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Advertising • THE SATISFACTION, Brussels, launches the campaign 'Duvel, the Belgian Beer, follow the storm' including the CROSS-MEDIA BRAND PLATFORM 'BREWED TO BE LIVED'

22.10.2018 • Following two global campaigns for the REMY COINTREAU GROUP, Belgian agency THE SATISFACTION, which works for clients including LEE JEANS EMEA / ASIA, BRIDGESTONE, GRAZIA, and EASTPAK, got to launch a new campaign for Belgian beer brand DUVEL : ''From beer style to lifestyle for Duvel''.

"Satisfaction presents the new communication platform where the intrinsic characteristics of a product become a modern and premium lifestyle, emphasizing “the Duvel moments”. From the Ardennes forests to the beaches of Ostend, Ghent’s cobblestones to the bistros of Liège, it is the beauty of our flat country that runs to the rhythm of a Duvel as it’s poured and lived with an intense tornado of emotions. The landscapes blend into its golden color. The life that embodies it is as fresh as its foam and reveals a metaphor between product and “moments lived”.

For casting, the brand was able to count on a wild band of real “Duvelers”. Fans of the brand contacted on social networks threw themselves into the experience by playing their own roles. It will inscribe Duvel and its legendary tornado in...

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Film • NEW : Goodbye Kansas Studios, Stockholm, Hamburg, LA & London, award-winning visual effects, digital animation and motion capture for movies, game trailers & commercials; a first presentation on GoSee... and live as exhibitors at UPDATE!8BERLIN

11.10.2018 • We are delighted to welcome CGI and animation experts GOODBYE KANSAS STUDIOS at GoSee and UPDATE!8BERLIN on 19 October. Created at the locations Stockholm, London, Los Angeles and Hamburg are visual effects of Hollywood quality for film and advertising. "Our Award Winning Wizards in VFX, CGI, motion capture and animations have played a role in the TV, movies, game trailers and commercials that define popular culture all over the world."

A large team of experienced specialists and artists from all over the world produces visual effects for films, TV series, game trailers and commercials. Since the opening in 2012, Executive Producer Petra Monheim has headed the GOODBYE KANSAS STUDIOS Hamburg office – which some still know by its old name FIDO. And UPDATE!8BERLIN is making it happen – meet Petra and GOODBYE KANSAS STUDIOS live and laid-back in Berlin.

We have a first selection of works on GoSee, and the latest reels are available via VIMEO and GOODBYE KANSAS STUDIOS.

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Agencies • NEW : StillinMotion, CREATIVE STUDIO FOR VISUAL CONTENT, full service for film, animation, 3D, CGI, images, motion mural – a first selection of works on GoSee and a live presentation at UPDATE!8BERLIN

10.10.2018 • We are delighted to welcome STILLINMOTION at GoSee. StillinMotion starts where conventional photography and real films meet their limits and become too expensive. Created with full service from conception, production to presentation are visual media such as print motifs, key visuals, 3D illustrations, animations, teasers, spots & specials.

The portfolio thus comprises both well-known international brands such as Mercedes, Panasonic, Kneipp, Audi, Glashütte Original, Disney, Star Wars, Hymer, Kabel Eins, Sparkasse, Ikea, Nivea, Bautzner as well as renowned international agencies such as BBDO, Jung von Matt, Kolle Rebbe, service plan and many more. Last year, StillinMotion already made a big splash with their new concept MotionMural® for Disney's Star Wars (Plakadiva nominee 2018 and 4 million views after 30 days).

StillinMotion invites all agencies, producers and brands once again to their booth this year at UPDATE!8BERLIN on 19 October where they will present their latest concepts and a special digital live act.

The new Showreel 2018 and examples such as the latest

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Advertising • 'We love differently today' – Leo Burnett Laeufer realizes a new brand campaign for Amorelie, and Creative Director Marcel Guenthel is a Juror at the GoSeeAWARDS and in person at UPDATE!8BERLIN

09.10.2018 • We are delighted that Creative Director Marcel Guenthel is supporting the jury of the GoSeeAWARDS and attending UPDATE!8BERLIN.

Since 2011, the creative mastermind at Leo Burnett Laeufer in Berlin has focused on fashion & lifestyle as well as brands that want to offer their customers a lifestyle experience. "Everything from brand development and branding across all design disciplines to advertising is created – a good example of which is ABOUT YOU – where we developed names, the logo, design guidelines, photo style, and on- and offline design," Marcel tells GoSee, who works for clients including Swarovski, L'Oreal, ITEM m6, HUGO and HUGO BOSS, La Prairie, and Douglas.

"Since 2009, Leo Burnett Laeufer has been the design agency of Leo Burnett Germany – led by Andreas Laeufer with his unique design and lifestyle expertise. Andreas is one of the founders of TANK magazine in London, where he worked for the most important fashion brands in the world before Leo Burnett."

Creative responsibility was in the hands of Marcel Guenthel for the new brand campaign of online erotic...

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HAIR, MAKEUP, STYLING • BIGOUDI : Beauty support for Closed x Girbaud and Gucci Saks Fifth Avenue, PIER ONE, commercial for Nürnberger Versicherung, styling for TONI GARD, Baldessarini, HESS NATUR and an exhibitor at UPDATE!8BERLIN

09.10.2018 • BIGOUDI will be in Berlin again this year as an exhibitor at UPDATE. "We look forward to numerous visitors, a lively exchange of ideas, and a drink or two with old friends and new contacts." And here on GoSee, the agency for hair, make-up and styling presents the latest works of its internationally active artists.

