01.08.2012  •  Agencies NEWS


Claudia Bitzer : My Provence cookbook by Laurent Gras, PEUGEOT CHINA, KOTUG hybrid trawlers, glorious natural locations for GENERAL ELECTRIC, TELEKOM and exhibiting at the UPdate 12

There is an App for almost anything, the little electronic helpers can provide advice for every situation. So what would make more sense than packaging a good old cookbook as an App? This is exactly what star chef Laurent Gras thought to himself and published his best recipes under the title of ‘My Provence’ in this new medium.

Despite all the innovation, there is no way around good old photography and so New York-based photographer duo SHIMON & TAMMAR were commissioned to accompany Laurent in the kitchen and to capture his culinary performance in photos.

The resulting photos are just as high in quality as Laurent Gras’ culinary creations – and he has of course received three Michelin stars for his skills.

After a four-day shoot for PEUGEOT CHINA (the pictures can’t be shown just yet), Oscar van de BEEK used the opportunity to explore the country with his camera. He shot several free pieces of work, which present new perspectives of China.

Speaking of exploring new territories, but in the technical sense, Oscar travelled to a harbour in Rotterdam for a shoot. It is an established fact that hybrid vehicles are the future for cars. Rotterdam-based company KOTUG has now decided to also apply this revolutionary approach to trawlers. And Oscar was commissioned to photograph the key visual for the new product launch.

In addition to advertising photography, Clemens ASCHER regularly makes time for artistic aspects of photography. Two such photo series are currently on display in Vienna.

In the ‘A Golden Age’ series, Clemens takes the essence of the Greek myth of the golden age and transfers this idea to the here and now. Whilst the Greek myth presents happy people in a luscious green landscape, Clemens uses a sparse desert dipped in pure gold. The photos comment on the nature-free ideal of modern consumer society.

The second series deals with the changing relationship between humans and their surroundings. It is titled ‘Desert Structure’ and presents bizarre attempts at defeating nature – even in places where nature is at its most hostile.

Christian SCHMIDT spent several weeks in Canada for US energy giant GENERAL ELECTRIC. Countless impressive images were shot in striking natural landscapes on the East and West coasts in collaboration with BBDO New York. RECOM provided the images with their finishing touches in the post-production.

Christian also shot new images for the TELEKOM tilt shift series. Christian’s photo of a natural history museum in Oxford demonstrates that this unique technique can even turn terrifying dinosaurs into cute little toys.

The Philipp und Keuntje agency commissioned him and he worked with the same tried and tested team. The mobile phone heart image marked the first time that the whole production was captured on film.

Meet Claudia and Toralf Bitzer in person at this year’s UPdate on October 26 at the Ritz Carlton Berlin. We can’t wait!