20.02.2010  •  Agencies NEWS


PHOTO AGENCY •  Claudia Bitzer : pictures of tiny people, big bosses and endless deserts

Harry WEBER photographed drink company CALIDRIS’ new SCHWARZE DOSE 28 energy drink and the management. The drink promises all the vitality of a 28 hour day – which everyone on set was grateful for and enjoyed treating themselves to the odd can or two. The agency was Zum goldenen Hirschen Berlin with Creative Director Johannes Jost and Katharina Jacobs (PR).

Harry teamed up with the big bosses on a shoot for SPIESSER youth magazine. The magazine has collaborated with Duden Verlag publishers to launch an interesting publication on the market, where successful figures report on how they got to where they are now. This time round, it featured Kai Diekmann, - Editor in chief of Bild-Zeitung, and Hubertus Heil, vice chairman of the SPD political party.

Harry adopted a wonderful reportage style during the actual interview. This is enabled him to capture natural portraits of the subjects: at ease, authentic and in a characteristic pose.

Steffen SCHRÄGLE recently realised two productions for the NISSAN Qashqai. The first took place in Berlin, where it rained continuously. Steffen shot day and night to achieve the special light effect. He used the new Vred 3D software for the first time, thus enabling rendering to be prepared for the scouting preview – an enormous aid in getting quicker client approvals. This enabled the tight time schedule to be kept to.

Steffen was generously rewarded for his hard work in chilly Germany, with a second stay in sunny Cape Town – also for the NISSAN Quashqai, which was provided with a facelift.

He also had the simultaneous privilege of gaining an on-location impression of the preparations taking place for the first football World Cup in Africa.

On his third stop on the shooting trip, he treated himself to an excursion to neighbouring Namibia, where he realised several free pieces of work. The country on the African Atlantic coast offers endless horizons with a variety of flora and fauna. However, even the desert has been subject to habitation and Steffen photographed it – well the Sossuvlei desert by Sesriem to be precise– using Ariel photography.

Two new Tilt-Shift motifs by Christian SCHMIDT have just been released. ‘Surf the Internet and use renewable energy’ reads the slogan that accompanies an image for TELEKOM, which was realised on the Danish coast. To capture the impressive offshore wind park from the right perspective, Christian boarded a helicopter with Creative Director Zoran Drobina and Producer Tobias Seifert.

The ‘hand over your old phone and sustain valuable resource’ shoot was far calmer in comparison, yet just as elaborate. The shoot took place in late summer at a park and once again demonstrates how people can turn into tiny scale models, just as long as the technology is right.

headed both productions, Philipp und Keuntje was the agency and Wiebke Burmeister carried out the Art Buying.

Goethe once famously mused ‘why wander around in the distance, when good things lie nearby…?’. Christian’s latest production for FORD demonstrates yet again that the German poet was incredibly right.

Thanks to modern technology, the new ECOnetic Transit has an 11% higher range and this was to be visually translated according to the concept of Ogilvy Düsseldorf and London – primarily for the UK market. Producer Dieter Wagner scouted two landscape settings for the transit. He found what he was looking for in Christian SCHMIDT homeland – in the Franconia area.

This goes to show that Christian’s instinct for light, composition and large-scale landscape photography need not be solely reserved for exotic landscapes. Sometimes having a look around one’s very doorstep with open eyes is all it takes. Or in the words of Goethe: ‘good things lie nearby’.

Art Director Oliver Micklitz supervised the project for Ogilvy, RECOM provided the finishing touches to the images.