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prod • TWO PALMS PRODUCTIONS presents the ‘Summer Reign’ Spring/Summer 2020 campaign in print and video – with Thalitas Farias and JUSTIN ERIC MARTIN for Browns Fashion UK, produced in Sao Paulo

26.03.2020 • TWO PALMS PRODUCTIONS supported the new Summer campaign for BROWNS FASHION in São Paulo. “Take a trip to Brazil and follow model JUSTIN ERIC MARTIN on a journey across São Paulo’s urban dreamscape wearing the standout looks of S/S ‘20 – think clean lines, sharp cuts and color pops that echo the monumental structures of architect Lina Bo Bardi...” says BROWNS FASHION on the campaign. And the womenswear campaign with Brasilian beauty Thalitas Farias was also realized by TWO PALMS PRODUCTIONS.

The photos were shot in the footsteps of architect Lina Bo Bardi by Valentin Giacobetti @ The Art Board. Lina Bo Bardi, born as Achillina Bo, (*1914 in Rome, Italy; † 1992 in São Paulo) was a Brazilian architect and designer of Italian heritage. Her work included, for example, the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (1957), also known as the ‘floating museum’, the church Espirito Santo do Cerrado (1977–1982) or the culture and sport center Fábrica da Pompéia (1977–1986).

Art direction & styling were taken care of by Kendal Mae Boyle (Editor: Sarah Bonser, Videographer: Jonathan Middleton, Groomer: Diego...

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3D & FILM • StillinMotion : Crisis-proof CGI/3D production and digital marketing for a competitive advantage – during and after the crisis

26.03.2020 • Your photo or film shoot has been canceled? Photos and footage for online advertising are required immediately? The marketing budget has been cut from one minute to the next? StillinMotion offers you: production of photorealistic 3D images and 3D animations as well as real film spots by reprocessing stock materials with the aid of CGI and visual effects.

Advertising production and product release have been called off? Marketing has come to a standstill? Product release postponed? Sitting it out clearly comes with disadvantages. StillinMotion: “We’ll help you gain a competitive advantage that makes all the difference. Create your planned media with CGI and 3D and be ready to advertise when the crisis is over while others are still busy getting their media productions started.”

Customers are no longer coming to your product? Hard to keep in touch with customers while in lockdown? StillinMotion relies on innovative tools such as VR, AR, 360° images or 360° turntables to bring the product to the customer. In a nutshell: It’s high time to immediately make your products available online...

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film • TVC production during the CORONA crisis? – SPREADFILMS banks once again on 3D ANIMATION; we have the 3D animation spot for you on GoSee

26.03.2020 • The Corona crisis has hit the entire film industry because film shoots are no longer permitted in these times. Spreadfilms demonstrates once again how important it is to stay flexible and offers its customers creative solutions in 3D and 2D animation so that they can still realize planned TV spot productions in the shortest possible time in combination with existing film footage. Creation and consulting play a major role in adapting existing plans of producing a real film in order to realize a project completely in post production.

“Besides studio productions, we don’t think real film productions will be able to take place. Which is why the market will focus on advertising content created completely in post production for the time being.” Andreas Ramelsberger, CEO of Spreadfilms GmbH, tells GoSee.

The animation team from Spreadfilms delivers surprising and creative solutions and is at the service of art buyers and art producers 24/7 for everything from consulting to conception, and finally, realizing their animation projects.

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Agencies • BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS : ZALANDO campaign spot, beauty project spot and NEW entry Emil LEVY with the films ‘UNITY’ and ‘INFIGHT’ on GoSee

25.03.2020 •
Kapturing c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS realized yet another ZALANDO campaign; we have the 15-second spot and motifs for you on GoSee.

Hamburg-based representation BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS is delighted to welcome New entry Emil LEVY, photographer and director from Berlin. We present you his film ‘Infight’ on GoSee. Emil on his film: “Up-close, engaged and focused, this short follows the inner and outer state of strength of Evander – a young boxer from Berlin. Capturing the mentality of an athlete in training, the story centers around key themes of any pre-fight mode – endless training both physical and mental, which builds up for days, weeks and months to a win or no-win. Not allowing challenges and struggles to define him, but instead make him stronger, his reality lives within the ring.”

“Unity: the state of being united or joined as a whole.” – goes the widely applicable definition. Director Emil LEVY c/o BIRGIT STOEVER ARTISTS on his 2-min. Spot: “This video explores what unity means to a group of young men by following them in different situations. It depicts their contrasting image...

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Photographers • Perfect grip no matter the road with the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system – BERNHARD SPOETTEL photographs the VW T-Roc R campaign for the agency loved

25.03.2020 • Sporty and that on almost every terrain: A powerful motor paired with cutting-edge steering and braking technology is perfect for drivers looking for sportiness not only in design, but who want to experience it to the fullest every day – and the VW T-Roc R is precisely that automobile. Launch Control, 300 PS, titanium exhaust system, 4MOTION, LED headlights... just to name a few highlights.

The campaign was photographed by BERNHARD SPÖTTEL for the agency loved GmbH and the client VOLKSWAGEN. It was directed by Sabine Cole.

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