06.10.2010  •  Agencies NEWS


Hille Photographers : Gunther INTELMANN for SAP runs Fujitsu, GONCA STYLE, AROSA and video shoot for ULA SPORT, Jan RIEPHOFF for H.O.M.E., QUALITY, SZ MAG, ...

For FELD HOMMES, Jan RIEPHOFF produced portraits of the ‘Heroes of the Year’, the Yello band members. The members of the band are just as wonderfully eccentric as the bizarre band name might have you expect and so are the resulting pictures. The production took place in Zurich.

Next stop: Los Angeles for the new ‘TRAVELLER'S WORLD’ premium travel magazine. Jan shot various images on Sunset Boulevard, both during the day and at night.

He photographed the ‘Bella Germania’ series for H.O.M.E. Magazine, which features prominent Italians in Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden, as well as a portrait of painter ‘4000’. Subsequently, he worked on the ‘Die Biografen’ series for QUALITY, which took him to Austria, France and Germany. In addition to this, he produced a portrait of Prince Louis Albert de Broglie.

Jan produced coverage of farmer's wives in Northern Germany for BRITITTE WOMAN, travelled to Sicily for IN STARS & STYLE and back to Austria for RELEVANCE. He went to Germany for EMOTION and portrayed Freenet’s CEO Christoph Vilanek in Hamburg for QUALITY magazine, followed by a production for SZ magazine.

Gunther INTELMANN shot the GONCA STYLE men's summer 2011 collection in New York and the CD cover of the new SAMMY AYALA album. He realised a shoot in Augsburg, Bavaria for SAP runs Fujitsu. The AROSA production took place in the south of France.

Gunther also filmed the ULA Sport Collection 2011 in New York. His camera focused on a troop of break-dancers and professional yogis, Capoeira dancers and African dancers. Click here to view the resulting clips. His website features additional film material.