28.06.2011  •  Film NEWS


Who, Where, Why and When ..... GoSee gone with the Rosé - Cannes Outs and Abouts at the Cannes Lions in 2011



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Like every year, there are loads of events surrounding the festival. So many, one has a hard time picking the right one and will spend most of the time mulling over it, over and over again. Drive up the hills to the mansion with a pool first or drop by the beach for a drink? Decisions can be hard.

Be sure to make a quick stop at the festival, empty out the festival folder, take a look at the invitations and check out the programme of the day. Back to the croisette afterwards. Meet friends, what a stress. No wonder, that people –that is us- can only manage to survive this with bucketfuls of Rosé. Here are our impressions from the festival- Rosé vapour trail and don’t forget, we went to Cannes to work!

Monday evening, our traditional opening – DUTCH PARTY. As usual, the measuring stick was set pretty high early on. If they work just like they party, we can expect nothing less than something amazing in the near future.

Tuesday – apps came to life in the GOOGLE SANDBOX tent, politically correct with smoothies of course. Even coffee would probably have sent out the wrong message. Better than YAHOO, who booked an admittedly rather talented spraypainter for their stand, but preferred to keep their refreshments backstage.

Suddenly, just when we were sure we could finally enjoy some private munching in jolly company and relish in the Fete de la Musique, we had the dubious pleasure of witnessing an unbelievable boat-fire in the yacht harbour.

Wednesday – the YOUNG DIRECTOR AWARD of course, followed by the Afterdrink by Young Directors Awards on the beach – an entertaining spectacle, wonderfully young in parts but already so professional – we are getting old.

Next stop was the mega hip event by MASSIVE MUSIC. The cards are hot tickets, we hardly managed to squeeze through the door, that is, make our way down to the beach. As usual, no expenses where shied away from. Only the high-strung angels awoke our pity, it seems they had been hanging up there for a tad too long. A nightcap for the team? OK!

Thursday – the condition is showing first signs of weakness. And then the EarlyBird at HELLI VENTURES of all things. Unbelievable that we managed to stay on our feet. The cuckoo, that is, the EarlyBird was collected by the industrious and highly motivated CD Thomas Nabbefeld by JvM. At ten to eight in the morning. He’s probably a nice guy, but we’re guessing we’ll never get round to doing business with him.

After the SAATCHI & SAATCHI Showcase and slightly late we arrived at the SOUP FILM mansion where the curtain fell at 4pm, wonderful! More time and space to consume some champagne. On our way back to the croisette, we stopped off at the mansion of the French PREMIERE HEURE production, where we ran into director and DOP Jaques B. Stein by accident. It was great, a photo op and another tick on the list.

Next stop was the new location of MARKENFILM. Not as central as in previous years – but none the less beautiful by any means. The new location had to be found as a replaement for the predecessor which was no longer up for rent. Very fast shuttle, we got to know everyone and that is all we have to say on the matter. Thanks Dominik.

What else? Well, back to the beach for the DEUTSCHE PARTY, WERBE WEISCHER and W&V of course and it goes without saying that we did not hesitate to pay a visit to our party highlight next door, the PIRATES’ N PARADISE beach squatters. We still have far to go.

A little bit of glamour on Friday’s MY LOVE AFFAIR Press Call with Cathy Guetta at the Majestic Hotel. We were invited to the STUTTGART Power 120 minutes party and to the beach of course. A big thanks to Katja Ernst and bw-i for supporting the event but even more for our amazing Baden-Württemberg badges.

Before we could say ‘Blue Cheese’ a shuttle carried us away into the hills to the e+p luxury smurf villa with arguably the most chillaxed terrace with a view of the ocean. Deeply relaxed and delightfully pampered we travelled onwards to the BERLIN PARTY terrace in the midst of the festival palace for the final dance and some chilling with other creatvies, most of who were running on an empty already. At least, that is how we felt. Who cares right? We are looking forward to Cannes 2012.