08.12.2011  •  Film NEWS


Veer crowns Barton Damer's 'Malaria kills' the winner of the 'Creative Catalyst' competition


VEER presents Creative Catalyst-Contest

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Veer, supplier of top-notch pictures, fonts and illustrations for professional creatives, named Barton Damer the winner of the Creative Catalyst competition.

Barton managed to emerge victorious, leaving behind 150 very talented competitors and won the first prize for his artwork, which deals with the dangers of Malaria. His work, a diverse depiction of the illnesses' effects on the African continent left a distinct impression with the jury.

The 'Creative Catalyst' competition provided the rare opportunity to create an exceptional work with a social focus to draw attention to a worthwhile cause. In order to honour some of the best submissions, the competition released a short film featuring the jury's commentary on the competition as a whole.

Damer will donate the 2,000 Euro prize money to the 'Malaria No More UK' charity. His work will also be published in the January issue of the 'Computers Arts Magazine' and he will receive 2,000 Veer credits to support his future projects.

Apart from Damer, nine further finalist were honoured and received 1,000 Veer credits each:
- ‘Play Your Part’ by It Starts
- ‘We Were Here First’ by Orlando Facioli junior
- ‘The Cruellest Disease’ by Richard Davies
- ‘Water Aid’ by Nick Calvert
- ‘Esst mehr Obst’ by Oleksandr Parkhomovskyy
- ‘Konrad fährt gerne Traktor. Ganz einfach.’ by T. H. Barczyk
- ‘Young Minds’ by Charles Williams
- ‘The Gears of Mankind’ by Dan Erik Ronnback
- ‘Eat Invasive Species!’ by Laurie Sumiye

Billy Tennent, Creative Director of Corbis: “To creative people, ideas and the capability of communicating the same are what makes them tick and gives them life. This competition was the ideal opportunity for designers to present something to the public that they really believe in and support.

We were literally hypnotised by all the submissions and it was encouraging to witness such an intensive and dedicated will to fight for environmental, social and economic issues. Barton Damer's work definitely stood out and his piece is exceptional, by all means considered.

His concept, skill and execution are remarkable beyond a doubt and the compassion it evokes is of a quite unique nature and force. It merits on all levels, from the first impression to a deeper conversation with the composition.”

The submissions were viewed by Rob Carney, Publisher of the Computer Arts Magazine, Billy Tennent, Creative Director of Veer, Shane Walter, co-founder and Creative Director of Onedotzero, the organisation for moving images and digital arts, Lars Harmsen, Editor-in-chief Slanted Magazines, the typography magazine and Justin Maller, Creative Director and co-founder of Depthcore.