25.06.2012  •  Celebrity NEWS


Inspired by Iceland. We are pleased to announce Brooklyn Brothers’ Gold win in the PR category


CANNES LION 2012 : Gold

Advertising Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers, London
Title: Inspired by Iceland
Category : Brand Awareness
Creative Agency : Islenska, Iceland

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GoSee has been inspired by Iceland for quite some time. The same now goes for the Cannes Lions PR-Jury. The campaign by Brooklyn Brothers London has just received the Gold Lion in the PR category for its invitation to visit Iceland.

Musicians, farmers, star chefs, … even the president of beautiful Iceland – at least we know where he lives! – all opened up their homes for the campaign and invited the world to come round.

The only thing the spot seems to neglect: forget the lumberjack romance. Icelanders love the contemporary. Nature is OK, but certainly not your friend.
And: walking is not a popular option. Take the car. Always. Seriously: always. Plus: eat what you’re served. No questions asked.

How would we know? Didn’t you read our Iceland special during the Frankfurt Book Fair?

London’s Brooklyn Brothers – not the Brooks Brothers – also happen to have offices in New York and Brazil, besides the big smoke. You must see their reel. It really is fucking brilliant.

We like their Facebook page the most though. Especially their ‘about’ section. Add them quick!