01.07.2019  •  Film NEWS


'Moscow Sports' - a short film about two Russian athletes by DOP Alexander Basile and director Achim Lippoth


ALEXANDER BASILE - A film about two young Russian athletes in Moscow living for sports.

Director: Achim Lippoth
DOP: Alexander Basile
Production: Eight Agency
Post Production: WE OWN YOU - Creative Agency
Styling: Paul Maximilian Schlosser c/o Bigoudi
Casting: Avdotja Alexandrova

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'Moscow Sports' is a film about young Russian athletes in Moscow who live for sports. This insightful film portrait is a look behind the curtain of high-level athletics. Achim Lippoth directed, Alexander Basile was the DOP. Paul Maximilian Schlosser was responsible for styling, casting lay in the capable hands of Avdotja Alexandrova, and the production was done by Eight Agency in Moskau.