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Advertising • Worldwide NIVEA Body Mousse Casting by SOLOMON I WINTER, Hamburg

19.04.2018 • The agency SOLOMON I WINTER casted worldwide for NIVEA and the agency Jung von Matt/ Saga in search of the perfect body for the new NIVEA Body Mousse. The motifs appear in several print titles, and the film can now be seen on TV.

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Advertising • 'SYNSAM - Design by Bernadotte & Kylberg' the 20-sec. spot for the Swedish design cooperation by director & photographer Martin VALLIN c/o CAMERALINK

17.04.2018 • Founded in 1968 as a merger of leading independent opticians, SYNSAM consists in 2018 of more than 185 stores in Sweden and around 500 in the Nordic region. The oldest shops can look back on more than a hundred years of experience in the field of looking - and looks for that matter. The latest spot for the SYMSAN coop with Bernadotte & Kylberg, the Swedish design duo founded in 2012 consisting of Oscar Kylberg and Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte, is the work of director & photographer Martin VALLIN c/o CAMERALINK.

About - SYNSAM COOP - ACETATE, NYLON AND TITANIUM. In 2018, Bernadotte & Kylberg aka Oscar Kylberg and Carl Philip Bernadotte designed a collection of 9 unisex glass eyewear models for the leading optic retailer in the Nordics, Synsam. Looking at how we live our lives and how we use glasses, the design duo worked with new, sustainable materials in a mixed combination to create a collection where form and function interact. The collection is distinguished by smart forms and functions such as an innovative removable sun lens that in an easy way simplifies the user’s...

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Photographers • Mango Skin, the newest fragrance of the trending New York niche perfume maker VILHELM PARFUMERIE - with artwork by Martin VALLIN c/o CAMERALINK

17.04.2018 • Dear Polly, Morning Chess... and now Mango Skin. Just as unusual as the names of the perfumes from VILHELM PARFUMERIE is the story of the origin of the perfume company founded by Jan Ahlgren. Born in Sweden by an American mother, he worked in Paris in the area of fashion before moving to New York where he designed handbags where he met his wife and the perfumer Jerome Epinette... to things that would change his world for ever. Thanks for the refreshing 6-second spot about the the new fragrance MANGO SKIN goes to Martin VALLIN c/o CAMERALINK. The limited fragrance is flowery and fruity and for women and men.

Jan Ahlgren on his fragrances : "Each Vilhelm scent has an elaborate founding story. From a memory of childhood summers in a seaside cabin to a conception of early 1900s Paris – its colors, energy, and rhythm embodied in scent – each fragrance is the culmination of a broad, creative and collaborative process. We consult our memories from youth and from travel. We allow ourselves to be taken by a distant time or place. From the idea to its realization, our scents are a...

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Production • Liebeskind Influencer campaign 2018 presents women in fashion and art, who tell stories about and with Berlin - videos produced by PRODUCTION BERLIN

17.04.2018 • The label LIEBESKIND shines a light in its latest campaign on women in fashion and art, who tell stories about and with Berlin. The videos were produced by Director Leo Khasin and DOP Tristan Guercovich with a little help from PRODUCTION BERLIN. Styling was taken care of by Viviane Hausstein, Hair & make-up: Patrick Glatthaar.

Four Liebeskind protagonists in the campaign epitomize the complex mentality of Berlin – true to the slogan: My Mood, My Color, My Bag. Sylvia Haghjoo, photographer and blogger, appears relaxed in a suite in Soho House with her blue MixeDbag in the color Ocean. Actress Jella Haase is shown with a MixeDbag in Emerald Green in the Restaurant König Otto. Blogger Marina the Moss was photographed in the Chipperfield Kantine with the MixeDbag in the color Natural. Business woman Lena Lademann picked out the Bordeaux Red MixeDbag, to grant insight into a modern living and restaurant concept in Lok 6.

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Fashion • Edita Vilkeviciute for H&M – staged by Director and photographer Magnus Magnusson c/o CAMERALINK

13.04.2018 • Edita Vilkeviciute, the successful model from Lithuania, stood for H&M in front of the camera of Magnus Magnusson c/o CAMERALINK.

