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COLOR MY COCKPIT ! •  GoSee Tip : Cockpit - as in crocheted penis potency by Andrea Pritschow. To eye up, admire and feel up .... in a book

Some readers may recall the legendary scene from the film ‘Nach fünf im Urwald‘ starring Franka Potente: “What’s this?” – “A Radish” – “What’s this !?” – “A Radish!!”; well, the radish that was tasty in the first place has been carved into a potent penis shape and caused quite an outrage.

Now, 15 years on, one could pose the same question to Andrea Pritschow and she would probably say: “Something crocheted”.

How can one become passionate about crocheting nice penises from colourful wool you ask? It’s probably prone to remain a secret for the time being. The introduction to the book by Wenzel Stroch conjures the image of a liberal granny, which deals with rather abstract cocks through her artistic handicraft . . . Andrea Pritzow, a granny? We know better!

Wenzel himself, at least according to his chaste website – suffers from an extreme phobia of churches (that is, the catholic film service).

The book features Andrea’s works from 2007 – 2010, with photographs by the not less flagrant Alfred Jansen and the aforementioned introduction by Wenzel Storch. The Hablizel publisher sent it to the printers and distributed it.

It goes without saying that Andrea hails from Cologne. We love good old handicraft.

Andrea Pritschow

Language: German
Volume: 80 Pages
ISBN-13: 9783941978010
Price: 20 Euro

PS. andreapritschow.de