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Illustration • 'Together' - illustrations for Swedish lifestyle magazine and creative studio THE WAY WE PLAY by Annelie CARLSTRÖM c/o AGENT BAUER

01.09.2017 • “You and I. We are like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. Sweet child of mine. Summer wears our heartbeat. Summer wears our memories. Summer carries our secrets and joy. I will cherish it forever and ever for the both of us. Together. Sweet child of mine.” Illustrations by Annelie CARLSTRÖM c/o AGENT BAUER.

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Illustration • Lea Brousse & Raban Ruddigkeit - the design & illustration experts are supporting the jury of the GoSeeAWARDS and present their exhibition 'Graphic Comments' in parallel to UPDATE17 in Berlin

23.08.2017 • Designer, publisher of illustration bible FREISTIL and GoSee friend for many years, Raban Ruddigkeit, operates his studio together with French designer Lea Brousse under the name of Brousse & Ruddigkeit. Last year, their weekly visual column in Der Tagesspiegel won the Illustration of the Year award from the Lead Academy, and the calendars Typodarium and Poladarium are published by Raban and Lars Harmsen. In 2017, the first Berlin Design Digest was published by Raban together with Robert Eysoldt from Slanted Publishers. Raban is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS this year as a jury member. Through the end of August, photographers, stylists and illustrators can submit their works free of charge. Winners will be announced at UPDATE17on 6 October in Berlin and here on GoSee.

That same evening, the exhibition 'Graphic Comments' opens its doors in the heart of Berlin, presenting a selection of the GRAPHIC COMMENTS on 350 square meters published every Sunday since 2015 in the CAUSA section of the supraregional daily newspaper DER TAGESSPIEGEL. The idea for the visual column came about in...

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Illustration • CRIS WIEGANDT c/o COSMOPOLA directed the animated BEN & JERRY’S spot and created the campaign for ALMDUDLER and the agency VIRTUE

22.08.2017 • Summer time is ice cream time! For BEN & JERRY’S, CRIS WIEGANDT c/o COSMOPOLA spent a couple of weeks in London with lots of ice cream and directed an animated spot for the agency Mekanism (Senior Art Director: Philip Cheaney, Senior Producer: Rainbow Partridge, Senior Account: McKenzie Badger, Production Company: Hush London, Director: Cris Wiegandt, Exec Producer: Ru Warner, DOP: Simon Paul, Focus Puller: Alex Taylor, Gaffer: Robin Brigham, Animator: Anthony Farquhar-Smith, Art Director and Head of Crafts: Jess Deacon, Craft Department: Jess Deacon, Cris Wiegandt, Cintia Bertaccini, Tina Luo, Food Stylist: Seiko Hatfield, Non Paper Models: Paradigm Effects LTD, Compositing: Maria Cecilia Tedemalm, Color Grading: Denny cooper).

CRIS WIEGANDT c/o COSMOPOLA was more than happy to do the illustration and the paper art for ALMDUDLER with the agency VIRTUE – a VICE Company: 'If there ain't no Almdudler here... I'm goin back home', a soft drink the Vienna-born Berlin resident grew up with: 'I was so happy when the soft drink brand from my home country got here. Yeah,” says the...

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Illustration • Alice Feja, Head of Art Buying KOLLE REBBE & GoSeeAWARDS Juror 2017, presents the illustrated employer branding campaign for TUI and the AUDI BLACK EDITION on GoSee

22.08.2017 • We are very delighted to welcome Alice Feja, Head of Art Buying at Kolle Rebbe in Hamburg, as a jury member of the GoSeeAWARDS. After graduating from the Academy for Communication Design & Art Direction, she got acquainted with the profession of art buyer and producer at Scholz & Friends and built the Art Buying department at S + F Neumarkt, before moving on to Kolle Rebbe in 2000. Since 2012, she has been Head of Art Buying and supports extensive photo productions for clients such as AUDI or LUFTHANSA – always on the lookout for exciting photographers and fresh illustrators. So, submit your favorite artwork through the end of August – photography or illustration – to the GoSeeAWARDS and convince Alice with your creativity and fresh imagery.

Here on GoSee, she presents us the new TUI employer branding campaign developed by Kolle Rebbe which replaces the cliché of the holiday animator with a contemporary, progressive appearance and relies on illustrations. The claim "Putting people first is what makes us number one" highlights that the people behind it are who make TUI the...

