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Advertising • The new SUV C5 Aircross Hybrid in a spot and photos - both produced by Continental Productions, Paris

21.01.2020 • The spot for the new SUV C5 Aircross Hybrid was produced by CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS for Director Julien Rocher and the client Citroën. The executive agency was Traction, and DOP was Jean-Baptiste Jay.

Agnieszka Doroszewicz photographed the SUV C5 Aircross Hybrid motifs for Citroën, and CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS was once again responsible for production.

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Film • Open Your Eyes - the new UPFRONT 2020 reel featuring Ray Demski, Jan Eric Euler, Christian Lohfink, Jonathan Heyer, Frederic Schlosser as well as Sven Sindt for you on GoSee

20.01.2020 • Last but not least, we present you the UPFRONT 2020 reel with touching works by Ray Demski, Jan Eric Euler, Christian Lohfink, Jonathan Heyer, Frederic Schlosser & Sven Sindt. An eclectic blend, but it’s all in the mix! =D

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Agencies • FSKSTUDIO : three employee spots for Munich-based FUNK Eyewear Factory, FC BAYERN Winter fashion, and WALBUSCH on ice

20.01.2020 • Over the past years, the FUNK Eyewear Factory has reached an ever-growing community through the company’s various social media channels. Consequently, the demand for content has grown accordingly – and the bar, of course, for everything presented should be kept just as high as ever. Which is why FSKStudio recently produced interviews with the factory’s employees and began documenting their daily work. Created with a mix of photos, videos and all materials from Funk’s past was an extensive pool of media content, an endless source for FUNK to constantly draw from, and thanks to an art remix system, tell a continuous story which is open and honest while at the same time honors the aesthetics of the company. GoSee:

Plus, Markus FINSTERWALD c/o FSKSTUDIO photographed the new Winter fashion with advertising agency 19:13 GmbH for the client FC BAYERN (styling: Claudia Bitterwolf). And for the new client WALBUSCH, frosty motifs were realized in the studio with real ice blocks. Post production was also taken care of in-house.

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Fashion • ’Start from Zero‘ - the PORSCHE MOTORSPORT REPLICA COLLECTION was filmed by Mert Dürümoglu - hair, make-up & grooming by Tina FISCHBACH c/o BASICS.BERLIN

20.01.2020 • As part of a general make-over, PORSCHE had its team apparel redesigned for the start of the ABB Formula E Championship. Mert Dürümoglu filmed the new Motorsport Replica Collection, and we have the spot for you here on GoSee. Tina FISCHBACH c/o BASICS.BERLIN was in charge of hair, make-up and grooming for the fashion production. So for those of you who want to clad themselves in Porsche-wear from head to toe as a Porsche superfan – it’s right this way:

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Agencies • ANDREA HEBERGER : Make a wish!, the BERGADER spot wishes Happy New Year, ADIDAS ‘Platform A’ based in ‘Station F’, FSHN mag, the control tower of Ben-Gurion airport and two personal works

15.01.2020 • Make a wish! Mondlicht Studios c/o ANDREA HEBERGER created CGI and animation for the BERGADER spot ‘Make a wish’. We present you the TV commercial as well as the making-of video including several images on GoSee.

For you on GoSee, we have a series of short clips for the ADIDAS digital sport accelerator program entitled ‘Platform A’ based in ‘Station F’ in Paris.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣HELLO SAVANTS c/o ANDREA HEBERGER: ⁣⁣“Our brief was to create a series of short animations with a hand-drawn, fresh and unpolished style. The result: six colorful pieces of moving images with a raw and spicy look.”

In 2019, adidas launched its sports accelerator program “Platform A” at Station F, the world’s largest start-up campus located in Paris. Thirteen start-ups were selected to work with adidas on new business initiatives for the sports industry starting in January. adidas invested a total of one million euros in the development of the program. The accelerator aims to use the innovative power of the global start-up scene to jointly identify the potential for new strategically important projects. The...

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