25.09.2011  •  Film NEWS


Klein Photographen : Emir HAVERIC directs product feature films for the new VW TIGUAN, cashmere label WITTY KNITTERS' image campaign, LOST HWY



Director: Emir Haveric c/o Klein Photographen
DOP: Klaus Krieger
Client: Volkswagen
Production: SONDA Productions
Usage: Tiguan Off-road
Advertising Agency: Grabarz
Creative Director: Ralf Nolting

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This year in spring, Emir HAVERIC travelled down to Spain to capture the new TIGUAN in two product feature films for VOLKSWAGEN.

These films, which were created especially for the iPad catalogue app were created in collaboration with Creative Director Ralf Nolting and the Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg agency.

The films show the Tiguan, in-tune with its product character, from the on-road version of the car, a design statement for the city on the one hand and as an off-road performer for the outskirts on the other.

The TIGUAN's drive through the slowly awakening Barcelona for the on-road film is held in reduced and subtle colours of distinct elegance, only to kick out with much more power and fast edits for the off-road variation on the sandy playgrounds of Navarra. You can take a look behind the scenes right here.

Russian model Masha Rudenko stepped into a flood of light for new cashmere label WITTY KNITTERS’ image campaign. Inspired by the surreal world of Alice in Wonderland, Emir toys with the kaleidoscopic look in an old mansion. The short film's final touch was in the hands of Post-Operator Salem Kapic-Kantardzic.

San Francisco's streets became a vortex of chaotic, suddenly appearing strips of light in Emir's LOST HWY spot. Stripped of your orientation and the reality melting down into a mere shadow of vagueness, you head for a far flung and mysterious location.