28.09.2010  •  Film NEWS


1st Unit : spots for M6 MOBILE, MOBIL OIL BKK - future hospitals, GOETHE! film in the cinema, NIKON spot with Jamie Oliver


1ST UNIT : Marc Raymond Wilkins for M6 MOBILE

Director: Marc Raymond Wilkins
Advertising Agency: BBDP & Fils

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Director Marc Raymond WILKINS realised the two ‘Concert’ and ‘Café’ spots for the M6 MOBILE network provider, France. Hush, a Paris-based production company was commissioned by the BBDP & Fils agency. The filming took place in Brussels.

The 1976, Bern-born globetrotter now lives in New York. As soon as he made the decision to focus on commercial film, he was voted Young Director at the 2003 ‘New Directors Showcase’ in Cannes. He was then presented with his first Golden Lion that very same year.

Manuel MACK the on-set DOP for client MOBIL OIL BKK. The spot about future hospitals was filmed in Bucharest, Romania, under Guntram Krasting’s direction.

Daniel GOTTSCHALK was the on-set DOP for a NIKON production with Jamie Oliver. The location was Trigger Happy Productions, Berlin under Ralf Schmerberg’s direction. The testimonial promotes the latest ‘I AM Nikon’ commercial campaign for the new D3100. The spot, which presents Jamie Oliver cooking at home with friends, will be promoted in Europe and South Africa. Jung von Matt/Spree took charge of the campaign, which will be used for TV, print and digital media.

The latest film adaptation of GOETHE! Will hit cinema screens in October. Kolja BRANDT was the on-set DOP. GoSee presents the trailer and some first impressions of the love story.

Director Philipp Stölzl referred to his film as a ‘mixture of poetry and truth’, since the historic realities don’t quite mirror the cinematic vision. In the film, a young Goethe (played by Alexander Fehling, who also starred in Inglorious Basterds) is banned from the Superior Court of Justice for his failed law studies. Things take a dramatic turn when he falls in love with the fiancé of his boss (played by Moritz Bleibtreu).

1st Unit DoPs also joined in on the latest GAP FILMS spots: DoP Torsten LIPPSTOCK was on set for LICOR 43 and DoP Stefan AUSTMEYER for WRIGLEYS AIRWAYS.

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