & Saatchi to create the prestigious HSBC global airport & brand relaunch.

HSBC’s most ambitious and unprecedented OOH campaign to date promotes its new brand promise 'Together we thrive’ and is the brand’s first complete refresh in 3 years. A series of 79 different creative executions, viewed through the lens of HSBC's iconic hexagon, tell of HSBC’s trade, education, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability stories.

Layouts, often amplified in triptychs, are being rolled out simultaneously all over the world - including airports like Heathrow, L.A., Dubai, Beijing – covering 1,500 jet bridges and 94km of passenger walkways (or the equivalent of 846 football fields). In contrast to previous years, travelers are now also engaged throughout their journey with multichannel output and DOOH screens linking to apps on travelers’ smartphones. HSBC estimates the ads will be seen by 900 million...

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Film • Spreadfilms presents the Vertiv product film on GoSee – a love story in 2D and 3D

13.08.2018 • Vertiv designs, constructs and maintains critical infrastructures for the most important applications in the world. From data centers to communication networks and even commercial organizations. GoSee member SPREADFILMS realized the perfect product film.

"The company company Vertiv commissioned us to create a creative product film about its innovative consoles. The brief was to create a particularly striking film which stands out from the competition. Today, everyone has cool 3D animations of products, and the client also wanted to score some points with charm and wit, not just with a 3D presentation," says the team from SPREADFILMS.

"The challenge was a clash of 2D and 3D. In the first graphic designs, this clash was much too dominant and seemed unnatural. Bit by bit and by making minor changes, we came closer to the final product. The film has several little peculiarities. We were able to continue working with the figure we created for our first explanatory film for Vertiv and push the story forward. Everyone knows the days we spend on the PC which don't end all too...

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Film • 'Boyfriend' by Confidence Man - music video by SCHALL& SCHNABEL c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT as part of the New Directors Showcase at the Cannes Lions Festivals

12.08.2018 • The creative duo SCHALL& SCHNABEL c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT realized the 'Boyfriend' music video by Confidence Man which made it onto the program of the renowned New Directors Showcase.

"This year´s The New Directors Showcase at Cannes was curated by no other than Ridley Scott, famed director of Alien, The Martian and other classics. Acting as a platform for talented new directors, the selected talents were showcased to a global audience. Congratulations to Schall & Schnabel!"

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Advertising • 'We just clicked' – Rankin & The Full Service, London, stage trendy fashion pieces and the latest beauty must-haves for the QVC lifestyle campaign

10.08.2018 • Get ready to click with QVC! Perfectly combined fashion and cosmetic highlights with a modern & fresh look & feel: For the Fall/Winter campaign, the digital trade enterprise QVC worked with RANKIN and his team from The Full Service in London. With the slogan "We just clicked", he photographed fashion pieces for the cold season as well as selected beauty products. "The focus is on our customer and who loves a confident and fashionable lifestyle. There is a unique connection between her and the products. Thus the slogan 'We just clicked," says Gina Deeble, Vice President Merchandising at QVC Germany, on the campaign.

Rankin's agency The Full Service on the campaign : “We just clicked” is the slogan for the new fashion and beauty campaign created by QVC, Rankin and The Full Service, London. The British photographer and his team joined forces with QVC to develop a contemporary creative concept that showcases selected QVC fashion and beauty products for Fall/Winter 2018/2019. This campaign gives QVC a new look & feel by focusing on the customer who loves fashion, and cosmetics as...

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Celebrity • 20 Things You Didn’t Know about Dan Cadan – Author, Director, Father, ... and now under contract at London-based agency The Graft

06.08.2018 • Director Dan CADAN is now under contract at London-based agency THE GRAFT. Born on 2 January 1975 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England, he celebrated the debut of his film 'Walk Like a Panther' in Manchester this March. At his side was his fiance, the actress Lena Headey. Dan Cadan started his career as a runner on the set of Guy Ritchie's film 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and moved up to become his personal assistant for the film ' Snatch'.

Dan Cadan, who has also made a name for himself as an author, works on a series of additional projects with Madonna – for instance as Second Unit Director of her documentary entitled 'I‘m Going to Tell You a Secret' from 2005. For Madonna's concert film 'Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour', he was Camera Operator, and as co-author he contributed to her film 'Filth and Wisdom'.

Dan Cadan celebrated successes with his wrestler film comedy 'Walk Like a Panther', about a group of over-the-hill wrestling stars from the 80s who slipped into their Lycra outfits again to save their beloved pub. We took the opportunity to share 20 facts...

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Advertising • 'Feel the Flow' - BOSCH E-Bike campaign with ski racer Felix Neureuther and models from BRODYBOOKINGS for fischerAppelt, play GmbH

04.08.2018 • Feel the flow – new awareness of life was also the vibe of BRODYBOOKINGS models ISABELA, JAN, MATTEO and STEPHAN at the film shoot with ski racer Felix Neureuther and the new E-Bikes from BOSCH. The film was shot by Gerd Schneider in Munich and produced by fischerAppelt, play GmbH. Art direction was taken care of by Maximilian Rieck, with photos by Ralph Klos and Andreas Körner (hair & make-up: Anna Ploch and Tina Maucher, styling: Fidan Baran).

