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Production • Production Berlin produces the MANGO 'Before Midnight' print campaign with Dan Martensen and the commercial with director duo Gus&Lo in New York

21.11.2017 • The latest MANGO Evening F/W 2017 campaign presents the atmospheric fashion by the global fashion player for the glamorous events at the end of the year. The women's fashion captivates with styles with feminine silhouettes in contrast to their flowing shapes. The masculine looks impress with ochre colored velvet blazers as well as garnet red tones mixed with bowties and oversized coats. Serving as the perfect setting for the campaign were the streets of New York. PRODUCTION BERLIN with offices in New York and Los Angeles supported the print campaign photographed by Dan Martensen and in parallel the film realized by Director duo Gus&Lo and DOP Pau Catala.

In front of the camera stood models Ruth Bell, Julia Hafstrom, Aya Jones, Kit Butler, Alexis Petit, and Matthew Bell. Styling was in the hands of Elodie David, make-up: Chiho Omae, hairstyling: Cim Mahony and set design: Meghan Duran. Just last September, MANGO opened up a flagship store in New York's SoHo district, which combines architecture with fashion, art, culture and technology.

Production Berlin is a full-service...

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Events • AKAA – Also Known As Africa – the second edition of the Contemporary Art & Design Fair on the topic of Africa in the Paris Carreau du Temple, a book signing with James Barnor, Ghana's photography pioneer

15.11.2017 • Carreau du Temple was the location of the new edition of the Contemporary Art & Design Fair, AKAA – Also Known As Africa. 38 galleries presented the artwork of 150 artists at their frequently visited booths in the hall of the former Paris market to promote up-and-coming African talents or artists with African heritage. In the second edition themed upon “Panser le monde” (Unite the World), Uganda, Senegal and Switzerland were among the participants.

"AKAA stands for a multifaceted Africa, which transcends historical boundaries, the voice of which resonates in the four corners of the world carried by the vision of each artist. Our Africa is fluid, complex and permeable. It influences and inspires the world with its capacity to innovate and create. Within a site emblematic of Parisian architecture, we conceived an event where African and global visions come together to draw a new map of the contemporary art scene. AKAA is a collaborative project made possible by men and women who share a common passion: to engage, transmit, and share," says the organizer led by Victoria Mann,...

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Agencies • JSR Agency presents the 'Gigapixel Projects' by Simon Stock on GoSee - the Golden Gate Bridge for Bentley, Kylesku Bridge, and Dubai Day & Night

15.11.2017 • Simon STOCK c/o JSR AGENCY is a London-based photographer who, in addition to advertising and transportation, is specialized in gigapixel projects. In the Scottish Highlands, he photographed the Kylesku Bridge, nightfall in Dubai and the Golden Gate Bridge for Bentley. "He has recently produced two of the world's largest automotive images: a 57 billion pixel image of the Dubai marina featuring a W12 Flying Spur and previously a 53 billion pixel shot of a Mulsanne on the Golden Gate Bridge for Bentley," says JSR AGENCY from London, which presents its latest projects here and on its website.

"I have been working with gigapixel technology to create some of the world's largest images. From the largest car photograph to the first gigapixel beauty portraits, I have taken NASA inspired technology and found creative ways to use this new and exciting form of photography. The images are created from hundreds of high resolution captures, which when combined allow the viewer to examine the stunning images in extraordinary detail.

When Bentley approached me to shoot the first ever...

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Fashion • 'Committed Collection' - the MANGO campaign film & a Gucci editorial with model Alexandra Hochgürtler in ELLE Mexico - the new artwork by GUS & LO c/o COSMOPOLA for you on GoSee

15.11.2017 • GUS & LO c/o COSMOPOLA filmed the MANGO campaign film for the Committed Collection in Iceland with Liya Kebede and Clement Chabernaud. The background music is the song 'Soldier' by pop band Pooma. Styling: Aleksandra Woroniecka, make-up: Sally Branka, hair: Shon, manicurist: Berlind Alfrdsdottir.

And for ELLE Mexico, GUS & LO photographed model Alexandra Hochgürtler clad in Gucci. Styling: Deborah Traite, hair & make-up: Egon Crivillers.

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Editorial • Produkt Stills für WIRED UK, Life Hack-Strecke in der WELT AM SONNTAG, Campaign stills and moving images for SURVEY MONKEY, a watch spread in SCHÖN! mag, animation for SANDISK & ad motifs and film for WEMBLEY PARK by ILKA & FRANZ c/o COSMOPOLA

14.11.2017 • Ilka & Franz c/o COSMOPOLA were commissioned by WIRED UK to photograph the products of their 'Wired Life Collection', including no less than a BMW! The motifs were even featured by WIRED Germany. Photography & post production: ILKA & FRANZ, art direction: Andrew Diprose & Photo Editor: Dalia Nassimi.

Ilka & Franz photographed life hacks, i.e. working tricks or abbreviations for WELT AM SONNTAG, such as coring cherries with a bottle and chopsticks. We can tell you here on GoSee: It really works!

