26.06.2012  •  Production NEWS


POST PARTY CANNES •  Would you jump in the pool with me? The magic of Melanie Pain (Nouvelle Vague), DJ duo CATS & CAVIAR and the German advertising choir


GoSee CANNES 2012 : nhb presents Melanie Pain (Nouvelle Vague)

DOP: Fedja Kehl

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Nhb Postproduktion’s party was a real musical highlight and Cannes isn’t exactly famed for its innovative music taste. The party was held in a historical city villa set in a picturesque park not far from the Croissette. Actually right behind the very, very yummy café filled side streets of the old city. The support act was Germany vs. Greece. The background vocals were provided by the loud German advertising choir. Final score: 2:4. Let the games begin.

It was already getting dark by the time the main act took to the stage above the large pool – French chanteuse Melanie Pain of NOUVELLE VAGUE. Her lascivious voice and badass charm won everyone’s attention. Paris as the guest of Cote d'Azur.

The quirky live act flirted with the crowd, revealed new songs from the new NOUVELLE VAGUE album (coming very soon!), surprised with cover versions and even sang in German. We thanked her by singing along with the chorus, tapping our feet and some even demonstrated their appreciation with some wild dancing. Her proposal to come hop in the pool with her was impossible for some to resist. We found it pretty easy though, since it was our mission to return home with our cameras and business card collections in one piece.

Melanie passed her musical sceptre onto hip DJ duo CATS & CAVIAR. Sexier than the Turntablewerber advertising industry DJ group and quieter than the Dutch, the luxurious feline named group comprises Bianca Winter, Head of Art Buying Jung von Matt and Mona Schulze von Curve Model Management, Hamburg. And the pussycats knew how to win over the audience, unfortunately even the big cats in suits also hit the dance floor.

Our thanks go to Fedja Kehl of Servicepool, who has shared his videophone memories with us and our readers! Enjoy Nouvelle Vague...