18.04.2011  •  Illustration NEWS


PHOTO & ILLUSTRATION - UPdate 11 •  Caroline Seidler : OEKB travel illustrations, chattering ladies for COMPLIMENT magazine, BIENNALE in Graz, TRANSPORTER collages, new entry Lizzie ROBERTS - and soon at the UPdate 11 in Frankfurt

The list of illustrators who visualised the ideas of clients in April is a long one indeed and can be read here on GoSee.

Carla MÜLLER created women in the film business for the BIENNALE in Graz.

Artur BODENSTEIN produced themes for Austrian credit insurance company OEKB Versicherung AG’s business branch, which specialises in the insurance of indemnities both national and international. Furthermore, Artur illustrated his agency colleague, photographer Reiner RIEDLER.

COMPLIMENT magazine covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle and delicacies. Lisa WEGENSTEIN designed a suitable motif for it featuring chattering ladies, red wine and a Golden Retriever.

Gina MÜLLER crafted collages for TRANSPORTER.

Once again, the motto was ‘Illustrating for colleagues’. Peter JANI portrayed photographer Marco ROSSI and Dorothee SCHWAB captured Padma BHATT.

Lizzie ROBERTS is the newest member of the Carolineseider-Team. The illustrator grew up in Detroit and resides in Berlin. Her client portfolio includes magazines such as Allegra, Amica, Dummy and Brigitte, as well as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Cornelsen Verlag and Paramount Pictures.

Caroline Seidler is happy to showcase the diversity of her artists’ techniques and styles on the 6th of May at the UPdate in Frankfurt with original portfolios, as well as the current publication Portraits 11, fresh from the printers.