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Illustration • Originality to the max – Adobe Stock presents you new face Lilly Friedeberg on GoSee

17.08.2019 • Lilly Friedeberg makes the world the way she wants it – because in the end, our environment is what sets our imagination in motion. All we have to do is go through life with our eyes open. A revelation for Adobe Stock's latest new face Lilly Friedeberg in this respect were particularly the Simpsons and Super Mario: Trees don't always have to be green, and rivers don't necessarily have to be blue. Which is why Lilly's artworks whisk viewers away to her loud, colorful world. Her Tip: Think up the color combination first from time to time and then the motif. That can turn a colorful summer dress at the flea market into a short visual trip to the cool soothing shade of a palm grove.

But the Düsseldorf-based graphic designer does not only draw inspiration from everyday observations. The Internet and in particular image-focussed platforms such as Instagram are a great way to get inspired by other artists and network with them. “Get inspired by other disciplines, styles and artists! You'd be surprised where the next stroke of genius or the next collaboration can come from.” is...

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Illustration • William the Conqueror, Alan rufus, lord of Richmond... - historic digital portraits by illustrator Yuschav ARLY c/o JSR AGENCY for English Heritage

24.07.2019 • Illustrator Yuschav ARLY c/o JSR AGENCY was commissioned to create digital portraits of personalities from Richmond Castle. 'Yuschav was commissioned to create a number of digital portraits of nobility and historical figures to celebrate Richmond Castle's inhabitants and visitors over the centuries. The series will be exhibited throughout the castle over the summer as posters and large banners.

Yuschav was briefed to illustrate portraits of William the Conqueror, Alan Rufus, lord of Richmond, Gunnhild of Wessex, Conan IV, Duke of Brittany Constance, Duchess of Brittany, Spernellus the Bear-ward, Scolland, Steward of Richmond, Robert the Usher, Ymayna Daughter of Richard, keeper of hawks, hounds and wine Thomas of Durham, Abbot of Egglestone John II, Earl of Richmond William Blades, custodian of the castle, and finally James Birchall, conscientious objector.'

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Illustration • 3D illustration & typopgraphy - new entry Muokkaa joins JSR AGENCY

24.07.2019 • 'The JSR illustration department is thrilled to announce that we have signed Madrid based typographer Alejandro López, aka MUOKKA to our roster. Muokkaa studied Graphic Design at the School of Arts of Salamanca and has worked for clients such as The Oprah Magazine, Fortune, Field and Stream, Wired Germany, Die Zeit, Yorokobu, AIGA, Directv, Heineken, and Refinery29. He has developed a particular style exploring the possibilities offered by typography combined with the magic of 3D and achieves a unique style full of shapes, colors and figures.

Focusing on geometrical shapes and isometric perspectives, Muokkaa's creative goal is to make graphic images where bold colors, light and shadows are front and center. Muokkaa cut his teeth at renowned studios ILOVEDUST and Brand New School, collaborating on projects for Nike, Audi, Mercedes, RedBull, Starbucks, Google, and Samsung. Since he began going it alone, Muokkaa has worked for clients including Facebook, Billboard, The Oprah Magazine, Fortune, Wired, Women's Health, Goop, Yorokobu, AIGA, and Heineken.'

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Illustration • 'How to Travel' - the Glamour Germany Travel Guide with fresh holiday illustrations by Kim SIELBECK c/o JSR AGENCY

24.07.2019 • Kim SIELBECK c/o JSR AGENCY illustrated the twelve-page 'How to Travel' Guide for GLAMOUR Germany. “The July holiday issue explores how to deal with the difficult and sometimes hilarious mishaps during your summer holiday like bad weather, sunburn, embarrassing moments, even a holiday romance.' says JSR AGENCY. See the complete portfolio here and on GoSee.

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Illustration • 'Congratulations! You've Failed' - vector illustrator Carla LUCENA c/o JSR AGENCY celebrates failing for THE TELEGRAPH

23.07.2019 • Vector illustrator Carla LUCENA c/o JSR AGENCY was commissioned by The Telegraph to create a series of illustrations for their feature on embracing failure which was written by Kate Graham. The key to success is doing everything perfectly, right? Wrong! Kate Graham explores why messing up could be the best thing you ever do. See more of Carla's editorial and advertising illustration here :

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