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EXHIBITION •  2 Agenten Galerie, Berlin : Katharina GSCHWENDTNER and her All You Can Heat - exhibition

Katharina Gschwendtner chose to subtitle her exhibition: "Familie und Kernspaltung oder Brokdorfer Busendfreunde durch dick und dünn" (family and fission, or Brokdorf best buddies through thick and thin”. What the devil is that supposed to mean?

Katharina deals with the ultimate human meltdown – casting aside one’s self – through the founding of one’s own family. The young mother describes her new family as a ‘fission’, as her very own life is divided into different roles : artist, mother, bread winner, lover, partner, manager – however, regardless of occasional tension,  she has opted for the live and let live motto.

A child’s innocent perception of the world that surrounds them, in the process of learning interrelationships, from their own perspective. Playfully learning to understand. An insight into private realms, the three nuclear figures: father, mother, child.

Originally a sculpture graduate, Katharina has been working as a freelance artist and illustrator since 2001. Her work has been shown in countless exhibitions. She works with a behind glass technique, preparing her original sketches back to front, continuously checking her progress by flipping the glass over to the other side.

All You Can Heat - Katharina Gschwendtner
Galerie für Illustration 2 Agenten, Berlin.
From 31 August - 30 October 2009.

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