23.03.2020  •  Film NEWS


ANDREA HEBERGER presents : ‘The Gift’ – the 2-min. coming-of-age film for Miklosko Fashion Design by Director Roman Valent

A storm without fire... The 2-min. film THE GIFT/MIKLOSKO* by Director Roman VALENT tells in calm images the story of a boy in search of his identity. Roman Valent on his work: “Mikloso, The Gift, is a branded content online film about the coming of age issues of a young boy, searching for his identity. Sometimes, the toughest thing to find is the understanding of those closest.”

Miklosko Fashion Design ✂️MFD stands for exclusive fashion and accessories designed by Fero Mikloško since 1997, made in Bratislava, Slovakia. GoSee: miklosko.eu

CREDITS: The Gift / Miklosko
Agency: OLIVER
Prod. house: Smart Production
Director: Roman Valent
DoP: Igor Smitka
Edit: Filip Malasek
Music: Jan Cechticky

Featuring: +1