03.06.2009  •  Agencies NEWS


VW, NISSAN, SIEMENS •  Claudia Bitzer : VOLKSWAGEN and VFL Wolfsburg, in Shanghai for SIEMENS, at Times Square with the NISSAN Qashqai+2 SV, sleek vacuum cleaner for SIEMENS

While the whole of Germany was transfixed by football, Harry WEBER already had his finger on the shutter release. It was the first time that VFL Wolfsburg had won the German Championships, and Harry captured the mayhem that ensued. His shot was later used as an ad by VOLKSWAGEN, the main sponsors.

Steffen SCHRÄGLE recently carried out a shoot in New York for the NISSAN Qashqai+2 SV at Times Square. The layout was created by CREAPRESS/BBDO Paris. We have attached the results from the CGI production. Steffen was in luck – a shower of rain cleared the streets enough for him to fulfil his brief, which required the challenge of an empty Times Square.

Christian SCHMIDT travelled to Shanghai for a new SIEMENS motif. The romantic part of the brief demanded a couple in a rowing boat, with the juxtaposition of the city’s reflection in the water – concept by AD Irina Schestakoff (Ogilvy & Mather).

Thanks to producer Marten von Rauschenberg’s help, a suitable location was found. The finishing touches were provided to the motif at the very end, in Stuttgart at the RECOM.

Ulrich HOPPE demonstrates how to aesthetically depict a vacuum cleaner, with the SIEMENS Z6. The appliance promises energy efficiency and a good conscience – hence the panoramic view of greenery.

The shoot took place at the H2E-STUDIO, Hamburg, the art direction was in the hands of Jörg Sachtleben and Marcus Kubicke, the art buying was carried out by Kerstin Mende (all Scholz&Friends ).