04.04.2017  •  Film NEWS


Monica Menez, the filmmaker and photographer presents her new work titled 'BELLO' – an editorial & fashion film for LEICA S MAGAZINE on GoSee


MONICA MENEZ 'Bello' for Leica S Magazine

Director: Monica Menez
DOP: Paul Robert Klinar
Client: Leica S Magazine
Production: Ironic View Films
Art Director: Monica Menez
Editing: RECOM Film GmbH & Co. KG
Post Production: RECOM Film GmbH & Co. KG
Sound Design: Audio Video Disco Sound Solution
Styling: Jeanna Krichel
Hair: Suzana Santalab
Make-up: Suzana Santalab
Model: Nina De Lianin
Model2: Carla Crombie / Uno Madrid
Model3: Sasha Zaitsev
Photographer: Monica Menez

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GoSee presents the new film by photographer and director Monica MENEZ, which was created in cooperation with LEICA S MAGAZINE. The filmmaker had her say in everything from storytelling, the realization and selection of the music or even production and direction.

She was inspired mostly by the music. “I love the old Hollywood dance movies and have always wanted to work with dancers. 'Bello' is funny and also a little bit evil – and it is about love,” says Monica in an interview on her film. “I assume that my concepts are so well received because I tell a story. As a storyteller, it is easier to gain a foothold in the film industry. And that is exactly where I feel really good because people like to see my funny ideas there. Nonetheless, I don't only see myself in film, photography is also important to me – I just want to do both.”

'BELLO' is nominated for Best Director and Best Hair at the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival in South Africa... The film is also presented at the Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival 2017 @baifffoficial. We'll keep our fingers crossed!