20.01.2009  •  Illustration NEWS


THE ART OF PHOTOSHOP •  NEW : DOCMA magazine for digital picture editing

DOCMA, Doc Baumann’s magazine for digital picture editing is NEW at GoSee. The specialist magazine comes out six times a year and deals with working techniques and background information on the subject of digital pictures. It is aimed at picture retouchers, graphic artists and photographers. The magazine currently supplies over 16,000 readers with knowledge on working techniques, presents the step-by-step creation of impressive montages and illustrations, reports on career profiles, and also provides practical, technical solutions for digital imagery.

Jörg Warda and his career path are introduced in the latest issue. He first reached for a pencil, then a paintbrush and ended up with a hand full of Photoshop tools via the airbrush. It comes as no surprise, that the artist’s digital pictures and illustrations are not just crafty but truly striking.

In a DOCMA interview, director Wim Wenders discusses the relationship between reality, photography and film in “The Palermo Shooting“. Rike Mahlberg explains how old family photos can lead to the creation of characters for a surreal narration project.

The KNSK creatives collaborated with the ALBERT BAUER STUDIOS to realize a campaign for WMF, inspired by speed and Italian Mannerists, here they explain how the images were created.

This issue sees the DOCMA WORKSHOPS focus on reflex zone montages, digital concept sketches for video games by Viktor Antonov, dying a white wedding dress black, problems with pixel measurements and reflecting Christmas tree baubles, typography in glass and chrome, …