15.10.2011  •  Film NEWS


Kelly Kellerhoff : GOLF CABRIO photo and film shoot for GQ, on the test tracks with the AUDI A5 e-tron, Anna Depenbusch in photo & film, TEASER mag, Eisbären Berlin TV spot + making-of plus 'Janitor Rolf' webisodes for WoBeGe Mitte



Director: Thorsten Rother c/o Kelly Kellerhoff
DOP: Thorsten Rother c/o Kelly Kellerhoff
Client: GQ Magazin & GQ Online
Art Director: Jana Meier-Roberts
Editing: cutpunker.com
Sound Design: soundpunker.com
Kamera Assistenz: Patrick Reimers
Film Grading: rotherproject.com

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The car of the ‘80s. The story is obvious – ‘Nobody jumps into a convertible as cool as Sascha Hehn does it in the opening credits of the Schwarzwaldklinik!’ Thorsten ROTHER and his team took up the quest, but only found a slightly traumatised Glottertal with a closed and overgrown hospital.

Nevertheless, the results are fancy print motifs and a very special film for GQ. A new technique was used to create the stop motion film for the new Golf Cabrio and the GQ App. The photograph in the print edition is identical to the moving images. The whole film consists of 1,176 single takes, all shot at high resolution and subsequently processed with RAW. Each individual frame is available in 21 megapixels and a resolution of 6K: the result is an almost three-dimensional effect.

This technique was combined with the 'contradictory' vernacular dubbing, this provides a striking contrast to the high visual quality, giving it an addition comical element. To achieve a timescape effect in some scenes, that is, visible cloud movements, the actor had to move in exorbitant slow motion.

Thorsten ROTHER and his team faced a challenge when they were commissioned to create the photographs as well as the film of the new AUDI A5 e-tron quattro for the current issue of AUDI magazine. The task was to win the fight against the time limit and weather conditions on the test track, while the A5 e-tron made its rounds in the steep turn. Thorsten created the look in post production with CD Rouven Steinke. Afterwards, the A5 clip for the App edition was also finalised.

When singer ANNA DEPENBUSCH recorded her début album ‘Die Mathematik der Anna Depenbusch’ with an orchestra, she decided to rerecord all of her songs solo on the piano. Det KEMPKE shot the film, press photographs and CD-cover. Everything was shot in black&white, just like the piano keys. The visual sphere of the film, inspired by the expressionist silent films of the 1920s, features animated imagery by Hecker and Jules Verne.

The film was produced by the Baltic Sea and in a studio in Hamburg. What began as a photo-project and had not been planned to become a film, eventually turned out to be 'lots of film and not so much photography'. At the album cover photo shoot, the decision was made to also shoot some video footage, resulting in the music video shoot for 'Astronaut'. Said and done:

‘Open your eyes let yourself be guided to the day until we met again’. This could have been the thought of the author, who created all the little notes when he composed this French and playful game of hare and hounds for his alleged lover. Apart from the photo series for the upcoming TEASER magazine, Det and his team produced this lingerie short in a Hamburg location with 'French Attitude'.

Kellyfilm.tv, the new spin-off of the Kelly Kellerhoff agency, which exclusively deals with film projects, has just finished producing its first TV spot. A team of one hundred people realised a spot for the 'Eisbären Berlin’; at O2 World. Directed by Nils Brandt and DoP Tomas Erhart. Shot on the Phantom HD Gold, a slow-motion camera, which delivers slow motion takes in captivating quality and of which only 150 copies exist in the world. The making-of was created at the same time and is featured here on GoSee.

‘How can we make living in prefab buildings more popular?’ This is the question that Berlin-based housing society WoBeGe asked itself. The owner of many prefabricated buildings in the German capital and the HBDG ad agency developed a web series all about 'Janitor Rolf'. In several episodes, Rolf – aka Rolf Kuh, comedian from the Quatsch Comedy Club in Berlin – provides handy tips on DIY in prefabricated buildings. Kellyfilm produced 5 episodes of the web series and the next one is already in the pipes.