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Events • #GOINCLUSIVE - make your products and your communication accessible to everyone! Photographer Darius Ramazani presents you on GoSee : Die Müllers

15.01.2019 • Created in collaboration with schweizergestaltung was the project "Die Müllers". A German family that stands for inclusion in our society. The hashtag #goinclusive is intended to motivate for more inclusion while encouraging to be more respectful in interpersonal dealings within our society. Photos and the 13-second spot are by DARIUS RAMAZANI. The initiative #goinclusive supports companies and institutions in creating barrier-free offers.

"Good design is made for everyone," says designer and co-initiator Ellen Schweizer. The initiative #goinclusive takes this message seriously and conveys it in inclusive projects for companies, museums, institutions and public authorities – from the first inclusive picture books for sighted and blind children to a tactual building map or an art painting as a 3-D relief, that invites the beholder to touch it.

At the end of 2018, a top-notch jury selected the #goinclusive initiative out of almost 1500 submitted entries as one of 100 outstanding projects in Germany for the annual slogan "Connect Worlds – Strengthen Solidarity". The initiative...

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Advertising • 'School's closed due to heat!' - the GEROLSTEINER spot with two faces from Brüderchen & Schwesterchen for you on GoSee

15.01.2019 • Several actors were needed for three new GEROLSTEINER spots, and casting in Berlin was elaborate and extensive accordingly. "But our girls were able to score points. Both leading and supporting roles went to LEONIE and FRANZISKA; LEONIE as the cool boss in a meeting and FRANZISKA as part of the team – what more could you ask for!" BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN tells us and explains: "We are glad to finally present you the spot with the two models. Big thanks to all our girls, who are always happy to accept any casting challenge with a smile and charm! Thanks also go to the casting agent and, of course, to the production company!"

About – Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG (Gerolsteiner) is a leading German mineral water firm headquartered in Gerolstein in the Eifel mountains. It is well-known for its Gerolsteiner Sprudel brand, a bottled, naturally carbonated mineral water. On 1 January, 1888, mine manager Wilhelm Castendyck founded the firm Gerolsteiner Sprudel in Gerolstein. In November 1888, the water became an official water of the city, popular thanks to its naturally high...

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Advertising • Senior model EVA c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN makes a short appearance in the ALDI SUISSE GENUSS spot for the agency Scholz & Friends Neumarkt

14.01.2019 • With a loaf of bread from the bakery at the train station in her pocket, EVA had a pretty good idea, because ALDI Switzerland was looking for a senior model to present the bread from the discounter in such a tasty way that makes everyone run off to the next baked goods vending machine. "With bread, I found it very easy to convey the idea," says EVA, who felt very comfortable in the studio with our photographer Maj. A little bit like being at home, even when it's part of the job. She took a relaxed approach to e-casting at first. "I try to do it like I would when I enter a room with new people and have to introduce myself," she explains. Name, agency, what makes it special, without too much preparation.

Head full of diets. She got the idea to use bread while on the train: "I still needed one for dinner anyway and thought that when I smell the bread, it would seem more realistic," says EVA. She also imagined what it is like eating the first fresh bread from the bakery next door after a long trip abroad. "In these situations, I try to put myself in the position. Or I think about...

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Production • Shadow play and further fine detail work ... set designer Sarah ILLENBERGER c/o EMEIS DEUBEL produces wonderful GIFS for HÈRMES

14.01.2019 • Sarah ILLENBERGER c/o EMEIS DEUBEL has been creating imaginative window installations for HERMÈS for several years now. So when she was asked to create a series of GIFs for the company's social media, she immediately knew what type of concept would work for them. Go&See!

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Model • Brüderchen & Schwesterchen present you the uber-delicious spot for YOGURETTE with Rotschopf Katharina on GoSee

14.01.2019 • Katharina c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN got herself a real dream job: She had the honor of biting into a small delicacy for YOGURETTE all day and looking beautiful and happy while doing so! A real feel-good spot, which will hopefully sweeten up your gray winter a bit.

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Celebrity • The SNOOP DOGG drop-in concert for JÄGERMEISTER - filmed and photographed by Pascal KEROUCHE c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS

09.01.2019 • Pascal KEROUCHE c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS was commissioned by the agency LaRed to shoot two spots and the campaign motifs at the same time with grandmaster of rap SNOOP DOGG in LA for JÄGERMEISTER. On set to create the perfect lighting atmosphere was DoP Christoph Szulecki. At the drop-in concert, star rapper Snoop Dogg personally put on a live gig using the meanwhile widespread Alexa voice assistant. The film shoot for the trailer, and the concert itself, took place in Los Angeles at the private studios of Snoop Dogg.

"Alone on Pascal Kerouche's Instagram profile @mmpascal, the video of the concert chalked up more than 101.000 views. On YouTube, there were even 242.000." his Hamburg-based representation STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS tells us excitedly. GoSee!

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Photographers • Hamburg-based photo and film duo KAPTURING now new at STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS!

09.01.2019 • With KAPTURING, STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS is proud to announce two new entries. "We are delighted to welcome the simpatico photo and film duo Kapturing, made up of Florian and Sebastian from Hamburg, as part of our team. The duo creates photographic and cinematic works from a single source." STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS tells GoSee. At each photo shoot, a film is always made too, which is cut in-house and accompanied by music. We have a few examples for you right here on GoSee. Their client list they would like to expand is proves that they must be doing something right: Kapturing has already photographed and filmed for clients including Grazia, Jolie and Essential Homme magazine. Go&See!

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Celebrity • 'Wie ein Phantom' music video for Namika, NEONYT campaign and L'OFFICIEL Ukraine – that's the news from hair & make-up artist ANNA BRYLLA c/o LIGANORD

07.01.2019 • Now on air: the new music video Phantom by singer Namika with hair & make-up by Liganord Artist Anna BRYLLA. Directors: Sluga x Zlotin, Client/Label: Jive Music.

The future of fashion: Innovation and sustainability on the agenda of international fashion hub NEONYT. The campaign was photographed by Joachim Baldauf with hair, make-up & grooming by Anna Brylla.

And hair & make-up for the fashion/beauty editorial in L'OFFICIEL Ukraine also came from Anna Brylla. Photos by Annyck Benth.

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Photographers • WE! shoot it, aka Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon, take a trip back in time to France with the goddess of all vehicles: the Citroën DS

02.01.2019 • “One day, I want to...” is often how ideas start out that never seem to happen. But not for photographer duo Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon from WE! shoot it.

“One day, I want to drive to France in a Citroën DS,” is what Thomas thought, who had just fulfilled his childhood dream with this extravagant automobile. “You know, you'd have to photograph everything analog on classic 4x5-inch film, preferably Polaroid Type 55.” Michael added. No sooner said than done. The duo drove off the very next day. The film has unfortunately been discontinued for more than ten years, but on a little detour to Düsseldorf, they managed to find some old stock. The next day after dreaming the “One day, I want to...” dream, the duo jumped into a Citroën DS 21 Pallas with a trunk full: 60 sheets of film, an old Linhof Technika, a couple of buckets of sodium sulphide, and wetting agents – off to France!

The duo discovered all locations on the way, without even knowing in the morning where they would end up in the evening. Photos were taken in front of the bed and breakfast, the restaurant...

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