14.12.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


Artists & Co. : VON BRAUN menswear, editorials in QVEST, SCHÖN and C-HEADS, ALLIANZ and VARTA, in Namibia with TRAVELLERS WORLD, MAAT&MAREK concert poster

Sacha HÖCHSTETTER travelled to Venice and Kaprun for menswear label VON BRAUN. He also went on a trip to Peru for fashion label DAMYLLER's latest campaign, where he produced a breathtaking fashion series full of interesting people against the backdrop of the lovely landscape. Photos here on GoSee soon ...

At the moment, Sacha has three editorials in circulation, one in the current issue of QVEST, another in SCHÖN! magazine, as well as a series in C-HEADS magazine.

MAIWOLF teamed up with the Häberlein und Maurer Agency and photographed the current VARTA campaign. The duo also realised a poster for the Funktionsgruppe Agency and ALLIANZ. Furthermore, the duo produced the amusing 'Ben Gable Ltd' series. You can find a preview of these projects here on GoSee.

Adrian Bela RABA and his team travelled to sunny Namibia, where they photographed a fashion series for TRAVELLERS WORLD. The locations included Wolvedans Boulders Camp and Wolvedans Dunes Lodge.

Clem WAWRZYNIAK photographed the concert poster for newcomer band Maat & Marek, the winners of ‘Köln rockt’.