Melanie HUNGER c/o BIGOUDI took care of hair & make-up for the wonderful commercial for Nürnberger Versicherung on the subject of 'slow is almost enough', which was directed by Wolf & Lamm. Eva DIECKHOFF c/o BIGOUDI gave beauty support during the shoot for CLOSED X GIRBAUD with photographer Stefan Heinrichs c/o Industry Art. Hairstylist Andreas SCHÖNAGEL c/o BIGOUDI worked for GUCCI SAKS FIFTH AVENUE with photographer Bon Duke c/o New Light Films at Art & Commerce.

Anna NIZIO c/o BIGOUDI, Styling, worked with Anne Deppe c/o Solar und Fotografen on a personal production; Josie MARTENS c/o BIGOUDI took care of hair & make-up for UNGER MAGAZINE, photographed by Roger Weber.

Stylist Cariin COWALSCII c/o BIGOUDI worked for client A.T.U with photographer and GoSee...

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Photographers • A little treat for the big screen – movie theater chain VUE CINEMA goes for Avalanche Ice Cream, with artwork in photos and film by London-based Director & food photographer KAREN THOMAS for you on GoSee !

09.10.2018 • 'Enjoy the new Avalanche ice cream now available at Vue Cinemas.' Food photographer and Director KAREN THOMAS based in London recently realized several very delicious short commercials for our favorite treat at the movies: ice cream! Karen Thomas tells GoSee: "I recently shot some stills and directed some videos for Vue Cinema. We had a lot of fun with Smarties flying around the studio, and we obviously also had to eat some delicious Italian ice cream which was really tough on the team as you can imagine." Yes we can! Vue Entertainment is a movie theater chain headquartered in London, with around 85 theaters, 800 screens and 3000 employees in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Taiwan. Photography and direction: Karen Thomas, DOP: Chris Newcombe, foodstylist: Peter Smith & propstylist: Rachel Jukes. And again: Enjoy!

About - Vue International (otherwise known as Vue Cinemas, and stylized as Vue), formerly SBC International Cinemas, is a cinema company operating in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and...

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Film • Ready for every adventure! Chimney Group presents the commercial for the new premium station wagon Volvo V60 Cross Country

09.10.2018 • CHIMNEY presents the Volvo V60 Cross Country in a new commercial. More space for adventure. The new Volvo V60 CROSS COUNTRY still takes its driver that much further... confidently. With higher ground clearance, standard all-wheel drive and a tough body, it's built for any adventure. Unique design elements accentuate the robust and powerful character of the premium station wagon, while the interior blends versatility and intuitive technology with beautiful design. This is a car for those with a desire to go further, on every journey.

The commercial was realized by Director Johan Storm with Producers Alexander Blidner/Erick Lundqvist and DOP Jens Jansson. On the job from CHIMNEY were:

Post Producer: Tua Nordqvist/CHIMNEY
Conform: Michael Engström/CHIMNEY
Grade: Axel Rundquist/CHIMNEY
Sound: Martin Mighetto/CHIMNEY
Online: Mikael Pettersson/CHIMNEY

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Film • Mice can be cute, but they can make quite a mess... the KÄRCHER commercial with VISUAL EFFECTS by Goodbye Kansas Studios

09.10.2018 • Mice can be cute, but they can make quite a mess. Luckily Kärcher has a product that can help you clean your home after their visit... Goodbye Kansas Studiostook took care of the beastly VFX for the commercial and the print campaign. Director: Martin Haerlin, production: Cobblestone and CFS Krug, creative responsibility: Jung von Matt / Neckar.

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Film • 'That magic feeling of reality' - the LEGO DUPLO TRAIN commercial with VISUAL EFFECTS by Goodbye Kansas Studios for you on GoSee

09.10.2018 • Do you remember how it was to play with your toys when you were a kid? Do you remember that magic feeling of reality? How it all felt so totally real and how your toy train felt just like a real train? In a new commercial for LEGO DUPLO Train, that special feeling is celebrated... Goodbye Kansas Studios took care of Visual Effects for the LEGO spot, which was realized together with M2Film, Director Thomas J Mikkelsen and DOP Christian Graversen. The agency was LEGO Agency, Art Director: Tobias Prag, Sr. Video Producer: Lars Bartkær. Marketing Manager: Jodie Alliss, CGI Producer: Karsten Nielsen, VFX Supervisor: Filip Stanfeld, CGI Supervisor: Hannes Drossel & Executive Producer: Ole Holm Christensen.

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Advertising • Nike - Outdo you with Nike+ and VFX by Goodbye Kansas Studios for AKQA, PORTLAND

09.10.2018 • "Here is one of the 100,000 videos we did for the "Outdo you with Nike+" campaign for Nike and AKQA. Goodbye Kansas Director Laurent Clermont teamed up with French illustrator Mcbess, who did all the illustrations, and then the Goodbye Kansas team executed everything in a beautiful 2D-styled, 3D-animated personalized video presenting your Nike+ year in review and giving you a goal for 2015. Statue then did their backend magic and singled out the Nike+ user data, chose the appropriate animations, added personal data and then the video was distributed through Nike´s microsite."

AGENCY: AKQA, PORTLAND, Creative Director - Whitney Jenkins, Senior Creative - Aaron Seymour-Anderson, Associate Creative Director - Brett Reese, Producer - Katie Reardon, Senior Creative - Thom Lovegrove, General Manager - Jonathan Hum, Copywriter - Tahirah Byfield, Managing Director - Brian Skahan, Senior Account Director - Justin Micklish, Senior Strategist - Ben Taylor, Senior Project Manager - Lora Guillotte, Technical Delivery Manager - Edd Bignell, PRODUCTION : Goodbye Kansas Studios, Stockholm,...

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