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Production • HANNE EVANS PRODUCTION SERVICES : 'What is your first Movement?' – SMART Be First campaign with four commercials for fischerAppelt play GmbH

02.08.2018 • HANNE EVANS PRODUCTION SERVICES supported the production of the SMART 'BE FIRST' campaign with food blogger Claudia, street musician Frederik Konradsen, fashion designer Gaelle Constantini and street artist Bordalo II.

The videos were realized by Director/CD Björn Fischer, Exec Creative Director Match Herceg, Producer David Friedrich and Production Assistant Jonathan Tenhunen, Research: Caro Jung, DoP: Frederick Gomoll, 1st AC: Nils Gabelgaard, Gaffer: Oliver Leinhos, Best Boy: Daniel Uebel, Service Producer: Hanne Evans, Back Office: Fanny Barnoin, Location Manager: Stephane Martel, Asst Loc. Manager: Toni Karkalar, Asst. Loc. Manager: Philippe Gesta, Location Scouts: Corinne Dacomo, Daniel Dacomo, Production Assistants: Christophe Riso, Robin Hec, Facilities Manager: Etienne Olchewsky, Casting Director: Jacques Emmanuel Astor, Wardrobe: Gigi Cazes, Wardrobe Asst.: Pascale Rodi, Hair & Make-up: Barbara Krief, Sandra Lovi, Car Technician: Christophe Staak, Car Cleaner: Toni Iannone, Talent: Frederik Konradsen, Edit: Milos Savic, Grading: Lukas Frontzek, Mix/Sound design:...

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Film • Spreadfilms designs and realizes a dynamic production in house for EOS P 500 as well as a VR film for expos and showrooms so that viewers can experience important details

02.08.2018 • EOS, the worldwide leading technology provider of industrial 3-D printing solutions with metals and plastics, commissioned Spreadfilms with the production of a new product film for the EOS machine P 500. Created with the new type of manufacturing platform are components which fulfill even the highest demands regarding dimensional accuracy and reproducibility.

"As always during the concept phase, we thought about how we could turn a simple topic into an inspiring film and pack the new features and functions of the product into a captivating story. Then for the product film, we created a completely new 3D hall as the setting which exudes maximum value through nuances and details. The film is above all dynamic. We achieve this through dynamically editing the animation and with music we compose ourselves. Typical of Spreadfilms, the entire production – from idea to the finished film – was realized in house," says Andi Ramelsberger (Director)

“For all of our product films, we not only try to depict the content but also to create a special story about the corresponding...

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Advertising • “Goodbye worries. Hello carefree moments.” for the GOTHAER #deinMoment campaign film with Nils L. c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN in the lead role

02.08.2018 • GOTHAER VERSICHERUNG called upon us in its digital campaign #deinMoment to be more conscious of our carefree moments and then submit them via photo or video. Each submitted entry supported the "Stiftung RTL – Wir helfen Kindern" (We Help Children) and was given the chance to win a great prize. The message of the #deinMoment campaign was: "Goodbye worries. Hello carefree moments." Gothaer on the campaign:" Everyday life often seems gray and full of worries, and there are not enough beautiful moments. But all the while, everyone carries them in their pockets, on their smartphones: the happy & carefree moments of everyday life. Gothaer wants us to remember them and called for submissions."

The main actor in the film for the beautiful GOTHAER campaign 2016 was Nils L. c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN. With more than 4.3 million members and incoming fees of more than 4.4 billion euros, Gothaer is one of the largest German insurance groups and one of the largest mutual insurances in Germany. &

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Fashion • SERENDIPITY INTIMATES Swimwear S/S '18 campaign and the 'Palm Springs' video with summer memories by Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER Photographers

27.07.2018 • Memories of that perfect vacation, dreaming of the landscapes of Palm Springs and sharing it with someone special... Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER Photographers was commissioned to stage the new campaign for SERENDIPITY INTIMATES Swimwear S/S '18. Created alongside the motifs was the video 'Palm Springs' (produced by Mari Henttonen and Carlotta Jurado, model: Nastasja Prihoda c/o Fleming models, location: Hotel Mas Lazuli, music: "Hard Days" by Old Tucson). The label also presents a making-of film from the campaign shoot. More works by Markus HENTTONEN are available via STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS, and we also bring you his latest beachwear portfolio on GoSee.

Founded in 2015, Serendipity is a lingerie and swimwear Brand based in Barcelona. The collection is made of elegant designs that enhance the feminine beauty without the use of foam or wire, being both comfortable and sexy at the same time. Unique prints and luxe fabrics turn into sophisticated and versatile pieces, that invite to mix and match to find the perfect combination. All the pieces are made with love in small factories...

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