22.03.2017  •  Film NEWS


'The Female Bond' – a poetic short film on women sticking together for SHE'S MERCEDES with DOP Jalaludin TRAUTMANN c/o 1ST UNIT


Jalaludin Trautmann for MERCEDES-BENZ

Director: Aldona Kwiatkowski
DOP: Jalaludin Trautmann c/o 1st Unit
Production: Freenjoy, Inc.
Art Director: Lauren MACHEN
Copywriter: Sarah Weinknecht
Styling: Viviane Hausstein c/o perfectprops
Photographer: Shelby DUNCAN

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'There is no better bond than ours... ' For this year’s International Women’s Day, She’s Mercedes tells a story of feminine energy and female unity, envisioning a utopian community. In Los Angeles, Director Aldona Kwiatkowski teamed up with DOP Jalaludin TRAUTMANN to film Female Bond for MERCEDES BENZ. In the leading role is Yuna, a musician from L.A., who had her breakthrough after a collaboration with Pharrell Williams. She is a role model and style icon for young girls worldwide. The production was wrapped up by Freenjoy, Inc.

SHE'S MERCEDES explains: “Rather than following a clear-cut narrative, The Female Bond retraces a poem on modern womanhood and unity, filmed against the dream-like backdrop of Californian canyons and Asian hideouts. Rich in detail, yet structured loosely, it could be considered a whimsical narration, shaped by associations between the four protagonists: brought and held together by delicate actions and strong symbols. The dream sequence-like plot plays with our imagination and resembles, to some extent, a utopian prospect of matriarchy – or the occasional wish to create and intimate microcosm for you and your girlfriends only... In the final scene of the film, the utopian union of the four women is interrupted, bringing them back to reality – or, actually, their own past.”