12.06.2012  •  Agencies NEWS


EXHIBITOR UPDATE 12 •  Karina Bednorz : the new summer collection for BREE COLLECTION, food motifs for PELY FRESH and DM drugstores and exhibiting at the UPdate 12, Berlin

BREE COLLECTION embodies modern design, with aesthetics that stem from the interplay between mobility and fashion.

Hence, Beatrice HEYDIRI photographed the new summer collection to support the catchy claim 'BREE – The bag. Sincerely yours' in Berlin.

The ad campaign is on display with immediate effect in Europe and Japan. You can find the BREE Online Shop right here. Wolf Peter Bree founded the BREE COLLECTION in 1970 with a budget of no more than 10,000 DM.

Buyer, seller, brand strategist and last but not least designer in one person, he hit the market with bags bearing his own name. More details about the Bree success story can be found on the website.

Freshly piled up food motifs, photographed by Bernd EBSEN: freezer bag, cling film, tin foil, ice cubes, lunch boxes and much, much more. Redpack Brand Design is making sure that the freshness product-range by PELY FRESH sports a new, eye-catching and superior design.

The set was covered in piles of freshly chopped delicacies, yummy!

SAATCHI & SAATCHI DIALOG-CONNECTION commissioned Bernd EBSEN with delightfully clean product stills, promoting the popular DM drugstore brand chain's cosmetics range, using soft colours and minimalist textures.

Anette Grütter supervised the art buying, post-production by GoSee member IMAGE REFINERY and food styling in both cases by Ricarda Moegen.

CUBE magazine for architecture, modern living and lifestyle presents a mansion located in the Schwerin Schlossgarten in the 'Herrschaftliches Wohnen' feature.

Wolfang ZLODEJ, under peevish scrutiny of 'Mister Hugo' the homeowner’s noble pug, photographed the rooms of the pioneer mansion, which was built in 1908 and was used by the national security forces after the war.