02.05.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


PHOTO AGENCY •  Kelly Kellerhoff : BIKEKING24 motorbikes, Eva Padberg on the FIT FOR FUN cover and BILD AM SONNTAG with Julia Neigel portrait

Idris KOLODZIEJ was commissioned by Scholz & Friends to create three commercial motifs for BIKEKING24. The images transform 3-D motorbikes into a motorbike combination lock. Idris was in charge of the modelling and texturing using the VRED by PI-VR programme, whose visualisation of materials (particularly varnishes) excels and enables photorealistic results.

Idris photographed the background images in classic style, as well as the atmosphere HDR spheres, which lit up the motorbikes in the 3D programme.

Kirsten Rendtel was in charge of art buying and was joined on the job by AD Walter Ziegler. Matthias Spaetgens, Martin Pross, Michael Winterhagen and Nils Busche headed the creative direction. Post production: Idris KOLODZIEJ.

Det KEMPKE produced a sporty series with Eva Padberg for FIT FOR FUN. The top model presents her personal spring workout and shares her diet and beauty advice. She was supported on set by personal trainer Johanna Fellner. Eva also happens to be the testimonial for REEBOK.

AIKA Gross took care of her styling, SHIRIN Kürschner perfected the make-up, both c/o NINA KLEIN, Klas Neidhardt took care of the photo editing and production. Post-production: DELUXEPLUS.

Det photographed Julia Neigel in Hamburg. The singer had previously met up with the BILD AM SONNTAG newspaper to talk about her eventful life. She started 2011 with a new partner and the release of a new album, titled 'Neigelneu'.

Julia Neigel (* 19. April 1966 in Barnaul, Soviet Union), born as a Russian German in Serbia, formerly known as Jule Neigel, is a German musician and singer, author and producer. STEPHANIE Canisius c/o BIGOUDI styled the outfits. Assistance: Ruth Kobbe.