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Illustration • 'Hate is What we Need' - Facsimile Edition of a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind book with Trump's statements Ward SCHUMAKER c/o MARGARETHE HUBAUER

27.03.2018 • On February 19th, 2018 – 'Presidents' Day' in the US – Ward Schumaker announced the publication of a facsimile edition of his hand-painted one-of-a-kind book, Hate is What we Need, a collection of the words of President Trump and his friends.

"I feel grateful that Chronicle Books will give my book, which I thought would only be seen by family and friends, a wider audience." The book’s publication date is 27 March, but one can order in advance at as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or (in Europe) at Abrams & Chronicle Books.

Ward Schumaker's afterword in the facsimile edition: I am an artist, a painter – of books. Big, messy, one-of-a-kind, hand-painted books. Frequently containing stenciled lettering, sloppy calligraphy, approaching and often accomplishing incomprehensibility.

Subject of these books? Beauty, for the most part, but including snippets of spiritual texts, fragments of dreams, and apparently irrelevant and/or inscrutable instructions. Not for the reader in search of plot, betterment, or popular imagery. And nothing political. Never anything...

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Illustration • Animation for LGBTQ New York and further animated photos and Gifs by illustrator Louisa Bergman c/o MARGARETHE HUBAUER

27.03.2018 • Louisa Bergman c/o MARGARETHE HUBAUER was commissioned with an animation of the NYC LGBTQ (The Center) and for the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) NYC to be used in subway trains and on the sides of buses in the five boroughs of NYC. She will soon also be on display at the NYC Museum of Transportation.

Zu ihren Gifs sagt Louisa Bertman: "I truly believe in using animated gifs as a fantastic tool for social and political voice in direction to social media/advertisement and advocacy. Especially for advertisement. I love moving pictures and the challenge of coming up with the concept of what’s important to move (ie if it’s just walking or an eye blink – or if it’s more intricate – but what’s the purest point of the concept and the reasoning behind the movement).''

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Illustration • Margarethe Hubauer presents 'Elefantaki', a children's song fondly animated by illustrator Philippos Theodorides for composer George Hadjipieris on GoSee

20.03.2018 • Philippos Theodrides c/o Margarethe Hubauer created this children's film for George Hadjipieris, the composer and author of the song, who published it on his YouTube channel (animation: Effie Pappa). The song is about a boy traveling with a little elephant – hence the title 'Elefantaki'. The elephant weighs 420 kilos, is very naughty and eats a lot of pasta, drinks lemonade etc. etc.

Philippos Theodorides was born in 1978 in Cyprus. After studying painting in London, he continued his education at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. Philippos works as a painter and illustrator together with various galleries and magazines. He has had solo and group exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece and Vienna. He now lives and works in Athens, from where he, together with other graphic designers and artists, runs the Egg studio collective.

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Illustration • Athletes in action, politicians and their true colors, emotions & corporate ... multifaceted, new works by illustrator Kornel STADLER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS

07.03.2018 • Kornel STADLER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS lives and works in Bern as a freelance illustrator and artist in the areas of culture, advertising, magazine and newspaper illustration. He collaged various motifs for his clients PIPETTE, BEOBACHTER, SONNTAGSZEITUNG and SCHWEIZER ILLUSTRIERTE. We bring you a selection on GoSee.

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Illustration • Picturesque illustrations by Kristina HELDMANN c/o ART ACT

28.02.2018 • For the 2018 "Echt Bio" (Real Organic) calendar, Kristina Heldmann c/o ART ACT painted this beautiful motif. Created for the article "Walking makes you think faster", which deals with how a walk arouses body, soul and spirit, were also illustrations.

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