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Illustration • CITYABYSS ILLUSTRATION, GoSeeAWARDS 2019 GOLD winner in the category ILLUSTRATION, presents you her series ‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘Consumerism’ about extreme consumption, mass production and mental transformation on GoSee

10.12.2019 • The GoSeeAWARDS call upon creatives each year to submit personal work. The underlying idea is to give personal projects, unusual perspectives and new approaches a platform. The latter are taken by artist Beata Szczecinska aka Cityabyss, born 1978 in Lomza, Poland. She presented works from her series ‘Metamorphosis’ und ‘Consumerism’ - and thrilled the jurors. Instead of classic illustration, Beata presents us collages that comment on contemporary issues. We introduce the artist here on GoSee, who has already exhibited at Oscar Niemeyer Museum (Brazil) and Palais de Tokyo (Paris).
“Two series of graphics that I submitted to the competition were created over the last two years. The first series was “Consumerism”, and then “Metamorphosis” was created right after finishing work on the first series; they are a continuation of the topic. Both series are the result of my interest in the subject of the modern world of mass overproduction. This theme has been present in my graphics for years. I try to look for new interpretations and new forms of expression with each series. The...

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Illustration • The XBOX Team wishes Merry Christmas! The Advent calendar cover motif for XBOX GERMANY by illustrator Moritz Adam SCHMITT c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION

08.12.2019 • Illustrator Moritz Adam SCHMITT c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION designed the cover and two inside pages for the XBOX foldable Advent calendar. The calendar was produced by XBOX Germany and sent to partners and selected friends as a holiday season surprise.

For the motifs, it was important to include as many exclusive XBOX games as possible. KOMBINATROTWEISS tells GoSee. On the cover for instance, Christmas tree bulbs feature illustrated logos of the games and on the inside, they are in turn designed with little motifs to match the games.

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Illustration • Holiday Season window designs for WERTHEIM VILLAGE by illustrator Kristina SUVOROVA c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS

06.12.2019 • Kristina SUVORVA c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS designed 18 windows at WERTHEIM VILLAGE with Christmas illustrations. She illustrated live at the stores of Armani, Diesel, Karl Lagerfeld, Bally, Tumi, and Braun Büffel. Entirely intuitively, she illustrated animals, humans and elements of nature and integrated the brand environments and products of the individual shops in a special way. Her illustrations are designed as a picture puzzle in which the viewer can find new details again and again. Find more information on the project and an interview with Kristina on the Wertheim Village website. The window displays can be admired through the end of the year.

About Wertheim Village. Tucked away in one of Germany’s picturesque wine-growing regions, Wertheim Village is a short hop from the cosmopolitan city of Frankfurt. It’s home to more than 110 fashion and lifestyle boutiques, each offering savings of up to 60% on the former recommended retail price, all year round. Shop covetable pieces from German and international brands, and unwind at one of the Village’s many dining options. GoSee:

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Illustration • Art Act : UNITY MEDIA, WELTWOCHE cover, chocolate calendar for BVB, character development for breakfast cereal packaging, illustration for coffee roaster Darboven, storyboards and the NUN magazine cover

11.11.2019 • For UNITY MEDIA, Carsten BINNE c/o ART ACT created several almost photo-realistic illustrations as part of the campaign “More in it for you weeks” showing various motifs with an over-abundance of offerings. For HAGEBAUMARKT, he developed witty typefaces made of construction materials.

Created on the topic of 'Future Resources' was a beautiful illustration by Rüdiger TREBELS c/o ART ACT for the cover of WELTWOCHE. For Haus der bayrischen Geschichte (House of Bavarian History), he designed an 11-meter Alpine panorama, spanning an entire wall of the museum.

With more than 20 little cartoons, Knut ECKERT c/o ART ACT illustrated a wedding book, with tongue-in-cheek tips for a happy marriage. And for the first time this year, Christian ECKERT c/o ART ACT illustrated the chocolate Advent calendar of BVB, now available in stores.

For the account statement of PKV, Jacqueline URBAN c/o ART ACT portrayed the board members and designed the cover and inside pages with colorful watercolor visuals.

Lama, sloth and Co. - Chris MENKE c/o ART ACT developed funny characters for the...

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