25.10.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


Claudia Bitzer : mythology and tragedy - dance and photography, alternative energy sources for EnBW, on the trail of the FORD KUGA

Mythology and tragedy are the subject matters of a new pictures series by SHIMON and TAMMAR. Martha Graham – one of the world's leading choreographers – wrote the dance adaptation of 'Clytemnestra' in the 1950s.

The photography team managed to win over the dancers of the Graham academy for their project. However, they did not merely seek to juxtapose the choreography with visual art but rather merge the dance movements with the possibilities of photography and create something unique.

The result is a series of pictures that are an interpretation of Greek mythologies and address themes, that are just as relevant today: human insecurity in the face of fear, chaos and death and the attempt to create order with the help of gods beyond the realm of rational thinking.

Alternative energies are clean, innovative and point us towards the future. But do they look pretty at all? Clemens ASCHER chose to tackle the question and portrayed several alternative energy sources for energy provider EnBW: Biogas, solar and water.

The agency was Kolle Rebbe with AD Claudia Sackmann, CD Heiko Schmidt and AB Alice Feja. ADD PICTURES supervised the production, retouch by RECOM. Here you can find a first motif taken from the series, more will follow soon.

Furthermore, Clemens once again proved that he is an expert in all things outdoor and is at home at dizzying heights as well as steep slopes. He conquered the Tirolean Mountains and used the opportunity to create a visual portrait of people, nature and Jack Wolfskin equipment.

Christian SCHMIDT travelled to the high Alps of Austria, where Schmidt claims you can ‘listen to the snow melting'. However, that did not deter him from capturing whatever was left of the snow on camera even in the spring for the FORD KUGA.

Part two of the production took place in a South-German gravel pit. Unlike the diminishing snow, there was a distinct lack of sand, which had to be brought in first. 20 tons were necessary to prepare the grounds for the photography production. We are pleased to report that the elaborate measures paid off in the end as you can see for yourself – here are the three brand new motifs.

The supervising agency was Ogilvy from London and its subsidiary Blue Hive with CD Camilla Herberstein, AD John-Paul Li and AB Lesley Scott. The post-production was in the hands of RECOM.

Oscar VAN DEN BEEK managed to find a native travel guide on a Dutch island in the North Sea, who was willing to have his picture taken. The result speaks for itself: striking fellow, lovely landscape, great picture.