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Illustration • Art Act : UNITY MEDIA, WELTWOCHE cover, chocolate calendar for BVB, character development for breakfast cereal packaging, illustration for coffee roaster Darboven, storyboards and the NUN magazine cover

11.11.2019 • For UNITY MEDIA, Carsten BINNE c/o ART ACT created several almost photo-realistic illustrations as part of the campaign “More in it for you weeks” showing various motifs with an over-abundance of offerings. For HAGEBAUMARKT, he developed witty typefaces made of construction materials.

Created on the topic of 'Future Resources' was a beautiful illustration by Rüdiger TREBELS c/o ART ACT for the cover of WELTWOCHE. For Haus der bayrischen Geschichte (House of Bavarian History), he designed an 11-meter Alpine panorama, spanning an entire wall of the museum.

With more than 20 little cartoons, Knut ECKERT c/o ART ACT illustrated a wedding book, with tongue-in-cheek tips for a happy marriage. And for the first time this year, Christian ECKERT c/o ART ACT illustrated the chocolate Advent calendar of BVB, now available in stores.

For the account statement of PKV, Jacqueline URBAN c/o ART ACT portrayed the board members and designed the cover and inside pages with colorful watercolor visuals.

Lama, sloth and Co. - Chris MENKE c/o ART ACT developed funny characters for the...

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Illustration • presents ‘The Message of the Illustration’ – new works for ads, magazines and museums

10.11.2019 • ‘CAROLINESEIDLER.COM – The Message of the Illustration’ presents the works of her artists here on GoSee : “NICOLAS AZNAREZ illustrated for the new BAR CAMPARI in Vienna on commission for Lumsden & Friends, BLAGOVETA BAKARDJIEVA took home Gold at the Weekend Award with Wien Marketing for print in the category ‘Local Heros’, plus received a further award with ‘brainds’ for the WIENERBERGER 2018 Annual Report, print and animated/online.

MERLE SCHEWE c/o CAROLINESEIDLER.COM designed with ‘Butter from Bread’ the illustrations in STRÖCK’s Griffig und Glatt mag, EVA VASARI realized a double-pack of prestigious projects: KASTER & ÖHLER’s fine figurines for shop displays and boutiques in department stores, and with Magistris and Bechtold, the exhibition design as a collage “1819 – The Beginning of Our Future” for FLIPMuseum/ERSTE BANK, CLAUDIA MEITERT with oddity waves for WELEDA, an animated film series on the topic of ‘Babies, Baby Sleep’, KATJANA LACATENA with publication insights for real estate developer UBM, illustration for interior and architecture, plus KERSTIN LUTTENFELDNER...

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Illustration • Get inspired! NEW at COSMOPOLA - Chantal CADUFF, Fashion, Collage, Animation & GIF Artist based in Bern

04.11.2019 • “I recently held a lecture about my love of GIFs and communicating with them, which is why I jumped at the chance to get two new GIF artists on board at Cosmopola who I am now delighted to welcome – Chantal Caduff and Augustynka! Get inspired!” Barbi, COSMOPOLA CEO, tells GoSee.

Chantal CADUFF: “I am a freelance collage artist, now living in Bern, Switzerland. I have lived all over the world including the United States, Great Britain and South Korea. Traveling is a passion of mine, and when I can’t travel, I create my own beautiful little worlds I can escape to. I love to celebrate the weird and colorful and bring my imagination to life in collages, animations and GIFs ...”

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Illustration • New at Cosmopola : Augustynka - collage artist and motion designer

03.11.2019 • Augustynka! Get inspired! “She approached me because she is a friend of our latest Artdeco beauty face Krysia c/o Vivamodels from the last two ongoing campaigns with Frauke Fischer and was personally recommended, … what a wonderful world.” says Barbi, CEO at COSMOPOLA. GoSee !

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