10.04.2012  •  Production NEWS


HMS AGENCY •  Basics : ‘Germany rounds up' charity campaign spot, VONSCHWANENFLÜGELPUPKE A/W 12-13 collection, BARBARA LOHMANN S/S 12 catalogue, HORNBACH posters and SKYY VODKA ads



Director: Stephan Hadjam
Usage: TV, Internet
Advertising Agency: Dorland
Hair: Nathalie Gros c/o Basics
Make-up: Nathalie Gros c/o Basics

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Nathalie GROS c/o BASICS perfected the hair & make-up of the 'Germany rounds up' campaign spot. Stephan Hadjam directed the production and the charity spot was filmed on location in Berlin.

'DEUTSCHLAND RUNDET AUF' is an independent charity organisation supporting social projects in Germany. The donations are generated through cooperations with German businesses.

Final invoice positions can be rounded up by a maximum of ten cents when clients pay either in cash or with credit card at the till, simply by following the call to: ‘please round up!’. The rounded up difference is then donated.

Each cent will be donated to projects, all of which have been carefully chosen and are independently monitored. The charity organisation is doing its part in fighting social problems in Germany and providing & promoting long-term solutions.

2012 in particular is dedicated to securing the future of kids and young adults. A top-class board for trustees browses through the recommendations by selected and independent experts and decides how and where to the donations from DEUTSCHLAND RUNDET AUF are distributed.

The website www.deutschland-rundet-auf.de presents a constant progress report of the donations made and charities that have been selected.

Saskia KRAUSE was on location to perfect the hair & make-up looks of the new A/W 2012/2013 collection by VONSCHWANENFLÜGELPUPKE (AKA designers Eleonore von Schwanenflügel and Stephanie Pupke). Yves BORGWARDT c/o GoSee Member GUNDA PATZKE took the photographs in Berlin.

Lee Sang KOOK was in charge of the styling, while Jazz Mang ensured the hair & make-up looked its best for the BARBARA LOHMANN S/S 2012 catalogue. Magnus Gerwien took the photographs.

Doreen REGEL c/o BASICS was the stylist of choice for the current posters of award-winning HORNBACH. Markus Müller photographed the motifs.

Mischka Hart created the H&M looks for the current ad motifs of SKYY VODKA, as photographed by Nils Rodekamp in Berlin.