04.11.2009  •  Film NEWS


Kristina Korb : clips by newcomers Anne MENKE, ISLE OF CLIPS and Philip North COOMBES for SPEEDO and AIGLE



Director: Anne Menke
Client: Keds

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The French call it “Elan”, a truly fitting description for the joie de vivre and glow of German photographer and director Anne MENKE’s work. One just can’t help but smile in the face of the untamed, happy spirit which shines through her work, projecting a sense of happiness that is reflected in her faces.

Having spent many years working as a successful photographer, view her images in the News, Anne now proves on GoSee that she is just as talented when it comes to communicating her skills in moving images.

Her talent has been proven in various spots for clients including: WRANGLER, KEDS, PRINCE DENMARK, LOREAL, VICTORIA´S SECRET, TOMMY HILFIGER, MIGROS, KEDS, LAVETT & CHIN, SALON DU MARIAGE, CAFE CARUSO, NARTA and many more.

Newcomer ISLE OF CLIPS is not just a young and innovative business which produces successful high quality online projects, it also offers the required combination of conventional photography and moving images. High standards, quick, individual and flexible.

One of their greatest strengths is to have identified the signs of the times. Hans Christian BARTH is in charge of the visual content, Armin GEIGER takes care of the production and technological aspects. They have joined forces to create ISLE OF CLIPS, an internationally successful all-in-one alternative.

Their clients include businesses such as: DEUTSCHE BAHN, BMW, SONY-ERICSSON, ZDF, MICROSOFT, and many more. Watch their work here on GoSee Film and on www.isleofclips.com.

Seychelles-born newcomer Philip North COOMBES catapulted himself to the highfliers of photography. Over the past 20 years his career has seen him realise shoots for countless top international brands. He has always wanted to produce documentaries and finally gave in, travelling to Mount Everest this year, where he will shoot his first film.

Over the past two years he worked for the BBC as the co-producer of “Everest ER“. He also produces impressive image films, which we are pleased to present in examples for SPEEDO and AIGLE.