11.05.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


PHOTOGRAPHER •  Frank Kayser Photography : worldwide image campaign for PORSCHE MOTORSPORT, worldwide FERRARI campaign for TBWA Dubai and the FERRARI 458 in a Polaroid look for RAMP MAG

PORSCHE AG commissioned Frank Kayser with the look and choice of shoot location for the Weissach-based luxury sports car workshop’s first worldwide image campaign.

The elaborate CGI motifs were produced on various continents – on the world’s most stunning GP racing tracks in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, as well as at the new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

Mechanics from the Porsche Air Hybrid Team were flown to the Middle East especially for the production and supported the professional models from Paris, Hamburg and Dubai in front of the camera.

A technically challenging commercial campaign was created under the direction of FERRARI lead agency TBWA Dubai and Frank Kayser’s team for the largest theme park in the Arab area. The production also demanded that individual picture elements were shot on various continents.

The city backdrops were either produced in historic cities in the heart of Florence and Tuscany or entirely created virtually on the computer.

The second part of the production led Frank’s team to the fashion metropolis of Milan, where the models slipped into early 1940s period dress.

The third part of the shoot was produced in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the location of the new theme park, as well as on the adjacent Formula 1 racing track.

Frank shot the new Ferrari 458, driven for RAMP MAGAZINE issue #14, using a good old Polaroid.