02.05.2012  •  Agencies NEWS


Upfront : ARTE campaign, TUIFLY.COM campaign and online clips, CARITAS 2012 campaign, DLR staff portraits, videos for Udo Lindenberg/Clueso and Jupiter Jones



DOP: Murat Aslan c/o upfront
Client: TUIfly
Advertising Agency: Haasenstein
Editing: Dominic Bünning
Post Production: Andreas Doria
Creation : Timm Hanebeck, Jan Wölfel & Gero Quast

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When it comes to creating new motifs for the current ARTE campaign by Grabarz & Partner, all parties involved are looking forward to all the fun to be had, as the team of Andreas Miller (creation), Anna Simdon (art buying), Stylist Stephanie Wüstemann c/o BLOSSOM, Dolores Sanchez (make-up) and Murat Aslan look forward to the shared production task.

GoSee features some of the resulting motifs for 'Kommissar Winter' and 'The September Issue'.

We already showcased the photographic collaboration between Timm Hanebeck, Jan Wölfel and Gero Quast (all Haasenstein) and now it is time to reveal the second part of the TUIFLY.COM campaign. Murat ASLAN shot several online clips, supported by the on location operator and editing expert – Dominic Bünning. Andreas DORIA took care of the post-production.

Despite an exceptional health care system, poverty remains one of the major causes of illness, which we seem unable to tackle. 'Poverty is sickening' is the 2012 campaign claim by the DEUTSCHEN CARITASVERBANDES.

The Caritas campaign 2012 not only aims to rise awareness and understanding of poor and sick people but also educate about the peculiar relation between poverty and sickness, strengthening the solidarity between people.

The strong campaign pictures by Murat ASLAN emphasise the underlying idea of the campaign in a very impressive fashion. BBDO Proximity, Düsseldorf developed the idea while Anne Hülsken and Kirsten Dey-Kanani were in charge of creation. Art buying by Joana Uhlaczky. Here is a link to the campaign site.

The winners of the 2011/2012 campaign were photographed by Murat ASLAN on the occasion of the 3M Arbeitsschutz competition. Senior Art Director Herbert Winkens supported the shoot. The agency in charge: Ad-Cetera advertising and communication agency, Düsseldorf. Finally, Hamburg-based post-production company Andreas DORIA superimposed the people into their work places.

How exactly Murat managed to make the models turn out their pockets and still look like they did not loose their good mood, will forever remain Murat's secret. Once again, the result speaks for itself.

Christian SAUTER completed a shoot for DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V: he photographed young DLR employees at various DLR locations in communicative situations for the relaunched brand.

The images focus on holography, standing in a central and almost picture-filling position right in front of the image. The supervising agency was Fiebes in Company with Art Director Robin Pillmann.

UDO LINDENBERG and CLUESO managed to climb up the charts and reach the highest billboard position of his career. The video for 'Cello' is a mix of a MTV Unplugged concert and new scenes featuring Udo that were produced at the Atlantik Hotel, as well as a cello player on the road. The later of the footage was produced by Sven SINDT, who already had the pleasure of welcoming Lindenberg in front of his camera. The fresh scenes embellish the clip with a new verve that is almost irresistible.

Photographer and director Sven SINDT created an all-round-happiness package for the release of a ‘Nordpol/Südpol’ deluxe edition. He realised band portraits, accompanied the musicians on tour (creating photographs and videos) and also produced the most recent music video for 'Nordpol/Südpol', available in stores since the 27th of January 2012.