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PHOTOGRAPHER •  Thomas von Salomon : in BMW's wind tunnel with Sylvie van der Vaart, campaigns for RENAULT and BMW

Thomas has been very busy over the past few weeks, work has included shooting Sylvie van der Vaart in a 1987 3er Cabriole in the new BMW wind tunnel.

She poses in an 80s Bordeaux dress, with her meticulously styled hair down. She was slightly nervous before the “test drive”: “I am excited, as I don’t know what will happen with all this wind. But BMW has promised me that everything is safe.”

The huge rotor of the wind tunnel begins to turn slowly, observers in the control room witness how the breeze slowly, but surely begins to pick up on speed hitting 60 km/h. The results are clear after the airy test drive: the on set hairstylist had little to rejoice, as the model’s bedraggled lion’s mane could only ever be an ideal look in an 80s music video.

The outfit and hair was restyled and the crew headed for 2009: a new 3er convertible shines in the light of the wind tunnel. Silvie van der Vaart is dressed in an elegant beige suit that means business and smiles for the camera, she enthuses of convertible drives at home in Madrid.

“I love driving with an open top!”, says the 31 year old Dutch model and TV presenter, who lives in the capital of Spain with her professional footballer husband Rafael van der Vaart. She sits behind the wheel in the wind tunnel, looking forward to her next experience, when all of the sudden the mighty rotors begin to turn.

The vehicle’s improved aerodynamics with reduced air turbulence in its interior are especially visible on set. Sylvie’s straightened hair hardly moves a millimetre. Sylvie gets out smiling: “What a difference to the old convertible! I hardly noticed the wind, I had to check that the wind machine had actually been turned on.”

Thomas also realised two campaigns for RENAULT – with Publicis Frankfurt as usual. Art Director Anne Henkel and Creative Director Stefan Leik were part of the team, Thomas carried out the post production in house.

Serviceplan of Munich assigned him with the latest “3 times as much fun” BMW series. AD Gregor Hackner was joined by CD Tobias Bundt. The post production was once again realised by Thomas.

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