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INTRO •  The GoSee Cannes Editorial and the Gold spot ‘I am Mumbai’ vs. Grand Prix champion ‘Chipotle’. What do you think?



Director: Abhinay Deo
DOP: Kartik Vijay Thyagarajan
Production: Apurba Sengupta
Advertising Agency: TAPROOT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Creative Director: Agnello Dias/Santosh Padhi
Art Director: Agnello Dias
Copywriter: Agnello Dias
Editing: Huzefa Lokhandwala
Post Production: Prime Focus
Sound Design: Omgrown Music
Music: Ram Sampath

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The 59th year of Cannes. As usual, this entails an endless amount of advertising. And in even more categories, indeed, in an even greater number of categories this year, including the mysterious ‘Branded ….’ category. It’s comforting to know that even the judges in various panels – probably excluding Radio and Poster – weren’t quite sure what they were judging.

In fact, they probably only managed to fully understand what the category was once they had viewed all of the entries and tried to make sense of it all. Indeed, Ralf Schmerberg’s blog entries for Horizont on his jury contribution at Cannes 2012 in the CRAFT category covered the confusion and irritating results this can lead to.

We noticed quite a lot in the 59th edition of the big shoulder patting festival. We decided we preferred the first half of the week. Not just because of the cheaper rates – but also because of the more interesting categories which started off as innovations – which we feel now represent the advertising industry and market more accurately. Obviously we also charted PR, Direct and Promo. The Lions winners are all listed on the CANNES LIONS website.

As in previous years, the countries were neatly separated, so it was a nice surprise that the YDA aka Young Director Award had a more varied approach. Since that wasn’t enough for us this year, we cunningly grabbed Pippa Bhatt (Crossroads Films) and got her to do a Go & See for us with the neighbours from across the pond. Pippa also happened to show us the latest promo by Trudy BELLINGER for ‘Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model’ here on GoSee. A real looker!

You can see that we weren’t the only people taking on a global approach. We were surrounded by dazzling winners on the periphery. ‘The return of Ben Ali’, ‘Rivers of Light’, ‘No Rights No Women’ and lest we forget the attached spot ‘I am Mumbai’ – which was voted Best Film of the Festival by the entire GoSee office by a landslide.

As Jury President Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather, so eloquently put it at the press conference of the highly harmonious Grand Prix ‘pig’ win for Chipotle, USA. Only time will tell if the Grand Prix decision was the right one. We will see just how memorable an American fast-food chain with an admittedly clever ‘Foods with Integrity’ concept, complete with cute animation, which smacks of déjà vu, can be when our attention has been won by a brilliant entry from India which leaves us craving more.

And which fits perfectly into today’s age of departure. The spot also happened to be the only one in the entire safe Cannes selection, which really threw us, (even though we had seen it before), and the rest of the audience clearly agreed at the final awards ceremony on Saturday. Sometimes the audience is right. Go & See both super adverts here on GoSee.

We are of course also pleased to report that many a film was already ‘honoured’ by GoSee before Cannes. For example super blogger Nikkie or the amazingly impressive ‘The Dark Side of the Lens’ by Mickey Smith or the ‘School Portrait’ film by Nick Scott, as well as the ‘Olympics Thanks Mom’ campaign by P&G. To name but a few.

As usual we couldn’t accept all invitations in 2012, both the festival and the off-schedule simply defy reality. And of course we had to keep our compulsory appointments such as the German Beach by Werbeweischer and Studio Funk. Or the aforementioned YDA and the Oder YDA and the Pirates'N Paradise Happening, as well as the Südlicht Daily Brunch and Helli Ventures crazy sporty breakfast fun, lest we forget the Saatchi & Saatchi Showcase.

This year’s new additions include England & Rushes-Party, the Draft FCB USA drinks, chilling out at the Quadrolux Villa, the NHB Gig stylishly featuring Nouvelle Vague, the UNDER 30 academy with 75 Young Creatives, Leo Cornett, one day exhibition Art Sells, ..... what a programme.

This year’s losers in our opinion were the music gigs. Lots of racket for nothing. Admittedly this is our highly subjective opinion. DJing in Cannes hasn’t hit gold.

So, enjoy the big GoSee Cannes Review. It was a pleasure as always.
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