10.10.2011  •  Film NEWS


Sigur Ros present their documentary 'Heima' an acoustic and visual journey through Iceland


SIGUR ROS - HEIMA (trailer)

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As timeless as the natural forces of Iceland might be, the music of Sigur Ros is on a par with it, the second-biggest export hit from the island, right behind Björk.

In 2007, the band released the DVD 'Heima' an incredible visual and acoustic experience. Heima documents a series of mostly unannounced, free concerts in Iceland, taking place at unusual locations.

Director Dean DeBlois combines the live recordings with pictures of landscapes and interviews with the band members. A second DVD includes two hours of live performances.

A special limited edition is a photographic delicacy available for the true connoisseur. This 116-page linen-bound photo book is housed in a large format slipcase.

A second film is already being planned and will be released in early November. While the first film focussed on the band's life within their social and geographical context, 'Inni' takes a look at the band’s shows and also offers a contrast in colour to the glittering kaleidoscope of 'Heima'.

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