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Advertising • Time to gear up! PATRICK CURTET stages the energy-packed SEAT LEON campaign including spots between Spain and Portugal for SEAT Spain and the agency C14 – we have the photos and videos for you on GoSee

06.07.2020 • SEAT Spain (Brand Advertising: Jordi Torrente, AS Marketing: Cristina Marote) and the agency C14 commissioned Photographer and Director PATRICK CURTET c/o SEVERIN WENDELER to realize the new SEAT LEON campaign. Creative responsibility was in the hands of Creative Director Álvaro Ramos with ADs Eduard De Benito and Eduard Mayoral. The agency producer was Gabriela Nogueira.

“SEAT never stand’s still – and to push the boundaries, they asked me, MP Curtet, to work on a fresh and dynamic campaign for the new SEAT LEON. Between Spain and Portugal, the team got to a few very simple but graphic locations to create astonishing and dynamic visuals. The deal was to shoot it as it is, and do it the way I do things. And, of course, when you let me and my team drive the shoot, what’s considered normal becomes a different story,” Patrick tells GoSee with a laugh.

It was produced by MyWay Productions, and Curve Digital took care of post production, with editing of the moving images by LA Creative Team.

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Production • ‘Design That Moves’ GLAM PRODUCTION co-produces the Descente S/S ‘20 campaign for Upfront Hamburg with actor and director Daniel Wu in San Francisco

06.07.2020 • For DESCENTE China, UPFRONT developed and produced the new Spring/Summer 2020 campaign, and GLAM PRODUCTION took care of production in San Francisco. As testimonial, the client was once again able to get actor and director Daniel Wu on board. Photos were shot by Ray DEMSKI c/o UPFRONT, and on set as DOP was Jan Eric EULER c/o UPFRONT.

Glam PRODUCTION is a full-service production company and consultancy in the areas of print and digital editorial, art buying, video production, special events, celebrity endorsements and more. Based in Los Angeles, Glam PRODUCTION collaborates with world-renowned international photographers, agencies and clients to bring their editorial and commercial projects to full completion, while optimizing production needs with a strong visual sense in art direction and creative concepts.

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Film • Motion Design with a Bang! New entry : Animation & Design Studio ONOMOTO c/o Upfront Photo & Film with a 2020 Showreel, Asphaltgold x Asics, plus the Buckfast explainer video for you on GoSee

02.07.2020 • UPFRONT now represents design studio ONOMOTO. “Onomoto is a studio which creates visual experiences. It approaches animation and design with a distinctive zeitgeist. It conceptualizes, designs and animates visual content. Breaking things down, simplifying and communicating them – that’s what Onomoto is all about. Featured work: Showreel 2020, Asphaltgold x Asics, Buckfast explainer video Usbéton, Rin – Das Rennen music video incl. the making-of film.”

SKILLS: CGI & Story: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Look & Feel Development, Design & Animation: 3D Illustration, 3D Animation, Print, TV Branding, 2D Animation.

CLIENTS: Warsteiner, Smart, Mercedes Benz, Covestro, Dr. Oetker, Tmobile, Usbeton, Suckit, Generali, Miele, Uberliss, Volksbank, Blau, Jacobs, Wix, Krombacher, Gshock …

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Advertising • ‘Design That Moves’ – DESCENTE Spring/Summer 2020 with actor and director Daniel Wu, realized by photographer Ray DEMSKI and DOP Jan Eric EULER c/o UPFRONT

30.06.2020 • For DESCENTE China, UPFRONT developed and produced the new Spring/Summer 2020 campaign. As testimonial, the client was once again able to win over actor and director Daniel Wu, who was photographed by Ray DEMSKI c/o UPFRONT. For the videos, Ray then brought Jan Eric EULER c/o UPFRONT on board as DOP. Ensuring a smooth production on location in San Francisco was Frank Roller from GoSee member GLAM PRODUCTION.

Born in California, actor Daniel Wu, who has a degree in architecture, advanced from model to action star in Asia. The Chinese-American has already played in more than 60 films. In Asia, leading actor Daniel Wu is the cause of long box offices lines.

At Descente, the ethos of excellence in craftsmanship is upheld by a large number of people. Behind each product is the history of manufacturing techniques, preserved over time and enriched through the life experience of the artisans. It is the result of a long and strenuous process which requires the dedication of several hands.

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Film • SportXX campaign for JvM/Limmat by Jan Eric EULER c/o UPFRONT plus a new 2020 showreel on GoSee

30.06.2020 • GoSee presents Jan Eric EULER’s latest 2020 showreel as Director/DOP.

For SportXX, Jan Eric EULER c/o UPFRONT teamed up with the agency JvM/Limmat to photograph the latest Ryffel Running campaign. Production was taken care of by Alpha Productions with Gian-Andrea Albin.

Jan Eric Euler specializes in sports, lifestyle and transportation imagery. Born and raised in Germany, Jan has grown to be an accomplished visual storyteller, an experienced traveller and passionate athlete with love and dedication for everything outdoors. Fascinated by the fleeting moments of honesty, spontaneity and confidence, by the way light moves and leaves traces inside of us or by the sheer pleasure of being alive, Jan sees and captures life around him in all its facets. He brings a lighthearted, yet thoughtful and well planned approach together with a fine-tuned sense for authenticity, emotion and visual aesthetics in order to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for his projects.

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