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Model • 'Mixing Up' – COCOON magazine cover spread with LIDA FREUDENREICH c/o BRODYBOOKINGS

02.08.2018 • Lida FREUDENREICH c/o BRODYBOOKINGS, 18 years of age, delivers an inspiring appearance with her fresh, androgynous look on the cover as well as in the nine-page editorial entitled 'Mixing Up', which was photographed by fashion & beauty photographer Thomas von Aagh in his own studio in Munich. Styling: Brigitte Margareta Wilhelm, hair & make-up: Arno Humer, retouching: Nena Vötter. Lida FREUDENREICH is now on stay in Tokyo for the next two months.

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Model • "Discover the investor in you" with the BEVESTOR spot for BERLINER SPARKASSE and the couple cast Ines & Benjamin, both c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN

24.07.2018 • When the art director lets the models on set shoot at him with styrofoam balls from the kids room, then the vibes must be pretty good. “Everyone was totally laid-back and relaxed,” female lead Ines c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN reports from the shoot in a chic apartment in north Düsseldorf. Together with Benjamin, she appears in the new ad for BERLINER SPARKASSE.

Berliner Sparkasse is advertising the Robo-Advisor for investments with its 'Bevestor' campaign. If you're confused, you are probably not alone. "I had not read up on it until then either," Ines laughs, "maybe I will take a look at it now." Benjamin shows how it's done on the laptop : whether much or little risk, long-term or short-term investment, just click and wait. Because Bevestor helps you to buy and sell stocks without having to be a DAX professional. It's what bankers refer to as a digital investment solution for long-term wealth accumulation. We just call it very convenient, at least for those who have something to invest.

In this case, the Berliner Sparkassen have put their money on the right horse: a...

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Model • "What's going on? The whole city and more..." - AXEL c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN is the face of the Düsseldorf volunteer fire department

23.07.2018 • AXEL c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN is the new face of the Dusseldorf volunteer fire department. The pillar of fire protection in the city of Dusseldorf is the volunteer fire department. Their ten extinguishing groups are located mostly on the outskirts of the city. They run about 1,300 fire protection and technical assistance assignments each year. At the side of legendary actor Jürgen Mikol, we present Axel as a volunteer hero in various everyday situations of the volunteer fire department – and learn a lot more about it by doing so. Because life as a voluntary superman is not as simple as you think.

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Model • Top model Isabeli FONTANA c/o LOUISA MODELS is the star of the 30 Years of ELLE Brazil Anniversary issue

17.07.2018 • 30 years of ELLE Brazil. For you to admire on the May Anniversary cover of ELLE Brazil were no less than four views of the versatile and uber-successful Isabeli FONTANA c/o LOUISA MODELS. Her face as a canvas, chic short hair look with danger-brow or as a make-up glam muse... we always admire her. Also in the magazine is an interview with the top model, in which Isabeli – who began her career at the age of only 13, emphasizes that she can really enjoy her job ever since the birth of her first child and understands it no more and no less than anything else but an art form. We have three of the covers, photographed by Nicole Heiniger, for you on GoSee.

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Model • Sam Rollinson and Charlotte Wiggins do it all - Emilie Aström c/o Creartvt cast for BUFFALO ZINE

23.06.2018 • BUFFALO ZINE’s Holidays in Spain, a fresh summer cover story with the casting of Emilie Aström c/o Creartvt c/o SHOTVIEW. Sam Rollinson and Charlotte Wiggins do it all. The beach, the pool, the food and the siesta, all exclusive for Francesco Nazardo’s lens.

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