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film • 1st Unit : KIA K9 commercial for INNOCEAN Worldwide, KORU EVLERI 'SMALL FOREST HOUSES' spot with MC SAATCHI ISTANBUL and cinema premiere of 'SPIELMACHER' – the thriller with DOP Christian REIN behind the camera

12.04.2018 • Can KIA read our minds? Technology is supposed to improve our lives – and not help us pass one another goes core message of the KIA spot. The consequence: 'Cars start to understand humanity' leads us to the conclusion: Dignity & Intelligence, bundled in the KIA K9. DOP Torsten Lippstock c/o 1ST UNIT stood behind the camera for the shoot of the new brand film 'Dignity & Intelligence, THE K9' for the KIA K9. The agency was INNOCEAN Worldwide, and it was directed by Hanki GOH, with production by Walking in Mind/Keystone Films. It was filmed against the picturesque backdrop of Italy. The KIA K9 is the top model of the Kia brand. As the K9, the 5.10-meter-long sedan has been on the market in Asia since 2012. The K9 is powered by three Hyundai GDI gas engines.

DOP Stefan VON BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT was on set for the commercial KORU EVLERI 'SMALL FOREST HOUSES' together with Director Matthias Zentner. The Turkish real estate company offers feel-good locations between nature and city, in which one feels earth-bound and naturally like in a tree house.

Velvet Mediendesign...

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Fashion • RESERVED Spring campaign 2018 featuring the uber-sought-after Mckenna Hellam and male model Adrian Sahores - Director of the 30-sec. spot was Mateusz STANKIEWICZ c/o AFPHOTO

11.04.2018 • Watch Out Boys & Girls! RESERVED SPRING 2018 is out! RESRVED on their collection: "The first Spring edition of Reserved was created around the theme of modern classic inspirations-meet-1990s silhouette. The designers also drew from the aesthetics of the Orient and mixed them with sporty accents. The Spring 2018 collection features garments and accessories that can be mixed and matched in a multitude of ways, with statement pieces added to any look – such as fanny packs (so of the moment), dangle earrings or baseball caps.

In the upcoming season, Reserved customers will be wearing jackets with cut-outs, black suits, pants with side bands, sheer coats, denim skirts, tweed Chanel-inspired jackets, kimono-style tunics and floral-pattern dresses. The new collection plays with textures – hence the 3-D appliques on bomber jackets, sculpted structural ruffles and pleats in many elements of the women’s pieces. Another key feature of the new Reserved collection is its vivid color scheme – the designers ventured to add intense indigo, emerald green and citrus yellow to the color palette...

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Advertising • Peace inside. Life outside. The commercial 'SMALL FOREST HOUSES' for KORU EVLERI Real Estate by DOP STEFAN VON BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT and Director Matthias Zentner for MC SAATCHI ISTANBUL

11.04.2018 • DOP Stefan VON BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT was on set for the commercial KORU EVLERI 'SMALL FOREST HOUSES' together with Director Matthias Zentner. The Turkish real estate company offers feel-good locations between nature and city, in which one feels earth-bound and naturally like in a tree house.

Velvet Mediendesign from Munich took care of post production of the commercial and describes the production as follows: "Kosuyolu Koru Evleri in Istanbul is a real estate property consisting of fully furnished apartments with a swimming pool, restaurant and a gym directly on the premises. The buildings are placed between nature and the city. Being so close to the forest, but also to an urban environment, it is like owning a small forest house, which is pretty unusual and unique in a multi-million city like Istanbul. And is, therefore, extra precious. The metaphor of a stretching yoga master, ballet dancer and acro yogis stands for the unique opportunity from Koru Evleri. Financial flexibility is the key to the perfect funding for owning such a place. Director Matthias Zentner, DOP Stefan...

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Film • SPIELMACHER - German feature film by DOP Christian Rein c/o 1ST UNIT and Director Timon Modersohn

11.04.2018 • SPIELMACHER, which translates to gamemaker, is a thriller starring Frederick Lau as an ex-con, ex-footballer who is involved in the sports betting business and gets caught up by his past. SPIELMACHER is the directorial debut of Timon Modersohn and is based on the screenplay by Christian Brecht. Behind the camera stood 1ST UNIT DOP Christian Rein (start date: 12 April, 2018, rental: Warner Bros).

Ex-con and former footballer Ivo meets the highly talented young player Lukas. Ivo supports the boy in his dream of pursuing a professional career – but also to relieve the pain of his own broken dream. When Ivo falls in love with Lukas' mother Vera, a new life seems to be opening up for him. But his criminal past catches up with him... Frederick Lau is in the lead role and Oliver Masucci is his antagonist while Antje Traue makes the trio complete as the female lead actress. The role of the young Lukas is played by actor discovery Mateo Wansing Lorrio.

Cameraman Christian Rein c/o 1ST UNIT has been working in film production since the 1990s. He was honored in 2009 with the German...

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