The agency Eleven Inc. and the client SURVEY MONKEY from the US met up with photographer duo ILKA & FRANZ in their new hometown of London to create campaign stills and moving images for SURVEY MONKEY on three production days. Production was in the hands of Jenny Halonen & Barbi Mlczoch c/o COSMOPOLA. Creative Director was Matthew Wakeman, Art Director: Louisa Betancourt, styling: Zoe Kozlik, hair: Abra Kennedy and make-up: Marie Bruce.

ILKA & FRANZ photographed Corum watches for the spread "On Watch!" in SCHÖN! magazine. Set design: Rebecca Martin and styling: Julia Dorothee...

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Advertising • 'Deer & Beer' - JÄGERMEISTER celebrates the Oktoberfest on GoSee with photo & film & production by COSMOPOLA

14.11.2017 • How it's supposed to be! AKQA commissioned COSMOPOLA with the photo & film production for the Oktoberfest topic 'Deer & Beer' for the client JÄGERMEISTER, presented on GoSee, for which production & editing, post production, and grading were taken care of by COSMOPOLA and Frank Groll. The films were shot by Katja Oortmann and photographed by Anna ROSE c/o COSMOPOLA. Styling: Anabel Stiehle, foodstyling: Yvonne Trapp c/o NINA KLEIN, hair & make-up: Ara Decker c/o BLOSSOM MGMT.

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Advertising • The source of hospitality - PASSUGGER commercial and print motifs by still life expert Johann COHRS c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS

14.11.2017 • Johann COHRS c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS created liquids and a short film for the Swiss PASSUGGER mineral springs in the studio in Hamburg. "The photos show the beauty and value of the mineral water and bring to the fore the premium quality standard of the brand. Playing a decisive role for the design idea were the bottles designed by Valerio Olgiati," says Corporate Designer Sonja Viola Wolf, who is responsible for creation. Photos and film are shown here on GoSee.

The beautiful story to the shoot is available via PASSUGGER... "Hamburg-based photographer Johann Cohrs is a specialist when it comes to photographing liquids, but he doesn't like it when they lose their shape, so he only presses the trigger on his camera when he cleaned up the motif. Cleaning up in the Corhs universe means above all: giving the liquids structure – gradients, transparencies, sometimes even edges. "I wanted to portray the purity and beauty of the water," the photographer tells PASSUGGER. "It was my ambition to make the water recognizable as such, but to give it an aesthetic that meets my personal and...

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Advertising • Animated paper art for KADEWE mag or ALSTERHAUS mag & the cover for the magazine 'N By Norwegian' by OLLANSKI c/o COSMOPOLA

14.11.2017 • OLLANSKI c/o COSMOPOLA created wonderful paper art for KaDeWe magazine and ALSTERHAUS magazine for Christmas/Winter 2017. First, he got to pick the jewelry for the shoot at KaDeWe – that's what I call fun! The result was the whole concept for his Winter Wonderland. The stills were photographed by Ines Dieleman. Our special thanks go to Alejandra and Tania Parovic. "Another part of the project was to create short stop-motion animations for KaDeWe magazine's social media outlets. For this, Ollanski used Inès' photos as a base and created custom paper craft stop-motion animations around them." his agent Barbi Mlzcoch c/o COSMOPOLA excitedly tells GoSee, who would have not missed paying the set a personal visit for anything in the world.

And OLLANSKI c/o COSMOPOLA created the cutest Dutch waiter ever! OLLANSKI was commissioned by "n By Norwegian" magazine to shoot the cover of the November 2017 issue. The brief was pretty clear: Create a domestic Canary waiter. Ollanksi got it. Art direction and concept: Sarah Barnett (Ink Global). "n By Norwegian" is the in-flight magazine of...

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Director & DOP • FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT : FORD 'TEST DRIVE', NESTLE YAOS TV commercial, #NotJustForBreakfast – KELLOGG'S CRUNCHY NUT commercials, 'Beauty of Help' PENNY Christmas commercial for Hullabaloo Prague

08.11.2017 • Created under the hashtag NotJustForBreakfast were two witty clips for Crunchy Nuts from KELLOGG'S. The film shoot took place in the UK with Director Jamie LANE c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT and Dark Energy Films.

Günther GHEERAERT c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT directed the commercial for Greek yogurt brand YAOS from NESTLE which was produced by Players Paris. We bring you the Director's Cut on GoSee. "I am very happy to unveil my new TV commercial produced by Players Paris for Ogilvy. This is the new name for Nestlé’s Greek yogurt. I therefore take you into a Mediterranean atmosphere for the Director’s Cut version of this new film, the TV version of which you can see at the moment in different countries throughout Europe. I hope you enjoy it," says the Director.

Director John BUCHE c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT realized for FORD the latest Test Drive commercial in Thailand (production via Bullet).

John Buche is an American-born Director based mostly in Asia and Europe. Having grown up in America, Africa, and in various European countries, he speaks French, German and English fluently....

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