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GoSee Recommendation ... BBDO Director's Lounge. The 41st Director’s Lounge on 31.05.12 presents commercials and spots by Joachim Nielsen, Luke Losey, Wolf Jaiser, Tibor Glage, .... Postpanic visual teaser preview on GoSee



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Once again, it's time to roll the film and swap as many business cards as possible on the 31st of May, when Steffen Gentis, Head of TV at BBDO Düsseldorf invites directors and their spots and show reels to join him at the Nachtresidenz Cinema, Düsseldorf.

Today the get-together enjoys fame way beyond the borders of the Rhine land and has become one of the major hotspots and meeting points of the advertising scene. It also marks one of the last few chances to arrange a meeting at CANNES LIONS for drinks and parties. By the way, the 41st Director’s Lounge is sponsored by GoSee member THE MARMALADE - Creative Effects.

To get you in the mood for the Director’s Lounge, GoSee is pleased to showcase a glimpse of the POSTPANIC showreel. Founded in 1997, the Dutch Hybrid Film productions stands for unique visuals: ‘Our distinctive visual style has come about through a shared passion for live action, motion graphics, visual effects and 2d/3d animation.

As mixed media specialists, PostPanic’s projects are creatively driven and therefore not primarily technique-led. Some are completely live-action based, others focus on a more motion graphic-led execution and some are just a combination of every technique you can think of! That’s why we choose to produce, direct, design and animate ourselves so our ambitious ideas stay true to our original vision once in production....’

Furthermore, you can look forward to JOACHIM NIELSEN (invited by Wunderfilm): 'Power to your ideas', is the credo of the Danish director and Cannes Gold winner, whose advertising spots are much loved for sporting just the right portion of humour.

LUKE LOSEY : Filmmaker and Photographer. Award Winner. Commercials. Promos. Shortfilms. Visuals. Design of shows for bands like Orbital or Robert Plant. Avant Garde. Theatre. Mainstream Media – Luke is doin`the good thangs. Lives in London, likes to go to the zoo.

TOMAS MANKOVSKY (Tony Petersen Film) : an all-round director, who proves his skill and talent first and foremost in the advertising industry time and time again. Mankovsky was born in Poland, 1979. A year later he moved to Sweden and already began to invent the strangest things as a young boy. After he graduated from Beckmans College of Advertising, he kicked off his career as a creative superpower at Ogilvy in Stockholm.

Later, he moved to London, where he worked for Fallon for five years. He has been firmly squeezed into the director's chair since 2009. He produced a series of original spots for Diesel, Sony, Orange and Cadbury. Tomas tends to break down the walls of imagination in his free time, he writes scripts, released a series of Tetris-inspired bathroom tiles and invents things – such as a Domino set – which creates soundscapes.

Furthermore, you will find the likes of Lucy Walker I skype (Serious Pictures), Tibor Glage (Markenfilm Crossing) and Wolf Jaiser (Video Tape TV). Steffen promises: ‘It will be an exciting event that’s for sure …!!’ If you haven’t already registered, then get on it now..