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Illustration • Paintings, Murals, Sculptures, Drawings & Installations: Agostino Iacurci, new entry at 2AGENTEN, is the new Premio New York Award winner and presents his XL creations on GoSee

04.08.2020 • 2AGENTEN now represents Berlin resident and artist Agostino IACURCI, who expresses his creativity by means of monumental creations. He studied Visual Arts and Etchings at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, and his works are featured in solo exhibitions: Tracing Vitruvio, Musei Civici, Pesaro (2019); Gypsoteca, M77 Gallery, Milano (2018); Trompe l’oeil, Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City (2017).

“His practice embraces a wide range of media, including painting, mural, sculpture, drawing, and installation. Iacurci combines his artworks with scenographic spaces to transform the perception of given environments. Starting from specific topics like the use of colors in the ancient and classical world, he questions issues of traditions and identity, investigating the process of idealization underlying historical myths and their impact on the collective imagination.”

Since 2009, he has realized monumental wall paintings and installations for institutions such as the BBDO Headquarters, South Bank, London (2018); Yakutsk Biennale, Yakutsk (2017); Distrito Tec University, Monterrey (2016);...

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Illustration • Not only illustrators! The multi-disciplinary creative studio GILLES & CECILIE from London, now represented by 2AGENTEN, with new murals & wall paintings on GoSee

04.08.2020 • Illustration, wall painting, installation, environmental design – that’s what GILLES & CECILIE, now represented by 2AGENTEN, stand for: “Gilles & Cecilie is a multi-disciplinary creative team which met at Central Saint Martins during a fire alarm and have been creating together ever since. Their aim is to put creativity at the center of all their creations. Every project is unique, and they always work to improve details, ideas, color palettes, lines, expressions, and craft.”

They just recently realized animations and illustrations for the 2020 launch of NORWEGIAN AIR, Wall paintings for the press launch of the new RENAULT ZOE as well as wall paintings for the RED CROSS head office in Oslo: “Colorful murals make spaces welcoming. This tunnel between two buildings in the Red Cross head office in Oslo used to be dark and a place to hurry by. NOW it’s used as a place to chat, smile, soak up some good energy, take photos or films. It’s not just a place you go through but actually stop and spend a little bit of time in between.”

The two grant a glimpse at their studio during the filmed...

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28.07.2020 • Together with the agency Jung von Matt, the KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrators designed the digital organ donor ID exclusively for Young Heroes e.V.. They can simply be loaded on cellphones with a screenshot. The beautiful and individual wallpaper can then be personalized using the editing tool on a mobile phone. All motifs can be seen in the Instagram Highlights ‘LSW’ (Life Saving Wallpapers) of Young Heroes e.V.

Flowers, heart balloons... there’s guaranteed a motif to suit every taste. Svetlana Jakel, CEO KOMBINATROTWEISS: “We are very happy to be able to exclusively support this important issue as an illustrator agency together with Jung von Matt!” Young Heroes e.V. is an initiative by Claudia Kotter. She was diagnosed with the rare autoimmune disease scleroderma at the age of seven. When the condition of her lungs became worse at the age of 20, it was soon clear that her life could only be saved by a lung transplant. Claudia had to wait for a new lung for four years. But she didn’t spend her time until surgery simply waiting: She founded Young Heroes and, by doing so, helped to...

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Illustration • ‘Pretty in Pink’ Andrea VENTURA c/o 2 AGENTEN for VOGUE Italia

21.07.2020 • Andrea VENTURA c/o 2 AGENTEN illustrated the fashion editorial ‘Pretty in Pink’ for VOGUE ITALIA. Styling of model Isabel Monsees was taken care of by Bojana Kozarevic, and Andrea captured it all with her brush. We have the wonderful result for you on GoSee.

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Illustration • Illustrations for CLOSED as well as GREENPEACE magazine - with artwork from the hands of illustrator Stefan MOSEBACH c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

21.07.2020 • Stefan MOSEBACH c/o WILDFOX RUNNING is represented in the GoSee ILLUSTRATION SPECIAL with his illustrations for CLOSED and an editorial for GREENPEACE magazine. “Stefans joyful work opens up a special view of the world, full of small details fueled by great imagination. Stefan works as an artist as well as a designer and illustrator for various clients, agencies and magazines. He works both illustrative but also with GIFS and animations.” WILDFOX RUNNING tells us.

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