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Go & Sign : All Out. Don't go to St. Petersburg. Fight gay gagging in Russia!


GOSEE FILM : Russia. Don't go there.

Client: www.allout.org

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Conservative lawmakers in Saint Petersburg just passed the notorious "propaganda" law to silence any reading, writing, speech or debate on anything "gay." The point behind the proposition: to remove homosexual people from the public conscience.

The activists at All Out are feverishly fighting this development and are gaining lots of support and followers. The law won't pass until it is signed by the governor of St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg is one of the major cities for the international tourism business in the financially weakened Russia. An international protest could cause significant trouble indeed. Maybe reason enough for the governor Poltavchenko to think twice before putting his signature under the proposition.

In order to make his decision even easier and point him in the right direction, his enemies came up with: “Don't go to St. Petersburg”.

Time is running out, so here is a link to the petition, every voice counts!

The Petition:

"To The Governor of Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
As the top custodian of Saint Petersburg, city of Tchaikovsky and Russia's "window to the west," we call on you to veto this draconian bill that could silence the speech of ALL Russians.

Russia is a strong, independent country - but we all live in a globalized world. If this bill is signed in to law, I will not and cannot travel to Saint Petersburg, and will urge all of my friends and acquaintances to follow suit.

Governor Poltavchenko - Don't Go There. "

Help and sign now and here : www.allout.org/en/actions/stpetersburg-dont-go