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Illustration • LOUIS VUITTON – an exotic event with wallpaper design by illustrator Suthipa KAMYAM c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

08.07.2020 • Thai artist Suthipa KAMYAM c/o WILDFOX RUNNING realized wallpaper designs for LOUIS VUITTON event. The paper sculptures were created by Teaspoon Studio, with photos by Pichan Sujaritsatit.

About – Suthipa Kamyam is an artist / illustrator based in Bangkok with a background in graphic design and creative art. Her illustration focuses on diverse storytelling, blending reality with imagination through her perspective. Her inspiration comes from her passion for the mystery of nature, tales and legends, especially about unknown places or exotic remote lands, as well as her memories and experiences gained throughout her travels. She believes that all of us have different precious stories in life which makes everyone special. Unfortunately, some stories are forgotten by time …

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Illustration • GoSee loves #inandproud : the beautiful campaign by DDBUK @adamandeveddb for LBTIQA with the full support of WILDFOX RUNNING artists for you on GoSee

03.07.2020 • “We are proud to support the #inandproud campaign of DDBUK & adamandeveddb for the LBTIQA community with the work of various artists.” says renowned illustration agency WILDFOX RUNNING and continues: “This year, due to Covid-19, there can be no prides, no demonstrations, and no parties worldwide during the international Pride Month, June 2020.

Which is why DDBUK started an amazing project to support the local LBTIQA community of London, Birmingham and the entire UK. With the slogan #inandproud, it features illustrations from various artists to show their pride and maintain awareness, attention and visibility even in times like these.

Seven of our talented artists joined the project (Isabel Blumenthal, Julia Praschma, Julia Schwarz, Melanie Gandyra, Suthipa Kamyam, Matthias Seifarth, and Paul Grabowski) and created and donated a piece of their work for this campaign. We are very happy and proud to be a part of it.”

You’ll find their work under @inandproud or @aandeddb, on the websites of the artists – and here on GoSee. #inandproud !

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Illustration • ANDREA HEBERGER presents: Hello Savants & Superamore

28.06.2020 • SUPER AMORE – PART 1

“Superamore is equilibrium and harmony which could be a prototype for a new social order,
an aesthetic aimed to eliminate false distinctions between so-called “high art” and graphic design.

This project finds inspiration in sensations, is an expression of the psychic content,
minimal simplicity, establishing tension and balance between solid and empty space.

A dynamic movement which is not frenetic but simply alive and eternal.
An eternal movement in equilibrium to create a universal harmony.”

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Illustration • PETER PICHLER : illustrates ads for FREIFRAU FURNITURE, champagne glass decorations for RITZENHOFF ‘La Parisienne’ and ‘Noble Savage’ as well as the BRIGITTE column about the problem areas of life

25.06.2020 • PETER PICHLER/büro u-53 illustrated for the new, double-page ad of furniture manufacturer FREIFRAU and for an editorial article for the presentation of designer furniture. Both appeared in SALON MAGAZINE. He also presents you his champagne glass decorations here on GoSee which he illustrated for RITZENHOFF along with his illustrations in the Brigitte column ‘Ildikò von Kürthy’s Problem Areas’.

The brand FREIFRAU MÖBELMANUFAKTUR was founded by Hansjörg Helweg in 2012. For the seating furniture models ‘Leyasol Armchair’ and ‘Swing Seat’, communication designer and illustrator Peter Pichler conceived and realized the ad – from the initial idea for the visual to its illustration, all from a single source…

For the glasses of the well-known and popular designer collections Campus, Beer, My Darling and Shots from RITZENHOFF, Peter Pichler created the decorations. Two brand new motifs for the collection have just appeared : the champagne flutes ‘La Parisienne’ and ‘Noble Savage’.

Ildikó von Kürthy’s columns in BRIGITTE magazine deal with the problem areas of life. The amusingly...

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Illustration • Roche portraits by illustrator & infographic designer Aleksandar SAVIC c/o MAKING PICTURES

23.06.2020 • Aleksandar SAVIC c/o MAKING PICTURES creates unmistakable portraits using geometric vector graphics. Here on GoSee, MAKING PICTURES presents you works by the illustrator for ROCHE.

“Aleksandar Savić is an illustrator and infographic designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated from the Faculties of Art and Design, Graphic Design and the Visual Communication Department, Belgrade. He has worked as a freelancer in the areas of graphic design and illustration since 2010, and with a focus on illustration and infographics since 2013. His clients already include big players such as Coca-Cola, Adobe, Hyundai, United Airlines, the Rockefeller Foundation, and T-Mobile.”

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