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Illustration • : Invitation to a nut schnapps & cookies tasting session at UPDATE in Berlin on 19 October, 2018

09.10.2018 • 'Be My Illustration' – illustrator BLAGOVESTA BAKARDJIEVA realizes this statement with the key visual for and CLARA BERLINSKT, who supports us with her illustration of the invitation to the nut schnapps and cookies tasting at UPDATE in Berlin on 19 October, 2018. The Vienna-based agency invites guests to a drink at their booth during the salon for photography, illustration and film.

KATHRIN FRANK is new on the team and will also be introduced at UPDATE!8BERLIN, along with the latest portfolios of ANA POPESCU, THOMAS MADREITER and MARIA RUBAN, who is behind the Frieda Kahlo motif for the bags and exhibition in Budapest. Also on display are animations by STEFANIE HILGARTH, KATJA SEIFERT and ARTUR BODENSTEIN.

"We look forward to seeing you all in Berlin!"

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Illustration • Political Posters – the illustrated editorial for the latest political topics by papercraft artist OLLANSKI and Studio069

08.10.2018 • Berlin-based papercraft specialist and illustrator OLLANSKI teamed up with designer Felix Kosok from Studio069 in Frankfurt/Main to create a small series of editorial illustrations which they have compiled under the title “Political Posters”. Need we say more? We'll tell you this much though on GoSee: The names of the works are 'Just a Game', 'Glyphosat', 'Fate', 'Tangled' & 'German Pragmatism'. Everything else is up to you and your imagination. The concept came from Felix Kosok, and it was all realized & photographed by the seasoned hands of OLLANSKI – aka Oliver Bieräugel.

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Illustration • 'Exploitation' meets 'The Ego Co-Op' - we have two editorial illustrations by Michael PLEESZ c/o ART ACT

27.09.2018 • For WIENER ZEITUNG and DIE ZEIT Switzerland, Michael PLEESZ c/o ART ACT illustrated on the topics of 'Exploitation' and 'The Ego Co-op'. Both editorial illustrations in very different styles of painting illustrate the breadth and depth of illustrator Michael Pleesz. Find out more about him directly from his agency ART ACT in Munich.

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Illustration • How do I get knowledge... Katrin FUNCKE c/o ART ACT illustrates for DATEV Software

27.09.2018 • Katrin FUNCKE c/o ART ACT illustrated on the topic of 'Knowledge Transfer and Management' - with questions like: How do I obtain knowledge? How do I use new techniques to gain and communicate knowledge? DATEV stands for high-quality software solutions and IT services for tax consultants, auditors, lawyers and companies – founded in 1966 by 65 tax consultants from the Nuremberg chamber. We have three groundbreaking illustrations on GoSee.

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New Entry • New entry at VISUALEYES Artists – a warm welcome to Simon DANAHER, award-winning CGI artist from England

23.09.2018 • Based in the UK with a background in music and journalism, Simon Danaher – new at VISUALEYES Artists – has a long history in the creative field and more than 17 years experience working in CGI. An autodidact by nature, Simon has had no formal training preferring to acquire and refine his visual style through experimentation and self-directed learning, assimilating a diverse range of interests into his craft while fostering a commitment against 3D clichés.

Simon’s work for a TIDE campaign with Saatchi & Saatchi NY was awarded the Grand Prix and Gold and Silver Lions at the 2007 Cannes Festival. He also won an ADC NY award, and in 2014, was honored to be included in the ’30/30/30′ exhibition that celebrated the 30th anniversary of Lürzer’s Archive. When not working, you might catch Simon tearing up the Welsh country roads and English racing circuits on an Italian motorcycle.

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Illustration • New entry at VISUALEYES Artists – a warm welcome to illustrator and graphic designer Eiko OJALA; we have a first selection of motifs for you on GoSee

22.09.2018 • Eiko OJALA – now c/o VISUALEYES Artists – is a renowned illustrator and graphic designer, based between Estonia and New Zealand. He works mostly digitally and draws everything by hand. Within his work process, Eiko likes to study shapes and work closely with the interplay of light and shadow, while keeping his illustrations minimal and on point with a combination of consummate craftsmanship and a healthy pinch of wit. GoSee !

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Illustration • 'The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes' - paper artist Diana BELTRAN HERRERA c/o JSR AGENCY creates the second cover for successful author Ruth Hogan & HODDER & STOUGHTON

11.09.2018 • Artist Diana BELTRAN HERRERA c/o JSR AGENCY has now designed the second book cover for author Ruth Hogan and publisher HODDER & STOUGHTON. Following her debut novel 'The Keeper of Lost Things', Ruth Hogan's second work, 'The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes' whisks readers away and into a world of wonderful characters , who guide us through an exploration of the simple human connections that make life worth living. A disco ball, red shoes, a praying angel... Diana crafted the new cover with elements from key locations in the book.

About : The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes. Masha's life has stopped. Once a spirited, independent woman with a rebellious streak, her life has been forever changed by a tragic event twelve years ago. Unable to let go of her grief, she finds solace in the silent company of the souls of her local Victorian cemetery and at the town's lido, where she seeks refuge underwater – safe from the noise and the pain. But a chance encounter with two extraordinary women opens up a new world of possibilities...

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