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Illustration • Cris WIEGANDT & Lacy BARRY c/o COSMOPOLA realize the BSR Annual Report 2016, Econ Award nomination, 100 years DIN German Institute for Standardization with C3 Creative Code and Content, TVC for COCA-COLA and Ogilvy & Mather Berlin

22.08.2017 • Creative duo Cris WIEGANDT & Lacy BARRY created the Annual Report 2016 for BSR (Berlin Waste Management and City Cleaning. Company) and the agency in May. Art direction and conception were taken care of by Mehmet Yaman. Photos were shot by Frank GROLL c/o COSMOPOLA. And they were nominated for the Econ Awards (animation & retouch: Cris Wiegandt, compositing: Iara Guedes, production: Barbi Mlczoch (Cosmopola).

Plus, Cris WIEGANDT & Lacy BARRY c/o COSMOPOLA were also on the job for DIN (German Institute for Standardization) and C3 Creative Code and Content and created paper crafts for the project "Shaping the Future Together" for the 100th anniversary of DIN e.V. (Director: Matthias Jarochowski, Senior Producer: Tina Rentzsch, Editor: Dominic Tetz, Craft Assistant: Alejandra Vargas Díaz , Stop Motion: Andreas Dihm, DoP & Motion Control Operator: Andy Kaiser).

Cris WIEGANDT & Lacy BARRY c/o COSMOPOLA also realized the TVC ‘A Bottle Love Story‘ for Coca-Cola and Ogilvy & Mather Berlin: ‘Animation director and designer Cris Wiegandt was asked by Ogilvy & Mather Berlin and...

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New Entry • Katrin VON NIEDERHÄUSERN, concept & illustration, new entry at VISUALEYES ARTISTS

16.08.2017 • KATRIN VON NIEDERHÄUSERN, Concept & Illustration, is an illustrated new entry at the representation VISUALEYES ARTISTS in Zurich, who introduces herself personally on GoSee:

"I’m Katrin, but some call me Cindy Winkelried. It’s a weird story that I would be happy to tell you another time. Born and raised on the beautiful Bözberg in the Kanton Aargau (also known as the coolest Kanton in Switzerland, I heard), I moved to Denmark last April and currently live in Copenhagen, where I work as a designer at a digital creative agency.

In my illustrations I always love to bring an edge. You know, a little humor, some jokes that make you smile. But mostly, I love to hide easter eggs or insiders for my friends. I often take inspiration directly from them. And from everything else I love, like dancing lindy hop, playing ping pong, old lamborghinis, gruyère cheese, campari... Just the good things in life. Some people say they like working with me, because I DO things, instead of only talking about it. Sometimes I think we should be less afraid of the rules. Less overthinking, more doing...

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Illustration • 2Agenten : Illustrations for a book cover, CONTINENTAL Annual Report, BREUNINGER, editorials for CICERO, SUEDDEUTSCHE, VOGUE JAPAN, GQ, NEW SCIENTIST and DIE ZEIT, plus an exhibitor at UPDATE17

01.08.2017 • Olaf HAJEK c/o 2AGENTEN illustrated for CICERO, American Way magazine, EULENFISCH MAG, ... TINA BERNING c/o 2AGENTEN illustrated for the anniversary of BREUNINGER. She illustrated fashion topics for HARPER'S BAZAAR and food for thought in the form of editorials for GQ and DIE ZEIT ... Joanna Gniady c/o 2AGENTEN illustrated book cover variations for KEIN UND ABER PUBLISHERS and took care of Paris-inspired fashion illustrations for SHOP MAGAZINE DUESSELDORF. More is available on the Berlin-based illustration agency's website, and meet 2AGENTEN live and in person at UPDATE17 in Berlin.

Once upon a time there was a jungle, but that was just the beginning ... Step inside the wild and colorful jungle with this striking and richly illustrated book that introduces the food chain concept through simple, poetic language. Learn how the circle of life allows the jungle ecosystem to flourish, and see how many animals you can spot hiding in the leaves along the way... "My first children's book! ‘Once Upon a Jungle’ follows the circle of life through the Amazonian Jungle. My illustrations...

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