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Journal entries of a jury member : Christoph Everke (GF Serviceplan Campaign) on the rain of medals for Lego Builders of Sound, Cosimo, Austria Solar .... and the ‘Serviceplan - Direct Agency of the Year’ title on GoSee


Design Lions Grand Prix : THE SOLAR ANNUAL REPORT 2011

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich
Creative Director: Christoph Everke/Cosimo Moeller/Alexander Nagel
Art Director: Matthaeus Frost
Chief CD: Alexander Schill
Graphics: Mathias Noesel

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Serviceplan is Germany’s winner at this year’s Cannes Lions. They won a
Grand Prix in DESIGN for their innovative annual report for AUSTRIA SOLAR, which uses a special print technique so that it only becomes readable when it is exposed to sunlight. They also won 7 x Gold, 4 x Silber and 3 x Bronze. And when we discovered that Serviceplan was also named DIRECT AGENCY OF THE YEAR we had some burning questions to ask....

Christoph Everke (GF Serviceplan Campaign) is a jury member in the ‘Direct’ category and blogged live from the 59th ‘International Festival of Creativity’. A jury member backstage? All the latest updates straight from the event? An absolute GoSee Must Have. And that is why we are pleased to share a selection of his journal entries with all GoSee readers … including photos – real, raw, untouched, a week spent between pizza boxes, rosé and champagne.

12 June 2012
Just arrived in Cannes. 25 degrees, rather windy. Hotel 3.14 is pretty chic – even if the room on the ‘Europe’ floor reminds me a bit of a… oh well – see for yourselves! Looking forward to meeting my jury colleagues, who are arriving as I write.

13 June 2012
Last night we had our ‘last meal’ at the Carlton. 130 members of the jury of Direct, Promotion, PR and Media Lions together with the organisers from London and Terry Savage, our jury chairman. He reminded us that thousands of people are behind the 34,000 works and that they are all waiting for our decisions and just how many people will receive the trophies for the hard work the entries have required.

All the members of the jury have now arrived – from Romania, Singapore, India, Brazil, Portugal, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland USA, China, Japan and Israel. Great people – all armed with plenty of Lions in their luggage. We are looking forward to working together as a jury!

14 June 2012

The day kicked off at 8:30. All of us were looking forward to our first jury meeting. A couple of hundred entries later we staggered out of the Palais. At 20:15 – just in time to catch the first goal. It was so exciting to view the work from all over the world! The first highlights are spread across the globe. We viewed four categories. Tomorrow: same time, same place…

15 June 2012

We return to the secure jury rooms and get ready for round two… Following 170 entries (so the five jury groups managed a total of around 800 again) a day of decision making draws to a close. Great stuff from South Africa, Italy, India and the USA. Cannes coincidence just so has it that I have only managed to judge two German entries. Fine by me. There is a great fear of patriot voting.

In the evening: Davide is suffering from the 1:1 score, Andre from Portugal is served a superb Aperol spritz, we enjoy the rooftop view of Cannes Palais and can’t stop discussing throughout dinner. We stop by at the Palais later – the large entrance hall has already been decorated: looking good! The countdown begins…

16 June 2012

How do 2,350 entries get narrowed down to 230? Simple, at 8:30 every longlist entry is reviewed by every single member of the jury. Ten hours later the list was ready – with 25 works from Germany. Then the discussion began and was brought to a close by 23:00. Everyone that has it made that far can really be proud of themselves and give themselves a much rewarded pat on the back.

This was followed by a quick beer and then off to bed. The Lions are on today! I really can’t wait – Serviceplan has made it onto the list four times after all…

17 June 2012

The games commence. The Lions will finally be unleashed. I just simply can’t wait since our work is still doing pretty well! 227 works – and each entry will be viewed again by the large group and discussed. This continues until 19:00 – still no Serviceplan work. I wait. I have to leave at 19:30. No discussion. Applause. Gold. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. We finally finish at 1am. We are done, happy, proud. A great selection, a great show reel.

18 June 2012 (morning)
Beach. Press conference. Shoulder patting. Exhibition. Awards ceremony. I can’t wait!

18 June 2012 (evening)

Dear diary, I still can’t believe what has happened. The awards ceremony was wonderful. A full house. Good lightshow. All perfectly planned. But what happened afterwards was insane. Matthias Harbeck (CEO Serviceplan Campaign) and his team collected Gold for the Lego Builders of Sound, Cosimo and I are were up for Austria Solar and then at the end of the show the announcement of the ‘Direct Agency of the Year’ was made. I had already gone through it all in my head and came to a clear conclusion: Crispin will win. Well, seems I’m not too good at maths then! It was Serviceplan! OMG!!!

21 June 2012
The past few days were truly unbelievable! We celebrated the awards on Tuesday night and went to bed far too late… Yesterday Radio, Cyber and Design were up – and we were called to the stage once more, two Golds. The entire team from Munich takes up a full row in the auditorium.

The awards ceremony began with the Design category and we waited in anticipation. Until there were no more Lions left on the podium. Just the one. Grand Prix for our annual report for Austria Solar. Unbelievable – and then when I was up on the stage I realised for the first time just how big the venue actually is.

Outside camera teams, photographers, interviews. I am so incredibly happy and proud of my team. Proud of the agency group. We went for a meal, met the Design jury, who congratulated us with great sincerity. Then Martinez with Alex Schill and all Serviceplanners and champagne. Plenty of it.