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Illustration • 'Space Kids' the book for little explorers appearing at KLEINE GESTALTEN PUBLISHING – with illustrations by Andrea DE SANTIS c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION

04.06.2018 • Andrea DE SANTIS c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrated a book about space for Kleine Gestalten publishing. "It was a special job with a lot to learn in store for everybody." goes the original statement from Kombinat. Space Kids is a poetic introduction into the great topic of space with exciting illustrations full of imagination for even the littlest explorers. Gestalten on the book: "Young explorers learn with Space Kids not only facts about the cosmos, they are also reminded how unique our planet and human beings are. The colorful illustrations by Andrea De Santis and the lightness of Steve Parkers texts provide plenty of aha moments – in marvel about the wonder of our Earth and the infiniteness of the universe." The book is now available in the Gestalten Shop and is a must-have for every book shelf. The book is also available in English !

Space Kids . Text: Steve Parker, illustrations: Andrea De Santis, translation: Andreas Bredenfeld, Format: 24 × 28 cm . Features: full color, hardcover, stitched binding, 40 pages . Product details: recommended...

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Illustration • Illustrations for the TRENDONE lookbook by Judy KAUFMANN, Timo MEYER & Nadja HALLFAHRT, all three artists c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION

04.06.2018 • For the agency TRENDONE, KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrators Judy KAUFMANN, Timo MEYER and Nadja HALLFAHRT realized various motifs for the trend book, which provides a unique overview of the latest mega-trends with a selection of innovations for each. The PowerPoint trend book comprises 250 pages, containing 16 mega-trends and the corresponding macro-trends. The illustrations visually support the trends and generate a high recognition factor. Plus, three micro-trends were selected for each macro trend and are very innovative realizations, which indicate what is already possible today and at the same time help remain concrete.

About - TRENDONE. To ensure success into the future, it is no longer enough just to keep up with others – you have to set the agenda yourself. What you need in order to do this can be found right here with us: Welcome to TRENDONE!

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Illustration • Fruity food illustrations for Frankfurt's BITTER & ZART Chocolaterie by Oriana FENWICK c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION

03.06.2018 • Bitter & Zart Chocolaterie is a Frankfurt coffee house which gladly serves its guests tea specialties from Paris, macarons, tartes and champagne. Since 2003, they have spoiled chocolate lovers from Frankfurt and all over Germany with chocolate products and sweets in every shape, size and color: Handmade chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and creamy spreads, more than 100 different pralines and truffles, fruity, roasted cocao beans, hazelnuts and almonds, but also handmade bonbons, licorice or baked goods. We present you the latest food illustrations for BITTER & ZART Chocolaterie by Oriana FENWICK c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION on GoSee.

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Illustration • Illustrator new entry at KOMBINATROTWEISS - a warm welcome to Catell RONCA

03.06.2018 • KOMBINATROTWEISS now welcomes multiple award-winning Swiss illustrator Catell RONCA as a member of their talented artist pool. Catell Ronca graduated with a degree in Visual Communication from the Royal College of Art in London and has since worked for international publishers, magazines and advertising clients. She lives in Lucerne, where she gets her inspiration from the Swiss mountains and the omnipresent natural surroundings. Nature is a big topic in her works. Her style is reduced, naive and clear. See for yourself!

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Illustration • Pitch in! Sandra BEER c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION illustrates little animations for the website of 'Schülerpaten Berlin e.V'

28.05.2018 • Since 2009, Schülerpaten Berlin e.V. has mediated education sponsorship between volunteers and students 1:1 with a migrant background.The association is aimed at improving the education chances of children and adolescents with a migrant background through individual voluntary tutoring while promoting social cohesion through a variety of encounters. Sandra BEER c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrated for the website, and we have the motifs for you on GoSee.

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Illustration • Wallpaper motif for the Afrikahaus of CIVITY Management Consultants - with artwork by illustrator Belicta CASTELBARCO c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION

28.05.2018 • Belicta CASTELBARCO c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS, whose work is known more from the area of collages, also paints with acrylic paint. She recently designed wallpaper for CIVITY Management Consultants, which she individually tailored to the room dimensions. The office space of the company is located at Afrikahaus in Hamburg, and the motif was chosen accordingly. Die wallpaper now adorns the kitchen area. Afrikahaus is an office building in Hamburg, which was constructed in 1899 Hamburg by architect Martin Haller for the company C. Woermann and has been monument-protected since 1972.

About - civity Management Consultants is one of the leading consultancy firms for public services in Europe. We enable our clients in the transport, utilities and waste management sectors to make forward-looking, effective improvements to their organization. Our clients are German and international businesses and institutions, local authorities, public authorities, transport associations and ministries. We provide assistance with all organizational, financial and legal aspects of their public activities.

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Illustration • New entry at KOMBINATROTWEISS – a warm welcome to illustrator Tanja SZÉKESSY

28.05.2018 • Tanja SZÉKESSY works figuratively and is among the illustrators who regularly draws for DAS MAGAZIN. In addition to several editorial works, she has also designed a watch for the client SWATCH, which as of recently adorns the wrist. She is equally in demand for fashion and lifestyle motifs, as for portraits and political content, which she charmingly combines in scenic motifs. She can now be booked via KOMBINATROTWEISS; we have a first selection of works.

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Illustration • JSR Agency welcomes new illustrator entry MUSKETON aka Bert Dries from Belgium. We wish you a warm welcome and present a first selection of works on GoSee

27.05.2018 • JSR Agency is excited to announce that illustrator MUSKETON, aka Bert Dries, has joined the team. With his bold, distinctive illustration style, award-winning Belgian artist MUSKETON speaks to his generation. His playful style and original take on pop culture draws interest from major brands that want to collaborate with him.

He bought his first computer with the money he saved up from washing cars in the neighborhood. That computer opened the door to Adobe Photoshop – and he was instantly hooked. Later on, he decided to make the jump to Adobe Illustrator. Next he developed his own style and started posting work on the internet. Today, he’s working with select brands like Coca Cola, Mazda, Nike, MTV and Vans and developing personal art projects.

About - Musketon is the creative alter ego of Bert, a young and ambitious artist from Belgium. Over the years, I've worked on finding my inner self by being the creative I always wanted to be as a kid. Today, I couldn't be more happy with the things I learned along the way. Musketon started out in my bedroom about 10 years ago and...

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Illustration • 'Animals' – personal illustrations by Maria MARTIN c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION

26.05.2018 • Once again inspired by nature, illustrator Maria MARTIN c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION presents you here on GoSee a selection of her newest animal works including insects.

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Illustration • Illustration shenanigans - three new works by Cesare BELLASSAI c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION for you on GoSee

26.05.2018 • Cesare BELLASSAI always illustrates with tongue slightly in cheek. And he loves depicting wordplay... and then viewers can make up their own minds

About - Cesare BELLASSAI.
Originally from Sicily, Cesare Bellassai is an artist and illustrator, presently based in The Netherlands, specializing in illustrations and patterns. From concept to delivery, Cesare builds paradoxical drawings, all created with a poetic and artistic sensitivity. Cesare works with digital media, mixing concepts from illustration with his previous experience in painting.

His clients include: Leo Burnett, Vodafone, Die Welt, Merck Group, Der Spiegel, Psychologies Magazine, Earls Bar-Kitchen, Eos Group, 81Family Office, Hotel delle Nazioni-Venice-Italy.

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