28.06.2011  •  Film NEWS


GoSee presents : WE MISS YOU - the back to nature spot by Hanna Maria Heidrich rakes in the awards at the YDA 2011 in Cannes!



Director: Hanna Maria Heidrich
DOP: Jann Döppert
Production: Filmakademie Baden Württemberg
TV Producer: Sebastian Bandel, Steffen Wilhelm
Editing: Benjamin Entrup
Visual Effects: Sebastian Nozon
Sound Design: Christian Heck
Music: Philipp Noll & Axel Huber
Styling: Andy Besuch

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First some standing ovations at the New German Directors Showcase by Saatchi & Saatchi during the ADC and now the whole package at the Young Director Award in Cannes. Director Hanna Maria Heidrich and team were awarded the respective first prize in the categories ‘European Branded Short’ as well as ‘European Filmschool’, but also the special jury award YDA 2011. On air since the 28th of June.

Rush Hour in the 5th Avenue. In the middle of the largest rush hour traffic imaginable and surrounded by people in a hurry stands a deer in front of a policeman. He does not believe his eyes and – the deer did not arrive there for no reason, it keeps bearing a message. The slogan ‘Nature misses you’ concludes the commercial.

WE MISS YOU hits you right under the skin. Three film students of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg filmed the Hollwood-esque 2-minute spot. The social campaign is dedicated to the relationship between humankind and nature and asks the question: What would happen if nature would start caring about and miss us?

Nature gets a face and a personality as well as emotions. Instead of relying on calls for donations or conjuring a bad conscience, the audience is supposed to regard nature as a friend. The core piece of the campaign is the www.wemissyou.de website. The site’s was launched happened on the 28th of June 2011 at noon. GoSee was there and also wants to spread the message: nature misses us!

WE MISS YOU was produced with a budget of a mere 20,000 Euros over the course of two days in Frankfurt am Main with a real doe. (Production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg).

Director Hanna Maria Heidrich will graduate in winter 2011. While Sebastian Bandel is busy establishing his own production company Fireapple Films in Munich, Steffen Wihelm is currently working as a freelance producer for ad spots (amongst other things). We are not worried about the trio.

The upcoming director is currently working on her degree film, a pilot for a series, which is being produced in collaboration with Pro7/Sat1 at the Filmakademie. She will graduate in Winter 2011.