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Advertising • The CARLING #MADELOCAL campaign presents you the undaunted 'PEASE BAY SURFERS' – production services by LS PRODUCTIONS

12.06.2019 • Havas London is responsible for the CARLING #MADELOCAL campaign on the topic of CARLING's origins and, in more general terms, celebrates the pride in the homeland or connection to it. For the spot with the undaunted surfers in the ice-cold waters of Pease Bay, Scotland, Director Rollo Jackson was a guest at this, let's say, special surf location. At his side was DOP Bobby Shore. The production company was Somesuch with Producer Tom Gardner. Locally responsible was production service LS PRODUCTIONS with Producer Deva Smith.

Carling is the name of a lager beer brand in Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom – owned by the Molson Coors Brewing Company. In 1999, Carling sold one billion pints in the UK, breaking the world record at the time. Carling has ever since been the best-selling lager in the UK. Carling on Carling: "We brew Carling using only the best of British barley, lovingly grown and harvested across the country, including from our very own Growers Group. All of our barley is Red Tractor approved, meaning it can be traced right back to where it came...

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Photographers • Jeff Ludes realized a hybrid project with stills & moving images for INFINITI USA in Los Angeles (2019 Genuine INFINITI exterior accessories) – four dynamic videos & photos on GoSee

11.06.2019 • JEFF LUDES and his team realized an extensive project for INFINITI with stills & moving images. They realized four dynamic videos and photos presenting INFINITI's accessory and design highlights, all produced in his home base, Los Angeles. 'The specs called for a huge variety of shots, some captured as stills and some as video. I was very busy shooting all the stills in addition to directing the entire project. Once the dust had settled, SpotBot tied it all together in a unique way,' the photographer tells us. We present you the result on GoSee. More videos by Jeff can be seen on Vimeo, stills are available on his website and you can read the news on GoSee.

On INFINITI, we read : 'Explore 2019 INFINITI exterior accessories, including INFINITI chrome and carbon fiber accessories, and stand out fast. All Genuine INFINITI accessories are developed and manufactured to INFINITI exacting standards, adding style, convenience and capability to your INFINITI. For additional ideas, watch below. See more Genuine INFINITI accessory videos here.'

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Agencies • Agentur artmos4 : Marcus Dörr, Creative Director c/o ARTMOS4 explains in 'The Show with the Mouse' how to create graffiti; we have the seven-minute video on GoSee – plus job news for WILDMOSER ELECTRONIC, BOSCH, EIKONA SYSTEMS, THE KAY, and SAUSALITOS

11.06.2019 • The most famous mouse of the Federal Republic of Germany – known to all for the fun and all the facts in stories it presents. Editors at WDR looked into how graffiti is created. Marcus Dörr, Creative Director c/o ATMOS4 knew how that goes down from the get-go... the result at the Offenbach HQ is a seven-minute article – and we have it for you on GoSee.

The heart of the ATMOS4 creatives leaped when their client WILDMOSER ELECTRONIC gave them almost complete creative freedom in realizing the comic characters for their new premises. Marcus Dörr and his team drove down to southern Germany where they designed legends: from Iron Man to the Hulk and even Rocket.

For the client BOSCH and in close cooperation with the team from the Bosch shop in Abstatt, various interiors were designed on the topic of Mobility, for which the film technique was also applied.

A maze on the wall? EIKONA SYSTEMS requested the design of a labyrinth motif; so continuous lines with keywords now line the corridors.

Animal art – for steakhouse THE KAY which recently opened in Darmstadt, various bull...

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Advertising • Animated music video for Curbi Shinai, Spinning Records, with a game look by 3-D animation studio MITSI STUDIO c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

10.06.2019 • The team led by MITSI STUDIO c/o ANDREA HEBERGER created an animated music video for Curbi Shinai, Spinni' records. We present the official music video and a breakdown of it.

'For the new spread entitled Shinai by Curbi, we were asked to make a new music video with an overall game look. We made the Curbi character transform during the video into a new, more menacing looking fighter. In this project, we had the challenge of making multiple character animations and building three completely different scenes – all over the course of only four weeks.'

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