12.06.2012  •  Film NEWS


1st Unit : playing with forces of nature - DOP Stefan von Borbely for the INFINITI M China campaign and TBWA Hakuhodo



Director: Matthias Zentner
DOP: Stefan von Borbély c/o 1st Unit
Client: Infiniti China
Production: Oxygen Content, Singapore
Advertising Agency: TBWA \ Hakuhodo China
Creative Director: Kenny Moy , Derick Ho (Chief Creative Officer)
Editing: Anja Rosin
Post Production: Velvet MedienDesign, Head of 3D: Leif Petersen, Flame Artist & Compositor: Sylvia Roessler, Manuel Voss
Sound Design: M-Sound
Music: Roberto Cacciapaglia
Account Servicing: Ken Fang, Daisy Sin, Jacky So
Marketing Direct.: Vivien Li
Co-production : ChiliRed Production, China

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TBWA Hakuhodo and Oxygen Content, Singapore, realised their first INFINITI campaign for the Chinese market. The visually formidable commercial demonstrates what can happen when performance, comfort and intelligence are combined in the same car – the INFINITI M.

The 'Genesis' spot incorporates plenty of natural elements and was directed by Matthias Zentner. The DOPs were Stefan von Borbely c/o 1st UNIT and Marco Schmidt-Polex.

The waves and the sea in the spot represent the car’s controlled power and performance, while the harmonic interplay between the forest and interior emphasises the very spaciously cut driver cabin. The cosmos on the other hand symbolises the Infiniti's intelligent 'Advanced management System' that permeates the console and armatures.

The footage was produced on location in New Zealand and China. Most of the driving takes were shot in Beijing, while the breath-taking landscape takes were realised on the south coast of New Zealand in Queenstown, St Bathans as well as Punakaiki in the Northwest.

‘The production was complex as we wanted to shoot as much as possible on film to give an organic feel to the film,’ says Oxygen Content’s Executive Producer, Jaclyn Tze Wey. ‘Not only was this accomplished but Matthias also managed to instil a degree of humanity into the commercial that is both uplifting and memorable.’

Robert Cacciapaglia from Italy composed the music. The INFINITI M was designed especially for the Chinese market.