04.08.2010  •  Agencies NEWS


PHOTOGRAPHER •  Dominik Obertreis : on the road for SONEPAR portraits, annual reports for FM-GLOBAL, picture pool for HEINE + BEISSWENGER, saws at the ready for STIHL and stop over at PITSTOP

Dominik Obertreis shot a staff portrait series for SONEPAR, the world’s leading electrics wholesale company, based in Paris.

He was also commissioned to shoot a picture pool for the various departments for various publications. He visited the company bases in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Grenoble and Dortmund.

The colourful series was realised at large logistics centres, showrooms and at the Paris headquarters. Both the client and agency (MEANINGS/Paris) were impressed with the results.

He has travelled back once again to shoot the company executives, however we are only permitted to show these at a later date. As always, there is a BEST OF on his site. The company also commissioned a brochure, which was handed out to all staff after the shoot as a thank you.

Dominik shot an interview at EADS in Munich for the FM-GLOBAL, USA natural hazards insurance company’s annual report. He also realised images at the EADS showroom.

He shot a new picture pool for HEINE + BEISSWENGER, one of the largest steel and raw materials merchants in southern Germany. The agency was Joussen Karlicze and Karin Bausch took care of the art direction.

Dominik realised a shoot for loyal client STIHL’s new MS 271 saw. He was directed by Stefan Neumeier / Publicis. The shoot took place on a bridge building site and near a farm. And last but not least, even at his house, where three trees ‘happened’ to be chopped down.

PITSTOP commissioned him to spend a day shooting with AD Thomas Putnings at a Pitstop store in southern Germany.