17.04.2012  •  Illustration NEWS


BLACKSTERS •  GoSee Recommendation : Whatever in Black. Whatever number four. Now in black. Black – the colour that isn’t

“Do you think a colourful plate of Leipzig pot-pourri can compete with a record collection that was melted together during a house fire – both visually and olfactory? Surely not”, claim the illustrators Rocket & Wink.

The two wanted to discover the true meaning of the colour black: For three weeks, they drained almost all coloured pigments from their life with the NoColor-App.

Then, they threw their mattresses out of the window and painted the windows black. The neighbours thought they were the victims of a fire. They didn't care! It was their goal to get to the bottom of what the colour black actually means.

They locked themselves in and confronted each other with excoriating questions such as “Oi, Wink, how important do you think black is compared to princess Lillifee or really bloody faeces?” - “Quite important indeed, but say, how important is black to you, compared to the bland polar light, to every single red traffic light, to the Rainbow Warrior?” - “Even more, Wink, even more!”.

And so, it continued for days and nights on end. Rocket & Wink sensed: Black is where it's at, Black is the skid mark of life. Black ain't joking. Black has no part-time jobs. True black is here to stay.

Yet (the attentive reader might have noticed it): only just. Black without the slightest hint of pink, azure, tender mint-green, not here on GoSee.

And not in the very nice publication by the two almost-black hardliners.