17.04.2012  •  Illustration NEWS


Margarethe Hubauer : EMMI CAFFÈ LATTE Tahiti dreams, retro tin can for VAILLANT, CIRCUS cover, in the deep sea for FOCUS, designer Wigwam for FIELDCANDY, suitcase packing for MONDIAL ASSISTANCE, …

Mackat Berlin commissioned Stefano RIBOLI with the illustration of another packaging for the CAFFÈ LATTE Limited Edition of their Swiss client EMMI. The subject was Tahiti. Also: an online-sweepstakes and a Caffe-Latte-train has been driving all around Vienna since early April … Niko Willborn was the AD.

Stefano RIBOLI realised a new gift tin-can in vintage style for VAILLANT on behalf of the Kempertrautmann agency. The creative mastermind in charge was AD Stephan Eichler. Art buying by Lina Eggers.

Dutch artist, illustrator and graphic designer STANG is working on large-scale illustrations (180x200cm) for the halls of the Amsterdam children's hospital Kinderziekenhuis AMC's core division.

A designer Wigwam? Really? Yes, you heard right. FIELDCANDY, makers of lovely designed tents, is now stocking a psychedelic tent – designed by Flavio MELCHIORRE. GoSee presents the results. You can order the rarity right here.

English illustrator group MAGICTORCH worked for FOCUS Magazine and illustrated articles about scents and perfumes ('The Science of Chemical Attraction'), the future of smartphones ('Meet your next Smart Phone'), as well as the race for exploring the deepest point(s) of the oceans ('The Race to explore the Deep').

Dutch illustrator Maarten RIJNEN designed a cardboard suitcase for a direct mail promotion for MONDIAL ASSISTANCE insurance company. Apart from product information, the suitcase also includes mini-shirts as gadgets...

The 'iArt-passion' by the artist GilSing, who commutes between Vienna and Northern Germany, resulted in the 'iHeads' series – we have attached a selection.

Spanish illustrator LAURA M.C. created the cover of CIRCUS Photography Book (Independent Publisher, Spain, April 2012).

The main subject of last Sunday's BamS readers' letters was the poem by Grass. Anja NOLTES’ design depicts Günther Grass and Mahmud Ahmadinedschad plus the reaction of literary critic
Marcel Reich-Ranitzki and the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanjahu as well as the peace movement. The BamS editor's office chose to publish the 'reduced' version.

Mark Tellok's photography exhibition at the Théatre l'Avant Scène in Cognac, France opened on the 12th of April. On the 16th of March, the city of Châteaubernard became host of a collaborative exhibition, featuring Mark Tellok and his object-pictures. Outcast objects of everyday life gain a new, aesthetic life as art object.

Carolyn GOWDY's motif 'In a topsy turvy world' was part of The Lynn Painter-Stainers exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London and will be on display at the London WH Patterson Gallery until the end of April.

Her 'Love+Light = Delight' motif was created for the 'The Body Clothed in Art' exhibition at the Chelsea Arts Club, London and is also printed in the book for the exhibition. It is part of her current 'Picture Poems' project.