10.10.2011  •  Film NEWS


marsil music tip : grass green, lava black, wool white - the video for 'Holocene' by American folk band Bon Iver


BON IVER : "Holocene"

Director: Nabil Elderkin
DOP: Larkin Seiple
Artist: Bon Iver
Production: NE Direction
TV Producer: Jill Hammer
Editing: Isaac Hagy
Post Production: Peter Sauvey, Gustavo BKR
Music: Bon Iver
Location: Island

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US-American folk band Bon Iver released a new music video, which was produced on Iceland, for their new single 'Holocene' taken from the album 'Bon Iver, Bon Iver'. The video is featured here on GoSee and is directed by Australian director and photographer Nabil Elderkin, who already worked with Kanye West, Electric Six and others.

'Bon Iver, Bon Iver' was recorded and mixed in the April Base Studios, a converted vet clinic in rural Fall Creek, Wisconsin. The main studio is an abandoned swimming pool, also part of the estate. “It’s an unique space and destination; it’s our home out here. It’s been a wonderful freedom, working in a place we built. It’s also only three miles from the house I grew up in, and just ten minutes from the bar where my parents met.”

On the 19th of October, they will kick of a lengthy European tour, which will lead them all the way to Cologne’s E-Werk on the 30th of October. Just a hint for all Icelandic friends of good music. Just so you know: Iceland has an incredible top musicians per head rating, probably the best in the world, all of which like to play shows in Cologne.

Hard to believe as well – when it comes to Cologne (and probably all of Germany), the little hotel Marsil has probably the highest density of Icelandic visitors!