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Illustration • kombinatrotweiss-illustration: lovable animal characters, copperplate engraved portraits, dynamic driving scenes, awareness campaign on digitization, LETTERING & new entry Moritz Adam Schmitt with street art and collage technique

11.02.2019 • CATELL RONCA c/o kombinatrotweiss illustrated a comprehensive book for young and old with lots of educational and enlightening details about the strange but wonderful world of plants. The book 'Perfectly Peculiar Plants' as selected by the National Science Teachers Association in November 2018 in the US as an "outstanding science trade book for students in 2019".

New at KOMBINATROTWEISS is Moritz Adam Schmitt, a young illustrator who got into illustration in an indirect way. His work is mostly digital and created in Illustrator. He likes to create worlds with complex compositions, which give the viewer space to discover new details again and again. His style is a blend of street art and collage technique. Modern, sophisticated and clear in expression. Moritz realized an exciting project last year for ADOBE STOCK, and more information about is available via Behance. Find more works at kombinatrotweiss.

KRISTINA SUVOROVA deals a lot with social issues that she covers in her work. Animated GIFs or short quotes lend emphasis to the statements and get even more subtly to the...

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Illustration • Illustration & transportation special by shows that with handmade tools, illustration can make a valuable contribution to eco-friendly traffic development

11.02.2019 • Illustration and transport are closely connected in stark contrast to photography. This is seen in ICONS for ENVIRONMENTAL TOPICS with a moralizing undertone and SAFETY IN TRAFFIC; it's in futuristic city plans without traffic, in INFO ILLUSTRATIONS on ENERGY SAVING TOPICS, the INSTRUCTIONS for tire changes and car care, the historic nature experiences next to the train tracks and in the invitations to TIMETABLES, or in TRAIL MAPS and EXPERIENCE ROUTES.

The clients expect independent imagery to discuss topics which consumers, on the one hand, tend to overlook, and on the other, search for. The ELECTRIC CAR, TRAIN TRAFFIC, BICYCLES in the city, cell phones at the wheel, the ECO FILLING STATION, AIR and NOISE POLLUTION. The agency presents several works here on GoSee.

For example, CLAUDIA MEITERT illustrated for Verbund AG, EVA VASARI for SuzukisWay of Life Magazine on commission for Rahofer advertising agency, and GINA MÜLLER for Falstaff.

JOSEPHINE WARFELMANN illustrated for Wien Mobil / AWG Publishing, for Impact Publishing and for the Vienna...

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Illustration • Camouflés, cherchés, trouvés ! children's book illustrations by Judy Kaufmann c/o kombinatrotweiss-illustration

01.02.2019 • JUDY KAUFMANN illustrated a children's book for kids age 4 and older for French publisher Le Pommier. The book is about finding hidden animals in nature. The animals were deliberately hidden, and some are only recognizable at a closer glance.

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