09.02.2012  •  Illustration NEWS


COVERS & PORTRAITS •  Caroline Seidler : NOVUM cover, FRISCH GEKOCHT illustrations, furniture MAXIMA, STYRIA VERLAG and portrait for ACHTUNG Magazine and FALTER Verlag by Myriam HEINZEL

Illustrator Padma BHATT from Vienna was the first choice to realise the cover of NOVUM and she also completed illustrations for FRISCH GEKOCHT.

Lizzie ROBERTS portrayed furniture for MAXIMA; see images here on GoSee.

Artur BODENSTEIN used chalk to illustrate 50 square metres for an animated film, commissioned by the STYRIA VERLAG and the Ogilvy agency.

Myriam HEINZEL and her portraits are winning over new fans by the hour – we are pleased to showcase current works for ACHTUNG Magazine from Berlin and the FALTER publishing house in Vienna.

Furthermore on GoSee, the handmade wine labels 'L'Artist' for KALCHBRENNER.