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Photographers • Olff Appold photographs and films for the traveling exhibition 'Re:Form – An Homage to 100 Years of Bauhaus' by STILWERK

20.05.2019 • Bauhaus – one of the most important schools of modernism is turning 100 and stilwerk is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the design icon and touring exhibition Re:Form – An Homage to 100 Years of Bauhaus, developed by artist trio Olff Appold, Kai Brüninghaus and Jürgen Sandfort.

The goal: to reformulate the history of Bauhaus with contemporary pictorial worlds and techniques and to present it in a visually captivating manner. Since 8 May, 2019, visitors can experience around 80 works of art on the theme of Bauhaus design for a month at stilwerk Hamburg as part of Hamburg Architecture Summer – flanked by original furniture, form quotations and new product innovations from Bauhaus-inspired furniture and lifestyle brands. The exhibition will then move on to the design destinations stilwerk Berlin (from 17 June) and stilwerk Düsseldorf (from 19 August).

For the cultural project, the artist trio, supported by stilwerk, has artistically reappraised the products of numerous Bauhaus-inspired furniture and lifestyle brands, including ARTEMIDE, BULTHAUP, CIRO, KPM,...

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Agencies • Claudia Bitzer : Christian Schmidt realized a new Formula E campaign including a film for technology firm ABB (ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.) on commission for Serviceplan Zurich in the UK and via CGI

20.05.2019 • Christian SCHMIDT c/o CLAUDIA BITZER realized the new Formula E campaign for ABB, the leading global technology company in the areas of power grids, electric products, industrial automation, drives, and robotics.

Produced for the introduction of the Swiss technology group as the main sponsor of the racing series were several print motifs and a film. Indoor shots were taken in Great Britain with the support of Caspar & Co, and outdoor shots were created fully in CGI together with The Scope. The film was produced by Christian in collaboration with DOP Julian Holzwarth.

The executive agency was Serviceplan Zurich with AD Hanning Beland, AB Nathalie Jakober and Account Director Nicoals Gspan.

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Production • NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS produce the JACK WOLFSKIN Summer campaign '365' including a video in Bilbao for advertising agency intention

16.05.2019 • 'EVERYDAY PERFORMANCE! SHOW WHO YOU ARE – 24/7/365. Your life motto: Do it big. Do it right. And do it with style! You always live in the here and now. Always flexible and available for spontaneous tours. Use every minute, await every day – 365 days a year. When you're on the road, the streets are your gym; the city is your playground. And your style is your statement. Which is why we bring style and performance together – for you. That's the 365 collection from JACK WOLFSKIN. '

The campaign was produced by GoSee member NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS in Bilbao: 'Who has Bilbao on the list of travel destinations? Believe us, that city is so underrated. We had an amazing time shooting this year’s Jack Wolfskin summer campaign in urban areas as well as on the coast of the Basque Country. We also did a little campaign video for the new 365 capsule collection.'

Casting and production were taken care of by Natural Born Explorers, photographed by Philip Baske with styling by Petra Branscheid. The video was realized by DOP Chris Becker.

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Film • Niccolo Montanari presents on GoSee : Warrior with a Crown – the new fashion film by JMP and Francesco Cuizza, in collaboration with jewelry label Ugo Cacciatori

15.05.2019 • Niccolo Montanari presents an unusual short film on GoSee created in collaboration with jewelry label Ugo Cacciatori: 'Warrior with a Crown' is the first fashion film co-directed by LA-based photographer and filmmaker JMP and model Francesco Cuizza, signed with Storm Management. The film takes the viewer on the journey to become aware that fear and failure are merely man-made illusions. The short film addresses how our need to conquer is just a fight with ourselves, making the journey itself the real conquest.

Shot in Malibu (California) on the beach in the eerie early hours of the day, the film employs movement and an original choreography to unfold its narrative. As viewers, we are presented with two different types of failures. The first brings a man to his knees, overwhelmed by his lack of experience and knowledge. But the second time failure does not fell the man; he has learned from his mistakes and is able to stand once again, aware that he has become a warrior capable of withstanding the challenges of life.

Commenting on the production, JMP states: "Warrior with a...

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Advertising • Glam Production produces the BOLON EYEWEAR 'I SEE ME' campaign with Hailey Bieber in Los Angeles

14.05.2019 • GoSee member GLAM PRODUCTION, specialist for celebrity and fashion productions in Los Angeles, supported the BOLON EYEWEAR commercial. Hailey Bieber is the US testimonial for Chinese eyewear Brand BOLON.

The 2019 “I SEE ME” campaign is the new chapter of the BOLON individuality story. It is an ode to the celebration of individuality and women’s empowerment. It is about being connected to your surroundings, and being in the space where you feel most yourself. In this new campaign, Hailey Bieber is seen being free, embracing the freedom to be herself, connected to her true-self. Being authentic is the connection to Bolon’s soul, the essence of the “I SEE ME” story.

Hailey Bieber : 'I think it's important to work with brands that stand for something, and what I thinkBolon stands for is individuality, they respect diversity. I think the collection reflects that because there are so many different styles and so many things to choose from. I think Bolon wants people to be able to express their own style, and I think they give people the options to do so with their glasses....

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