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Illustration • Visualeyes International : ILLU & CGI special with CGI artwork for SUVA / Kreienbühl & Vogler, BMW Motorcycle Festival (Serviceplan Suisse AG), illustrations for Mercedes Benz (Wirz Communications AG), and BMW MINI

19.08.2018 • MARK GMEHLING created 3D artwork for the BMW Motorcycle Festival 2018 (Serviceplan Suisse AG). The result was submitted to the Clio & LIA Awards. NICO CASTRO created retro lamps and spaces as 3D visuals.

Advertising agency Kreienbühl & Vogler from Zurich created a campaign for Suva Insurance which shows how customers can benefit from reasonable premiums. Thanks to good return on investmenst, Suva passes the success onto those insured. CARIOCA STUDIO realized three subjects which can now be seen on posters and digital channels. Visualeyes International took care of production, and responsible from the advertising agency Kreienbühl & Vogler were Reto Vogler, Oli Kreienbühl, Marco Donada, and Angela van der Sman.

Illustrator PHILIP BUERLI published portraits and editorials in WERBEWOCHE, NZZ am Sonntag and the ABL Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Luzern "Living and dwelling in August".

AMADEUS WALTENSPUEHL illustrated for Mercedes Benz (Wirz Communications AG, Zurich) and FABIAN SIGG for BMW MINI (Serviceplan Suisse AG). KATRIN VON NIEDERHÄUSERN from Visualeyes International...

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Illustration • ADOBE STOCK presents : #NEWFACE CASIEGRAPHICS, illustrator with a knack for really lots of color

07.08.2018 • Adobe Stock #NewFace Casiegraphics: blue bananas and black & white butterflies. “The beauty of illustration? Each line that I draw, whether digital or with a pencil, is unique. A part of me always flows into it, even when selecting the colors.” Stephanie Haslberger aka Casiegraphics loves color. She has offered her artwork, which is full of imagination, on Adobe Stock for one year now.

Sunshine for the heart – a frequently recurring topic in Casiegraphics' illustrations: the tropics. For inspiration, she does not actually have to go on vacation though: “Many of my illustrations were created during very cold and rainy months in London. Working on the rain forest for me is something that stills my wanderlust and keeps me warm,” she tells us. Whether underwater worlds or jungle vibes, Stephanie's artwork reflect nature in all of its diversity.

Her creative career – Stephanie Haslberger was already creative as a child, thanks for which goes partially to her grandfather whose artwork strongly influenced her at a young age. The stylistic element of drips often used in her...

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Illustration • Summer vacation time for the whole family... three illustrated TUI ad motifs by Stefanie BEMMANN c/o ART ACT for you on GoSee

24.07.2018 • Right on time for big summer vacation, illustrator Stefanie BEMMANN c/o ART ACT realized diverse ad motifs for the travel pros from TUI. TUI AG is a listed touristic company based both in Berlin and Hannover with headquarters in the latter. The acronym TUI stands for Touristik Union International. TUI is the largest touristic company in Europe with travel agencies, incoming agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships, and tour operators.

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Illustration • : stylish illustrations for STYLE IN PROGRESS, cover for SERVUS magazine / redbullmedia Publishing, busy pictures & characters, plus UPDATE18 exhibitors

23.07.2018 • The Vienna-based agency presents new works on GoSee..." With new techniques, we experience a stylish CLAUDIA Meitert for B2B fashion magazine STYLE IN PROGRESS by UCM Publishing... RUTH CORTINAS, new on the team and focused on children and busy pictures, makes a quick entry in SERVUS magazine by redbullmedia Publishing. Take a look!

IRENE SACKMANN is back in the saddle this fall, and exotic & classic PADMA BHATT has returned to the studio. KATJA SEIFERT kicks off with busy pictures and characters with her charming, loving & sensitive stroke for Arthothek in Krems and Zunder.

We look forward to meeting you in Berlin at UPDATE18 and wish you until then a beautiful summer!"

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Illustration • 'For everyone who perseveres' – animal recruiting cards for SGL Carbon, illustrated by Jacqueline URBAN c/o ART ACT

23.07.2018 • SGL Carbon SE, headquartered in Wiesbaden is an international manufacturer of products made of carbon, including graphite and carbon fiber-enforced plastics (CFRP). Global Player SGL Carbon operates 41 production sites in Europe, North America and Asia with branches in more than 100 countries. To recruit new employees, SGL Carbon used recruiting cards with animal motifs by Jaqueline URBAN c/o ART ACT.

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Illustration • Two illustrations for DIGITAL LEAD magazine by Stephan STORP c/o ART ACT

23.07.2018 • Created to underscore the topics of 'Digital Payment Systems Put to the Test' and 'Facial Recognition / Biometry' were two colorful motifs by Stephan STORP c/o ART ACT.

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Illustration • Illustrations for the magazine STERN as well as ZIN magazine by Katrin FUNCKE c/o ART ACT

22.07.2018 • Themed upon 'Carpe Diem', most likely meaning seize these great summer days at the moment, is a summer mood for you by Katrin FUNCKE c/o ART ACT, created for ZIN magazine. And for STERN, Katrin FUNCKE illustrated various symptoms for the weekly column 'Diagnose'. We bring you the two examples cluster headache and diabetes here on GoSee.

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Illustration • Three humorous animations for legendary FC BAYERN and your smartphone right here on GoSee – illustrated and animated by Christian ECKERT c/o ART ACT

22.07.2018 • Christian ECKERT c/o ART ACT realized small animated stickers of different FC Bayern players as GIFs to send to smartphones – not only for real Bayern fans.

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Illustration • Winner of 'Best Studio Piece' at the Vienna EUROCATURE 2018 – our congratulations go to illustrator Michael PLEESZ c/o ART ACT

22.07.2018 • EuroCature, the festival for portrait and the first time this year also for political caricature, takes place annually in Vienna. With this caricature presented on GoSee, Michael PLEESZ c/o ART ACT took home first place at EUROCATURE 2018 in the category 'Best Studio Piece'.

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Illustration • Bella Italia - five Vintage travel motifs for the textile experts from ZucchiBassetti - art direction & illustrations by Stefano RIBOLI c/o MARGARETHE HUBAUER

17.07.2018 • ZucchiBassetti, a brand renowned in Italy and beyond for the manufacture of home textiles, commissioned Stefano RIBOLI c/o MARGARETHE HUBAUER to produce a series of illustrations in the typical 30-50s travel poster style. Five posters of five destinations symbolizing the golden age of travelling in Italy: Venice, Amalfi, Cortina, Tuscany and, of course, Ischia. The posters were printed on colorful sheets and blankets from the 'Souvenir' collection. Stefano RIBOLI was both the Art Director and illustrator for the wonderful project.

By the way: Since 2014, legendary Italian soccer and FIFA World Goalkeeper 2017 Gianluigi Buffon is not only the former captain of the national soccer team but also the captain of the company – through his investment in the Zucchi Group, he solely owns 56% of shares.

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