15.07.2009  •  Illustration NEWS


ILLUSTRATION •  2 Agenten : dazzling accessories for COSMOPOLITAN, life's a perfume jungle in FIVETONINE, MAXIMA indulges the senses, GQ

Paris-based Maxime TOURATIER created delicate illustrations, in his typical, glittery style for a COSMOPOLITAN jewellery special. GoSee presents a selection of the dazzling delicacies.

Welcome to the Jungle! … the perfume jungle, to be precise. Which is exactly what Maren ESDAR conjured up using her intricate collage technique, for FIVETONINE magazine.

Indulge all your senses! This was Hamburg-based Katharina GSCHWENDTER’s motto when it came to her lusty, colourful illustrations for MAXIMA magazine, Austria.

Month after month, Jeanne DETALLANTE, French resident alien in New York, provides the GQ fashion column with her très Parisian style.

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