06.07.2012  •  Illustration NEWS


2Agenten : illustrations for Jung von Matt/Neckar, BRILLUX , La Rotonde, TCHIBO, ZEIT CAMPUS, GLAMOUR, NZZ Equity and ZEIT LEO

Jung von Matt/Neckar developed a print campaign for client ‘Genisis Institute for Social Business’, which features various social projects they have supported. Doc Robert was in charge of the illustrations. Christian Stoll was the photographer of choice.

Doc Robert worked on the cover image for client magazine ‘Markt Impulse’ for BRILLUX paints.

Jeanne DETALLANTE teamed up with the Arial 10 architecture and design office, New York to create the concept for the wall design and illustrations of the prestigious La Rotonde restaurant, bar, club in Paris.

Jindrich NOVOTNY completed various illustrations for the ‘Coffee in Numbers’ magazine for TCHIBO, designed by Brand Eins Wissen.

Katharina GSCHWENDTNER delivered various illustrations for ZEIT CAMPUS. The concept was ‘Nerds Make the World Go Round’.

Lesja CHERNISH created another illustration for the June issue of GLAMOUR. This time the subject was ‘confessions of an impatient person’.

Mario WAGNER created the illustrations for monthly Swiss finance magazine NZZ Equity.

Mathis REKOWSKI illustrated the contents of a puddle for ZEIT LEO; ZEIT magazine Germany’s kids magazine.